Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My new Salon!!

If you remember, after a recent cesspool backup disaster, I had to renovate my hair salon. I obsessed over furniture rugs and Paint color! WELL it's FINALLY Complete! (well, except curtains) I am so excited with the results! My talented husband worked his butt off, helped me with decoration decisions and even did the final cleanup for me... I.. painted a clock! He used to be a faux artist before his shoulder injury and when I see his artistic talents in use, I think it's so sad that he had to give up doing this type of work. First some before shots... (foolishly, I never deliberately took any so I am trying to crop some of the old salon from old photos)...

Notice the black and white speckled counter? That is paint not formica. Ever since he did that finish, Everyone kept assuming it was formica. Notice the purple wall? The gray wall unit in the background? NOtice MY clock? it was turquoise. Check out the old dull gray waiting area chairs.

Here is a better shot of the counter top painted the 'old' way.
Are you ready for the Gorgeous transformation? Are you sure??

TA DA! This is THE same counter top! Faux painted in coppers and bronzes,it now has a metal look.

He also added antique handles and medallions to give the overall appearance an antiquated look, that I desired. Here are--My Yellow WAlls!! This picture doesn't show up the textured look the glazed finish creates but I am really happy with the bright color change! another VERY dramatic change that I absolutely am thrilled with.. Notice the new FRAMED mirror!! My husbands idea turned out stunning! here is a closer look.. He hand painted each decorative grove... (oh, in this photo is also my BIG contribution- our little clock is now Plum!)

Here I sit (again,no makeup,hair a mess,BOTCHED eyebrow!) IN our New waiting area!! I LOVE the new look and I am so happy we found these art deco-ish Prints! I think they're so appropriate for a salon. Each print has knock out clothes and DOGS! two of my favorite things!!
Speaking of dogs... mine seemed just as excited about the changes, you know of course,wherever I am you are sure to find Mol and Cosmo...if you click to enlarge the pic with my dogs, i notice that helps to better see the glazed walls, AND the carpet that I fell in love with, procrastinated buying and then ended up buying it Also for my Den!! eessh! I got a little carried away with the decorating project. (can u tell I am really excited) I mean, I spend A LOT of time in this room! It's so nice to have it refreshed completely! I even treated myself to new Leopard cutting capes! ooh la la!
I hope my clients will feel as good as I do in this space!

because I do tend to get carried away.. below is the corner of the room where my shampoo sink is

below is a detailed look at the wall unit which also received the new (actually VERY old) handles and the handpainted medallions. We have an antique dresser in our garage that got ruined with a leaky roof! We were going to trash it, but we decided to use it to store tools and junk. THE handles however..were Perfect accents for my salon draws! great idea, no?

Can I show you just a few more shots? I like the angel better of this waiting area photo... and the other gorgeous art deco lady who is on the wall near the bathroom door..

we found this cute piece of metal art at Home goods and It was ideal to cover an old phone jack that mistakenly was on this wall.. My husband decided to give it a few brush strokes to customize it to my new decor. check it out now...

The only thing I still need to do, is to find some type of valance for the windows. I've never been swift at the whole curtain thing. I feel lost in that dep't. What's the right rod for what style curtain? I saw something today, but I was too unsure to take it home. I think I may have to turn to a girlfriend for help when it comes to the window treatments. Hopefully you will see that photo soon!
thanks for looking! Love to know if you love it as much as me!!

UPDATE on Justice for Lucy!!

Yesterday when Sara gave me the gift certificate for the pedicure, she slipped it into my purse.
I just ASSUMED it was for the regular ($22.) pedicure. Today, I actually Opened the g.c to check it out and I was SHOCKED!! It is for their Anti-stresss pedicure which goes for $65.00!!!
I only experienced that once when I was given a Christmas Gift certificate for it from my husband, and It was amazing!! The massage is forever and they use many lotions and even wrap your legs in cellophane!! It takes about 90 minutes! WOW! I think this was so super nice her!
I am really looking forward to this and I think a nice Thank-you note is in order too!
Boy am I glad I spoke my mind! :))

Monday, September 29, 2008

Justice for Lucy

I Did it! And it felt so good! http://www.girlscookgames.com/games/images/631_ped.jpg
Remember my
It's been a few weeks but I NEEDED retribution.
For two reasons, First I really like that nail salon
and also to clear the air and let the owner know I felt
she was unjust in her charging me for the
botched job! So today, before i went in for
a manicure, I called and I said the following.
"Hi Sara, I need to talk to you. I would still like to continue coming to your salon,
as a matter of fact, I would like to come in for a manicure today, but I have
to tell you I think It was totally unfair that you charged me for
my eyebrow waxing when I am so unhappy with them. It was difficult
to express my dissatisfaction because of how emotional Kim was but From one
business woman to another Sara, I think you should give me a credit".
She was so nice and said 'I am so sorry, Yes, after you left,
I realized I shouldn't havecharged you" Come in, please come
in I will take off the money".
Well, When I went in, instead of taking the $8 off of my $10. manicure
She instead insisted I accept a gift certificate for a free pedicure.
(which is valued at $22.) She hugged me and apologized again
and The visit was pleasant and comfortable. WHo Said confrontation
is difficult?? was that me? It felt so good to be assertive and stand up
for an injustice. (It WAS also helpful that emotional Kim was off from work

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Sunday scribblings prompt is -wedding
Of course my own came to mind, but then I started thinking of the other fun weddings I've attended. I thought WAY back, and remembered an old friend who I haven't thought of in such a long time. I decided to write about my old friend Joe's wedding.
I had met Joe in beauty school, He was an old soul in every sense of the word. He introduced me to his unusual shoes that were handmade by being molded to his feet and hand sewn and he introduced me to His vast collection of herbal teas. He told me wonderful stories of his families history. He told me of the traumatic, heart-breaking death of his beloved Mamma. He was from a very old fashioned Italian family. As extremely close as he was to his relatives, He was that uncomfortable in telling them about his sexual orientation. Joe was in love with another friend of mine.. Robert. They had a strong relationship but so sadly could not display it freely for fear of estrangement from their families. When Joe's grandmother became ill, he very much wanted to make her dream come true. She dreamed of him finding a wife and settling down. For that reason, financial reasons and various others, Joe and his gay friend Lisa, decided they would tie the knot!
It is unfortunate but Back in 1979, Homosexuals were even more unfairly discriminated against than they are today. Joe and Lisa requested that all their gay friends refrain from dancing together and displaying any signs of affection.
When my boyfriend and I arrived at our table, We were seated with and greeted by TEN, VERY handsome, well dressed men. I don't always have such confidence in my appearance, but that particular night, I felt I looked really attractive, yet I noticed all the men at the table were checking out... My attractive date! We instantly bonded with Joe's friends and had so much fun and lot's of laughs. Like me, They all loved dancing, but keeping with Joe's request they Knew they couldn't dance with one another. SO... being the only female at the table... for each song played, I was invited to dance with a different partner. We had a ball and I never sat down!
The band was fabulous and the brides girlfriend who was a famous singer ( i would rather not mention her name) also got up and belted out some absolutely beautiful ballads.
After his joyous wedding I didn't get to see much of Joe.
You know how that happens? You call and he is busy and he says "we need to get together" and then he calls but You are crazy busy. A year later I got married. Joe was there with Robert. He came over to me and asked if he could sing a song. He bravely got up with the band and with teary eyes, he sang a moving rendition of
'Mamma" to My mom and My mother in-law, who he had invited on stage with him. He truly touched my heart. I remember how I had thought that his mamma was proudly watching him.

I don't remember how we lost touch, but I am so sad to say we did. I'm thinking now, of his kind heart and our years of friendship and I wonder where his life has led him. I hope he has found a way to be true to who he is and I pray he is doing well.

**After writing this I tried finding Joe on white pages.com. There are SO many people with the same name in my area, but you know what?
I feel I want to try dialing all those number, till I find my old Friend and try to catch up on too too many lost years.

Unconscious mutterings

  • Hearing ::
  • Did you ever notice that kids have a way Of not hearing you when you call their name? Especially when they sense there is work to be done?
  • Aggression ::
  • My Schnoodle Cosmo has a tendency to show a little aggression.

  • Charged ::
  • Charged: I've been pulled over often by the coppers, but Never Charged with a ticket! (urgent need to urinate works every time and is often the sad truth!)
  • Traveler ::
  • I'm reading the time travelers wife, it's strange, but good!
  • Hydrate ::
  • reminds me of HyDROX as in Cookies, Did you know they are BACK on stores shelves? Well, not many left in my local grocery store :/
  • Detox ::
  • My husband quit smoking (again) 3 weeks ago, The Detox process is not a pretty one! I am so relieved my kids don't smoke. (cigarettes)
  • Qualify ::
  • I was disappointed that my blog didn't qualify and wasn't accepted by the 'pay u to blog' people.
    I am assuming it's because I curse a little bit? or could it be that I don't have enough readers?
  • Prison ::
  • If I ever got sent there, I KNOW I wouldn't last 5 minutes.
  • Frontal ::
  • Gee, why don't they show me any frontal nudity of that guy Bill the vampire on 'true blood?"
  • Pep talk ::
  • In my last post, I felt like I gave myself a little Pep talk. so today! It happened... I've moved my stove! It is immaculate all around and up and down. Tomorrow, as my husband paints my salon, I tackle the Fridge while self cleaning does the inside of the oven.

    Unconscious Mutterings.

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    TAG! you're IT!

    Thank-you Forgetfulone for not forgetting me in your blog tag!

    This blog has been bloggity blog tagged.
    The rules:
    1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you either positively or negatively
    2. link back to the person who tagged you : Thanks Diane!!
    3. link back to this parent post:
    tag post
    4.tag a few friends or five, or none at all
    5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them!

    1. Blogging has definitely affected my life in a mostly positive way! I used to wish for something 'else' to do on the computer, besides looking up what diseases my neurosis convinced me I had for the day. headache? BRAIN tumor!! Stiff neck? Meningitis!! or what my kids could be suffering from? teenager sleeping all day? MONOnucleosis!!

    2. Blogging has allowed me to find a lost creative outlet. As a child and teen, I always loved to write. Songs mostly, poems and diary entries. But in my busy adult life, this love had been almost forgotten.
    I did however, prior to blogging, start a semi-fictitious autobiography (how very James Frey) and I completed a children's story, that I wish I would have pursued publishing. ( Where DID i put that draft?) I often feel there is no value to what I write, but the support,encouragement and compliments I receive from my blog friends has given me motivation and a confidence that I usually lack. Their inspiration makes me just beam! speaking of blog friends.....

    3. A positive of blogging that I never imagined when I began, are how many genuine, loving friends I have made. I mean this is cyber world, right?... oooh !DOn'T talk to strangers! Don't give them your phone number!! Yes, you need to be wary, cautious and YES I have made some friends who've disappointed or hurt my feelings, but overall... I can say the friends I've been fortunate enough to meet feel like precious gems and I feel so fortunate to have been able to get to know them.

    4. Another BIG positive? LESS t.v. watching! My husband loves that damn Humongous eyesore of a television! Most times, I would sit with him and just watch whatever bunkum happened to catch his fancy, just so we could be together. Thank god blogging has saved my soul from the evil babble box of blather. We are still in the same room, He can see me, we chat in between his poppycocky commercial breaks and my reading of blogs and postings. Instead of filling my head with scripts of nonsense and ridiculously violent shows, I am learning synonyms for the word crap... Like poppycock, blather, bunkum and television! I.E. blogging is educational!

    5. Now to be fair- the negatives of blogging.- Time consuming! I work many hours in my hairstyling business. Besides work, there is the shopping for beauty supplies, the cleaning of the salon and supplies. there is laundering the towels, mailings, making business cards, education, returning many phone calls. PLUS ! on top of that, I take care of my house and family and errands and laundry galore! SO, I have had to give up something for this luxury of blog time. Well, I really haven't but my house has! I am embarrassed to admit it but... I haven't moved my refrigerator in two years! yulk! I used to do a heavy cleaning all over the house every spring and fall. Let's see, I've been blogging since April of '06? Okay that's a lot of skipped seasons of heavy cleaning! I keep up with the usual stuff, but OH my poor kitchen appliances! They haven't been moved and are feeling the affects of all my neglect! After watching 'kitchen nightmares' tonight, I am feeling really guilty and a bit grossed out! THIS fall there has to be less blogging time and more detailed cleaning time!
    (Hey! maybe, I will find that children's story in the process!!)

    I would love to tag
    sherrie at happy tiler
    Tammy at Queensized funnybone
    gill at Gills jottings
    keith at Keiths ramblings
    and barbara at Skittles place
    I love the above blogs and would love to hear how blogging has affected their lives.
    Anyone else? please join in and let me know if U do!
    check out blog blast for peace at-


    Revised Tunes

    The 60's are revising their hits with new lyrics to accommodate aging baby boomers. (that's what the following email stated:)
    They include:
    • 13.Herman's Hermits --- Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Walker.
    • 12.Ringo Starr --- I Get By With a Little Help From Depends
    • .11.The Bee Gees --- How Can You Mend a Broken Hip?
    • 10.Bobby Darin --- Splish, Splash, I Was Havin' a Flash.
    • 9.Johnny Nash --- I Can't See Clearly Now.
    • 8.Paul Simon--- Fifty Ways to Lose Your Liver
    • 7.Helen Reddy --- I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore.
    • 6.Marvin Gaye --- Heard It Through the Grape Nuts.
    • 5.Procol Harem--- A Whiter Shade of Hair.
    • 4.Leo Sayer --- Yo u Make Me Feel Like Napping.
    • 3.The Temptations --- Papa's Got a Kidney Stone.
    • 2.Abba--- Denture Queen.
    • And the number One revised hit??
    • 1.Willie Nelson --- On the Commode Again
    • visit thur.13!

    Wednesday, September 24, 2008

    Lulu's petals-the movie

    Before I get to my silly meme... I want to give a Warm, Loving , Happy Birthday Shout to my favorite warrior... Tammy!!
    hope everyone will pop in on her and send b.d. wishes!

    I saw this cute meme on

    Gills blog and it made me start thinking, hmmm Who WOULD I cast to play my family if hollywood wanted to portray us? ( and to be honest, I am so surprised they haven't wanted to!)
    My middle son came to me instantly.... The kid on Entourage! what is his name? he has those great blue eyes too! okay I looked him up his name is Adrian Grenier. He Looks like my 21 yr. old. I wonder if this actor is as funny and lovable but maybe he is a decent enough actor to pull it off (i don't watch his show)
    My youngest son was a no-brainer too! For many years his friends told him he looked like Frodo Baggins, well.. the actor who plays him...Elijah Wood. Hopefully Elijah can play sweet and sincere ( my youngest to a tee! )
    My older son...
    I am stumped.. Some people have said he looks like Brendan Fraser, but I don't see him as the right actor.. I think a better fit would be
    Nick Cage (in his younger days) WELL, they have amazing makeup artists don't they? this pic of Nick cage can be what they use as the makeup template! His soft spoken voice fits My eldest really well. I know He can definitely do kind and strong.

    I discussed these ideas with my family over dinner last night and we had so many laughs.
    My Middles son DOES get told all the time he looks like "Vince" from Entourage,
    then my youngest Immediately said Elijah wood for himself. But my oldest didn't know who would be good for him either! He thought Bruce Willis with a wig! haha that made me remember how much I loved Bruce in Moonlighting, do you remember that show?

    My husband disagrees but about 10 years ago I thought he looked a lot like Antonio Banderas. (especially in this pose!!)
    If Antonio can speak without the sexy accent, I would Looove to Cast him!! He will also need to know HoW to cool pants after ironing and He needs to be as strong externally as he is soft internally.

    As for myself... This isn't easy. I wISH I could say someone as sexy as Catherine Zeta JOnes would be cast as me perfectly but I would be dreaming. My families answers were so funny! My boys have ALways said I look like Pat Benetar (can she even act?) in my young photos! But last night, my middle son QUickly pulled FRan Drescher out of the air as a suggestion! He cracks me up! My husband immediately thought Bernadette Peters,

    but I am going to have to go with Sally Field. She pulls off any type, and I think she may
    be SHoRT, an important casting criteria.

    So who would you choose to play me?
    And more importantly, I would love to know WHO do you see playing You??

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008

    Our Community Scribblings Poem!

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my sunday scribblings Invitation!
    Here is the Poem that WE The people wrote:

    As we all know, an impending historic U.S. election draws near
    For Many American's, their essential decision is still unclear.

    No matter how you cut it, precedent is about to be set
    Is the best (wo)man for the job even running? That’s still anybodies bet

    The government’s broken and does not hear our voices
    The two party system leaves us with two bad choices

    We the people the constitution does say
    Although our needs and our wants don't come much into play

    Around the world it's making the news
    Everyone anxious to see who'll you choose

    Will it be the first black man?
    Or a veep who's the first woman?

    Can't you just wait?
    To watch the debate

    As Canada anxiously watches from the north
    To see whom the American's will pour forth

    The biggest economy, the biggest powerhouse,
    All hinged upon who conquers, the pretty white house.

    Does it all really matter?
    They're both full of nonsense and blather.

    But whoever wins is sure to regret
    The prize of a gigantic national debt.

    However, if you believe in the teachings of the Dahli Lama
    Then the choice is clear, Barack Obama

    So make sure you pay attention,
    And vote in the next election!

    Can't help but type again,
    We really need a very good president.

    Let us hope the '08 election isn't rigged;
    If so, truth and justice will be reneged;

    If the oldest man and trophy veep win
    It’s because he does the most ugly spin

    Heaping on everyone plenty of blame
    Putting the democratic system to shame

    A big change is important, very much due
    Before another unscrupulous war does ensue!

    As a veteran it will hurt me to elect
    A man, Hussein, who gives my flag no respect
    Let us stop splitting hairs across party lines.
    We must unite together through these tough times.

    Monday, September 22, 2008


    Sherrie invited me to partake in this Meme, Thanks giggles, here I go..

    1. Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back?
    Well considering I met my husband at the very tender age of 16, NO, the boyfriends before him were pretty much, teeny bopper, puppy love boys.

    2. What was the first car you drove? What happened to it?
    I drove a blue Plymouth duster that my mom sold to me for ONE dollar!
    It was a staller! At each red light, I had to rev it up in park and Pop it into drive.
    I have NO idea what I did with that car?? Maybe, Did I sell it? I will have to ask My mom.

    3. What’s the longest amount of time you have driven a car non-stop?
    I guess that would be only 3 hours up to my sons university, when I had received a call from him that he broke his clavicle. Embarrassing to admit, but it was My FIRST long drive by myself! Again, meeting my life partner at 16.. I leaned on him to do that type of driving.

    4. Have you ever been stood up on a date? If yes, when?
    Hey! Back when I was dating (dating teeny boppers that is) I was pretty cute! No, No boy ever stood me up!

    5. What TV network do you watch the most?
    I guess fox. I watch it in the morning and again for the 10:00 news. There are only a handful of shows I really enjoy watching. I like 'the fringe' also on fox and I am enjoying 'true blood' on HBO,even though it's been giving me bad dreams!

    6. Pick out a song you like that has special meaning to you. Share with us what song is it, and what’s the meaning to you. Like giggles answered-
    "This is the hardest question of all, because I love such a huge variety of music." and so many have special meanings to me, but one that stands out right now is 'everybody hurts' by REM, It seemed to constantly come on during a difficult time that my family was going through and just hearing it makes me cry yet gives me renewed inner strength, that my family can handle anything that comes our way.

    7. Who was your first celebrity crush on?
    My absolute first was Bobby Sherman! I had his cute posters on my walls, I had his bad 45's on my
    record player , I watched his tv show (here come the brides). I imagined myself meeting him and him falling head over heels in love with me too! (I was so silly at 35)

    8. What is your favorite romantic comedy movie?
    Oh like the music question, there are too many to name! What pops into my head? I Adore the wedding singer! I was even lucky enough to see it on Broadway although it was a short-lived show.

    9. It has been said, "First Loves Are Never Over." Is this true for you?
    Yes! My first love can still make my heart-beat skip, I will be married to him 28 years this Oct. 26th. And I still get excited when he calls to say he is on his way home from work.
    *** hey giggles! I found the colored buttons! WooHoo

    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    You are cordially invited!

    Miss Lucy from Lulu's Petals
    Requests the honor of your creative comments
    so that we may write an imaginative, fun, community poem together.

    Miss Petals will start below with the first two lines
    (Mind you, She has NO idea what this type of poem is called)
    (Dr. Seuss Style?)
    she would like every two lines to rhyme.
    The first person to comment will continue
    the poem by adding two more lines with a new rhyme,
    And so on and so on.
    Your comments will then be
    combined in a future post to display our
    global collaborated achievement!
    (Much like the fun we had here and our final draft here)

    Please RSVP by Monday September 22,2008

    OUR cooperative Poem
    As we all know, An impending historic U.S. election draws near
    For Many American's, their essential decision is still unclear.....

    Okay! You're next... Add two lines and each person thereafter can continue from the one above!
    Hope you'll respond to my invitation!

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

    I'm NOT ready for my closeup

    I used to do my own eyebrow waxing, but about a year ago.. Common sense finally fell on me and I realized this is a pretty dangerous thing to do by yourself, especially if your fond of your vision.
    I began patronizing a sweet girl who at first, of course, needed me to explain to her, what I preferred, but after a few waxing's.. She just remembered how I liked my eyebrows and did them perfectly.
    I have weird eyebrows, because back in the 80's I saw sparse eyebrows in some magazine, LOVEd the look and decided to pluck the heck out of mine, so they didn't look so dense. Well, I created a bald spot that NEVER grew back! I've been warning women ever since..."BE careful about how thin you make your eyebrows, They eventually STOP growing back". After years of styling women's hair, I can't even tell you HOW many women have told me they have had horrendous experiences with their eyebrows Never growing back.
    So, to camouflage the bald space I keep my eyebrows thicker than I would like so the lower hairs make a border and the bald spot is above that and it doesn't look so bad. Does that make sense?
    I had explained all this to Kim on my first few visits. I told her I didn't like eyebrow pencil and my solution prevents me from needing it. Today, I was Kims first appointment. After a few minutes of my waxing I hear her Mumble a foreign word. (Later, I would realize It must have been the Korean translation of F@*K ) I said " Is everything all right?" NO answer. A minute later she sticks her head out of the waxing room and Starts speaking Korean to the owner of the salon. I have my eyes safely closed and I'm feeling more relaxed than usual. Immediately the owner is looking over me, I open my eyes " is everything Okay?" With that Sweet Kim just breaks down crying!! I'm talking Hysterically crying. The owner explains to me, "Kim made a little mistake." I felt so sorry for Kim, it didn't occur to me to ask for the mirror! I sat up and tried hugging her, I said "Kim! It's okay, don't worry, are you okay?" The Girl was inconsolable! She wouldn't look at me! She just had her face in her hands and was SOBBING!! The owner just looked at her and didn't try to calm her down at all.Instead, She handed me a mirror. Apparently, Kim took off that lower border that I was using to shadow my bald spot. OH WOw! It IS bad. Inside, I thought "oh shit! How do I fix this?" but outwardly, I said 'Oh it's not so bad, Don't worry Kim, I'm not so fussy, I will just use pencil." She finally calmed down! Her crying really softened the blow of my brow! If she would have been nonchalant about it, I may have gotten upset.
    I can't believe how calmly i reacted. ESPECIALLY, when the owner CHARGED me for my bald eyebrow!! Normally, I would have said SOMETHING for an injustice like this, but I was still feeling, fragile Kim, would fall apart at anything relating to her 'accident'. I sucked it up and paid the 8 bucks!AND of course tipped Kim as well! Let me tell you though, I am seriously thinking of never returning. NOT because of Kim, but I think the owner Handled it so poorly, especially that I am a regular customer. What do you think?

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Unconscious Mutterings

    Free association
    1. Cut the crap ::
    2. No one likes a bull artist
    3. Scent ::
    4. so many make me sneeze. The only scent I can Occasionally wear is an oil called Egyptian goddess
    5. Vanishing ::
    6. Cookies have been vanishing off my pantry shelf quicker than I can buy them!
    7. Wetness ::
    8. I hate walking into the bathroom and standing in the wetness from the last messy child's shower.
    9. Cheap ::
    10. Each morning I love having coffee outside and listening to the birds cheap. OH wait I think they chirp? but it sounds like cheap cheap cheap
    11. Badges ::
    12. Times are scary when our kids need ID badges to walk around their own schools.
    13. Puppy ::
    14. Tempting.. I already have 2 dogs,but OH I can't even see a puppy without desiring another one. puppy breath, puppy paws, puppy love
    15. Problem solver ::
    16. I often ask my husband for advice when I need to solve a problem; but he always gets insulted when I don't USE that advice. Why can't he just understand, that I am looking just to HEAR an alternate opinion, It doesn't mean I SHOULD listen. I think only women understand this.
    17. Gambling ::
    18. oooh I love the craps table. Heading to the Borgata Hotel in AC in Oct. CAN'T wait!
    19. Sophia ::
    20. recently, I am hearing of so many people naming their daughters these beautiful Italian names! Sophia, Gianna, Michelina! If I had had a daughter I would have loved one of these names!

    To read what others wrote, visit: unconscious mutterings

    Saturday, September 13, 2008

    nineteen minutes

    I've recently finished reading the Jodi Picoult book '19 minutes'.
    This book was so powerful & chilling and unfortunately too realistic in our ever violent society.
    It was about a school shooting. It told the story of the build up
    of the bullying that led to the shooters final breakdown and retaliation. As horrific as his crimes were, I felt very empathetic and moved by the shooters (short) life story. I just can't shake how this book made me feel.
    Something has to be done to protect kids from falling victim to the sick,relentless teasing and abuse of bullies. Usually I like to keep my posts light and fun but I really need to voice something here on my blog. My only platform to promote awareness, my miniscule platform but my way to air my feelings. I NEEd to talk about a fact that wasn't included in this provoking book. The fact that bullying is Not only carried out by students, but by teachers as well. Teachers, when they are insensitive, ignorant, malicious, can in fact, destroy a child's school and social life. If a teacher constantly picks on an academically weak student, by belittling them in front of their peers. Every day, making that child feel inadequate, Every day,Yelling and name calling. Choosing to sit on that child's desk to teach her lesson so she can constantly point her finger at the students papers and say WRONG! What is that teacher breeding in her classroom? She is breeding hatred and resentment towards that ostracized student. She is allowing the naive,impressionable children in her class to believe, that THAt weak student isn't worthy of their respect, their friendship, their tolerance either. She is creating a detrimental situation for an innocent student that can last their entire school career, setting them up to be a victim of continual bullying grade after grade as they ascend with the same group of swayed students. Too often a young, sensitive child, doesn't feel comfortable enough to voice the degree of terror going on in his or her classroom. It's embarrassing, It's threatening and scary. Kids typically believe it MUSt be their own fault.
    Administrators visit the classroom periodically, but that doesn't cut down on this type of situation. Teachers are on their best behavior when being sporadically observed. What can be done to prevent this type of bullying? Perhaps it should be mandatory to have at least one teacher aid in each classroom? Someone to bear witness and step up if an abusive situation was to arise? Most districts would argue the expense of such an implementation, but what price can you put on the well being of our children, especially when they are away from their parents watchful, loving eyes? What can parents do to ensure their kids will verbalize a bullying,even if it's coming from someone they've been taught they can trust?
    what do you think?

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    Sneaky Secret

    shhhh! sometimes secrets are not meant for only one
    sharing harmless secrets generates a little Lucy type of fun
    each morning when Mr. Fussy pours his morning cup of brew
    He's unaware that I've been adding a tsp of cinnamon or two
    I started with just a drop and each day the amount goes up
    Leaving him unaware he is reaping healthy benefits in his cup
    He is getting fiber, iron, magnesium while it lowers his cholesterol & sugar as well
    New studies find The aroma may help memory and cognitive skills too, its a bit too early to tell
    So why not just tell Mr. Petals the truth about his daily cup of tampered morning Joe?
    He will then swear he thought it tasted unusual, an intuitive certainty I just KNOW!
    I trust my fellow bloggers aren't blabbers and hope I don't seem a silly coffee jerk
    It may be giddy, It may be daft, but I'm now quite amused with each pot I stealthily perk!

    Sound Familiar??
    I wrote this back in April but couldn't resist re-posting (and editing) it for Sunday scribblings Coffee prompt!
    I will add a little update on the sneaky situation... A few months went by and My husband CAUGHT me cinnamon-handed! Like I assumed he would, he right away said, "I THOUGHT SOMETHING didn't taste right with this coffee!"
    but when I told him about the health benefits, he said He didn't mind the taste. Coincidentally, Throughout the time of my tampering, EAch and every morning I was feeling nauseous. If I didn't know better I would have assumed I was pregnant.(god forbid!) One day I forgot to add the cinnamon and guess what? I Wasn't nauseous that day!! So all of a sudden the light bulb went off! shouldn't that expression be the light bulb went on? (It's been unusually dim lately) I think my nausea started around the time of my spiking the coffee!!
    Sure enough, NO cinnamon No nausea!! THAt doesn't make sense, but what DOES make sense? as usual, any little schemes of mine always backfire on me!

    Friday Fill-Ins #89

    1. I enjoy foot rubs of any kind .

    2. How the hell will I ever afford retirement? is something I wonder about often lately.

    3. In your heart, you knew I could never stay mad at you .

    4. Take 1 cup of love , add a little sprinkle of luck and you end up with 3 kids, a mortgage,bills,stress, no retirement!.

    5. Life has gifted me with the above 3 healthy children.

    6. a hot tub soak followed by above mentioned foot rub.. is an instant vacation.

    7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to a quiet movie night , tomorrow my plans include working my butt off and Sunday, I want to make a paint decision and go buy the materials, maybe some dinner out ! friday fillin

    I can't believe it's friday already. This week like so many lately, has just flown by!
    I have to work today and tomorrow, but ahhh Sunday! My favorite day of the week. I have been enjoying really taking it easy on Sundays. I was all set with my Kayak yellow paint choice by Ralph Lauren, but Now, since I've had too much time staring at the sample chip, I think it's too bright.
    I need GOLD! but why is gold such a difficult color to find? Out of the zillions of Benjamin Moore samples that I have, NoT one is floating my fussy boat. So I plan on really really making a final decision on Sunday.( i hope ) I wish i would have taken 'before' pics of my salon. You won't appreciate how beautiful My husbands work is without the befores. I probably have some photos that I can crop to show the countertop before and after. I will try to remember to work on this, and when the gold is up there I will reveal the hard work he has done. I don't know if I've ever written about his former profession? Faux Artist. His work is just astonishing. He can take an ordinary desk ( like the one I am sitting at )That was so old and broken and marred! I thought it was ready for the garbage! and He can turn it into a marble topped masterpiece! LIke That! (snap finger)
    Look at this-
    This beautiful 'marble' top?? shhh! it's not really marble, He just painted the wood to appear that way. He reinforced it, Refinished the bottom, bought new handles.. and this desk that I had wanted to discard is one of my favorite pieces in our home. So you can see why I am so excited about my new salon and choosing carefully to enhance his creative work! stay tuned for the big reveal coming soon! :)

    Tuesday, September 09, 2008

    Another superb day in Suburbia

    Do you remember that 'curb your enthusiasm' episode, where Larry David had a doctors app't at a specific time, but the office took patients in the order of who signs in first?? I love that show because He shows the stuff that happens to me ALL the time, and He makes me feel I am Not alone for getting peeved at this stuff. It's one of the reasons, Seinfeld is my favorite show too.
    My day today contained 2 more scenarios, PeRRRfect for Larry's next season of CYE.
    My husband had a 2 pm Dr.'s app't to have the Smoke Cessation procedure but first we had errands to do. Our first stop this morning.. The Library, to return books and a movie and Pick up books on hold. My husband is waiting outside in the car. NO one is at the counter so I walk right up. The librarian sees me waiting. I have my card out and my books out of my cute bag and ON the counter. She doesn't acknowledge me with a "be right there" just eye contact. AS she walks towards me, she veers off and becomes obsessed with a fan that's oscillating . She wants this fan to stand still. Apparently, The movement didn't bother her until she sees me! So she is talking to another woman down the other end of the other counter... she is saying.. "I wish I could make this fan stand still". I felt like I was in a freaking candid camera episode. She FINALLY comes to me, checks IN my stuff and she observes that the movie I returned was ON Hold for a library employee next so she STOPS checking me in and turns to look for Betty.. "BEtty, Betty.. LOOK you get to see the bucket list tonight!" Then she needs to walk away to get the new books that are on hold. I sWEAR I am NOT making ANY of this up...AS soon as she turns away from me...Instead of walking to the shelf where held books are.... She STARTS messing with the FAN again!! Is It just me? or is this just ridiculously inconsiderate?? It's also another example of me being TOO nice! LARRY wouldn't have just stood there right?? What I love about him is He SAYS the things I am thinking but feel would be too forward to say. He may have said 'Don't you think you can help me first, and fuck around with that fan on your own time?? That's what I felt like saying! FInally I get to leave the library and the wacky fan lady.
    NeXT STOP- home depot. After waiting on a short line for only about 5 minutes, It's my turn! Wow! this is too good to be true! NOT! AS Soon as she scans my item, The cashier next to her ( who is helping the guy who wAS BEHIND me on line) Is needing my clerks help for every freaking button he needs to push. She no sooner goes back to my return and another employee needs paper work from my girls tool belt thingy. WE are ALMOST getting there (of course the other guy is already done) Just as she is ready to count out my money? HeR PHONE rings! I didn't do a Larry but I did mumble vaffanculo under my breath.(I am not bilingual, I just know a few italian curses) The rest of the errands went fine UNTIL at 1:50 when we arrived at the dr.s for his 2 pm appointment, He signed in AFTER a woman who wrote 2:20 on the sign-in sheet as her appointment time. YEP... they took her in first! Like Larry argued- WHAT is the point of the appointment if it's on a fist come first serve basis?? Shouldn't they say... Come in when ever you want, sign in and wait?? (After all, As Jerry has said- 'That's why they call it the waiting room.") So, tell me please... What DO YOU say in these types of situations?? Are you a patient waiter? do you speak your mind?? Or are you A seether who mumbles?

    Here are some other fun italian words for you in case YOU are the latter and need to mumble something subtle under your breath-
    'stronzo', 'Bastardo', 'puttanesco', 'rompicoglioni', 'figlio di puttana'= They sound so lovely, No? translation?
    turd ,bastard ,whore, pain in the ass and of course the ever popular 'Son of a bitch.'

    Monday, September 08, 2008

    I got hammered at work

    I feel like this is going to sound so bitchy, but I am going to write it anyway!
    I attract LOONIES!
    Today was just one of those days. THREE loonies in one day! I feel like I am going to explode.
    I have spent a good part of today just being Hammered. That is the only way to describe it. Like someone is just hammering me into the ground with their incessant, non-stop bullshit about Nothing! If you are a client reading this Please don't think I am talking about You! If I gave you my blog address that means I actually talked to you! That means I like you. With These hammers, I, like any common head nail, remain VERY quiet in their company.(Quiet, but still professionally polite). When someone has something better to say about EVERY freaking topic and they are authorities on EVERYthing and they interrupt others and just have to hear themselves speak- I don't try to OUT-talk these people! I just do my job, cut and color and blowdry their hair and take the hammering while quietly imploding. Besides torturing me, I feel most awful that these narcissistic clods are torturing my other NON-hammer clients. It's truly bad for business. To be subjected to an annoying hammering just because you happen to have an appointment at the same time as one? I have actually had some of my NON-loons (who thankfully most of my clients are) BEG yes BEG me... "PLEASE, don't book my appointment at the same time as that Nut ever again! But, seriously, like I just said recently to a non-loon that I really like,-"that would be so difficult for me to remember, it's just not possible". So she replied, "DON'T worry, I will never forget her(the hammers) name, I will remember to ASK you if she will be there or not, and if she is, I would wait a whole week to see you, rather than be subjected to her"!! THAT should give you an idea of HOW Loony these loons actually are!! I KNOW I've been more intolerant lately than ever before, but seriously.. It's NOT just my perception!

    Of course, who gets the brunt of my frustration? Poor Mr. Petals. I met him for a lunch break today and I was cursing my head off! I was also questioning, WHY? WhY do I have so many fucking loonies?? AM I a loony too? Is that why? After my enraged rant was over, he very sweetly said to me.. "Most loonies aren't welcome in too many places, You are so kind to those whack jobs, thats why they like you and come to you. YOu make them feel like they can be themselves, where so many other hairstylists would be really rude to them". So how does that theory make me feel?? I really don't know! Maybe, like a moron? WHY do I have such a difficult time being honest if being honest will hurt someone. Even if that someone is an obnoxious, Ball Pein hammer!(or more apropos- pain in the balls)
    It's not just because I am fearful of losing their business meaning earning less money. It's because I think that One unkind word can wound someone for their lifetime. Don't get me wrong though! I HAVE said some really awful things, BUT that usually ONLY happens to me, when someone gets nasty with me. I don't do well with nasty!!...

    Years ago someone sent their Aunt in to me who had been in the hospital for a long time and needed a cut. AFTER I got done washing her hair, she told me how good it felt 'cause she hadn't washed it for FOUR months!! I very nicely said, "ooh Mary, in the future I wish you would let me know that, I would have preferred to have had gloves on." AS NASTY as NASTY can be she snapped loudly at me- "WELL IT'S NOT LIKE I HAVE BUGS OR ANYTHING!!" So what did Sweet Lucy Petals reply?? Very calmly and professionally I replied "well, neither does Dog shit, but I wouldn't want to handle it"
    I thought MR. Petals was going to explode from holding in his laughter! He COULDN'T believe his ears! He later told me HOW proud he was(and shocked!) that I had stood up for myself. BUT, unless my hammers become Nasty hammers... I fear I am stuck being an battered nail.

    unconscious mutterings

    1. House ::
    2. My house is my castle
    3. Think ::
    4. I think of some very weird things
    5. Clot ::
    6. Clot? that only brings to mind something too gross
    7. Believe me ::
    8. When I tell you, you NEED a mint
    9. Fumigation ::
    10. People have DIED on Long Island from West Nile virus. 1 out of 50 mosquitos carry West Nile Virus! I have about 48 bites on me.. If my husband doesn't spray our yard soon I am afraid I won't beat the odds.
    11. Bore ::
    12. Most of what's on T.V. is a total Bore.
    13. Luck ::
    14. Someone out there calls me Lucky Lucy, wish it was true while playing lotto.
    15. Patient ::
    16. My eldest son has SO much Patience! more patience than he should considering who is parents are.
    17. Tremors ::
    18. Some times I still feel these tiny tremors in my heart. A cardiologist ruled out anything wrong several years ago, but when I feel them shake I still get nervous.
    19. Pickles ::
    20. Kosher Dill or even Sweet, with a meal or as a quick treat. right out of the jar driving from the store in the car.. I just love pickles.

    unconscious mutterings

    Sunday, September 07, 2008

    New profile Pic!

    Thanks to the encouragement from Sweet, HONEST Tammy, Who I was thrilled to speak with TWICE by phone! I finally got rid of my CHRISTMAS profile pic! VEry tactfully, Our spunky Daily WArrior asked me " hey Lucy, What is up with that freaking Christmas tree already?" haha Don't you just LOVE her? The last time I tried changing my profile pic, blogger gave me such a difficult time.. I spent TOO much **precious time ** Fu messing around with sizing and flickr and A taller Wine glass to cope! So today, I tried it again and Boom! It just took 2 seconds no sizing, no fuss?! I used a pic my son took of me cooking this week.(right after we spoke,TAm!!) I wish I had one where I had on lipstick and my hair blown straight, But now that I saw how easy it was.. I will try to take one that's more flattering and pop it up there.
    (although when i criticized myself in this photo, my honest son said "Mom this is what you look like, i don't know what you don't like) I just love that kid! and I just love that Tammy too!! I feel so lucky to have gotten to know her and am truly moved to call her my 'dear' friend. Thanks for the kick in the butt girl!
    Would you like to see what I was cooking?? Here is the lower half of my pic and my fry pan...

    I sauted chicken cubes and sundried tomatoes with garlic and olive oil, I added homemade pesto sauce, then plopped all this over penne and added More pesto... It was delicious or as my husband likes to say 'fine restaurant quality'!

    **precious time**- LATeLY I am constantly miffed if I spend time doing anything I don't consider
    worthwhile.. Like if we are watching tv and it's just trash, I say to my husband "life is too short to be staring at this shit!"
    Or if I am waiting on line at staples (for back to school supplies) for THIRTY minutes! I said to the woman behind me.. " Life is too short to waste 30 precious minutes HERE!!"..
    WHAT is wrong with me lately??? Do I think I don't have long for this world??
    Sherrie has told me I should read the secret.. If there is a secret to becoming more tolerant..I better get to a store (but not during peak hours!)
    UpDaTe- I already HAD to change the new pic, I just hated it!!

    Saturday, September 06, 2008


    "As long as I have legs to walk on. You'll NEVER have to take out the garbage.

    "Ooh, Look, The NFL playoffs are today. I bet we'll have No trouble parking at the crafts fair!"

    " I don't have to have a reason to bring you flowers"

    " I know, Let's take you shoe shopping"

    "I made some Niman Ranch Lamb Tenderloin, with garlic, black pepper,and Indonesian soy sauce for dinner. I hope that sounds Okay"

    The term is derived from the Latin word miraculum meaning "something wonderful".
    sunday scribblings

    Thursday, September 04, 2008

    Is it me?

    Is it just me or do many married people find that It can be just ONE stupid or small thing that can make you want to choke your partner?? I think of myself as a very tolerant wife. The BIG stuff that I've let slide off my back would impress you! BUT, ONE stupid thing can just get me in a tizzy!
    Last week my husband was ironing his work clothes. YES, He actually helps with the ironing. Some wives will stop reading right here, right? How bad can he be if he irons. Well, You get used to the helpful qualities and I DO appreciate my husbands helpfulness and ALWAYS tell him so. Anyway, So he is Ironing, And I must admit.. He DOES iron circles around me. He had a Mom who taught him well, MY mom didn't even OWN an iron. Back to the ironing board...
    so he is done with the dress pants and they are laying so amazingly flat on the board.(I really should swallow my pride and let him teach me How the heck he gets them so perfect). He then takes a bathroom break. Without saying anything to him, I decide to be helpful since I am heading to our bedroom anyway... I PICK up the perfect pants and LAY them ever so neatly on our bed. Well!! Mr. Flat pants... has a stroke over this! (I guess he may say MY act of CARELESSNESS would be His ONE small, stupid,thing that puts him in a tizzy!!) Anyway...
    I am verbally attacked!! (Okay, blogging leads you to exaggerate a little) "WHY did you move my pants??!!" I replied, "I was going to the bedroom, I thought I would help you, WHY?" Okay... ARe you ready for Mr. Perfectos answer?? " THEY WERE COOLING!" He then went On... saying something like- You should have asked me first.blah blah blah... I didn't hear anything after... My pants were cooling. I stared at him With my mouth open and my eyes dumbfounded... I closed my mouth and replied " you fucking COOL your pants??" I don't remember what else we said, but he got over it quickly. I, however have NoT! I have been analyzing WHAT type of crazy Nut needs to cool his pants?? I mean as a hairdresser, I know the importance of using the cool button while blow drying hair. You heat up the hair the way you want it and then you zap it with cool air to lock it into place. But for a man to take the time to cool his pants, well it is beyond my comprehension. I know I married a perfectionist but This habit is truly ticking me off! So the next day.. When he irritated me over something else.. My answer to him WAS... AH, GO COOL YOUR PANTS!! At first he was annoyed at me, BUT now that I have said it EVERY DAY to him.. He if finding it funnier and funnier himself. At least we are laughing, but inside.. I still think he is too weird!

    Thursday 13

    13 clever inventions!

    (^ MY FAVORITE! ^ )

    visit thurs.13!