Thursday, January 10, 2019

Wish I was a little bit taller

Recently I had an experience that made me feel that it may NOT be such a good thing to be an 'approachable' type of person..  I am always the person in the grocery stores that strangers start talking to. Same story in the nail salon, the theater..where ever! Even in restaurants, I've had people look at my food and say.. "hey that looks deliscious!" I must have a face that says.. I'll listen to whatever you want to share and not tell you to.. "Fuck off"
I used to not mind having this face.
I went shopping for a sexy pair of .. I guess they're called.. hooker heels! You know.. the type that at MY age you wouldn't dare leave the house in (or maybe actually attempt to walk in!) They kind of have one purpose, no? Having a difficult foot to fit, instead of shopping online.. I ventured out to my shoe warehouse.. hoping not to spend too much on these babies... (between the sexy Christmas gift I got him and now the shoes, it may be more reasonable to just hire him a real hooker.)
As I was quietly minding my business and trying on different pairs of HIGH shoes.. A STRANGER approaches me.. " Oh MY God, Where are you going to wear those??"..  first thing that came to my mind & I answered with a friendly smile.. "Oh i have the perfect outfit for this" (she should see it haha).. and I went back to trying to stand up..
A few minutes later... ANOTHER lady.. "WOW they're really HIGH.. you're actually going to buy those?..  I laughed and said 'Maybe'..  Tried to turn away from her... but she continued.. "Are you going to be able to walk in those" ( what I need them for doesn't usually require walking).. but I just replied.. I am pretty sure I'll be okay.. thanks.. (I so wanted to say NONE of Your Fucking business but us approachable types can't hurt feelings)

A few minutes later with about 5 boxes of various crazy looking shoes near my little bench.. one of my neighbors sees me and HE comes over for a hug!  He laughs and says... OMG what the hell are you shopping for?!!  I could feel the heat rush over my beet red face... "OH, I was just fooling around, wasting some time,  I could never buy these!"  change subject Lucy!.. move away from the shoes that are screaming Street walker!... Try to walk him towards the door!..
He finally left me alone... I was nearing a decision, when you guessed it..
ANOTHER woman approaches... "Oooh, They're so high! When would you wear those?"  I gave HER the red face when I replied.. " Oh at work, I'm a part time pole dancer." (my brains kinder version of 'fuck off") and I swung my red hooker heels confidently to the cashier. 
You know that feeling when you have an experience and afterwards think of ALL the things you Should have, could have, wished you would have said. yeah.. satisfying when you get it right. Apparently, FOURTH times a charm for me. 
Seriously though, As I started thinking about this experience,  I don't know why I wasn't just plain honest with these shoe shopping women. Maybe I would have encouraged them to make a 'fun' purchase too. It's not a crime after all. As open of a person as I am I don't understand why I Wasn't just honest. Maybe I'll go back for another pair in another color and give myself the chance to stand Tall with friendly approachable.. honesty.  
NO one reads my blog anymore... but if you happen to..
How would you have hoped to handle the same situation? ty!