Monday, April 30, 2007

Giggles Wins! With her-HairDo Do-Do Story

Just entered a contest over at This Eclectic Life Shelly is looking for funny blog stories!
If you want to read many funny stories check out all the entries. This is a great way to find lots of laughs on one blog. It's not too late to enter your own funny stories. ( her prizes are pretty nice too!)
Speaking of contests....geeeesssss Mine was certainly a bust! Only FIVE entries! But I must say I enjoyed reading them and I thank everyone who entered! I hope you all agree ....The funniest hair story goes to Giggles, for her story of her brother with Dog DO-DO in his hair! OLd POOP HEAD! haha

giggles said....
As you know my mom was a hairdresser for 43 years, she had a shop in the basement of our home! There aren’t too many hair dressing stories there. In the seventies everyone looked like the stepford wives with the same brillo pad wash and wear perms. But there was this time where my brother got into a fight while mom was working. During the fight D’arcy was pushed onto a juniper bush where all the dogs in the neighborhood pooped. At eight years old he went running into my moms shop with a head of hair full of doggie do-do crying that he had poop in his hair. Mom’s customers were aghast, they started gagging and so did she. I think mom got what she could out by hand then put him in the sink…..but ewwwww it was disgusting!!!!
We laughed for years about old poop head! I managed to remind him of it at his wedding and it garnered another laugh. Especially because he is such a clean freak now, known to have five or more showers a day! He laughed pretty hard too!
Hugs Sherrie
Hope that wasn't too graphic!

NOPE Sherrie, Not too graphic just hysterical.
Thanks for entering that great memory! I will be sending Sherrie some great hair products ( maybe she will share them with Poop head). Thanks to the other four great stories, I loved them all guys! Hope you enjoyed Sherries too. For a second shot at prizes... Check out the above contest link.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Florida trip

The Word Wings makes me think of flying away to a secluded island a sexy retreat, a luxurious far away adult playland.... OR in my real world wings can take you to a long overdue visit with your Mom.
It felt really good to get away, especially from work and of course the usual routines of daily living. I did however, really, really miss my kids my husband my pets and my home. What is it about our own beds? Our own shower? The comfort of our own cooking and curling up on the sofa? This trip in particular made me really long for and treasure my everyday comforts.
While visiting my Mom was a reason for the trip, I also wanted to attend my first cousins daughters wedding. It was an amazing wedding. She was married at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. You have to check out this venue, it was exquisite and breathtaking. The artwork was incredible with such artists as Rueben's and Guercino displayed on huge tapestry like canvas'. During the 2 hour cocktail hour, we were allowed to view these masterpieces. It was wonderful.
It was also wonderful and very emotional to reunite with many relatives that I haven't seen in such a long time. Including
One of my cousins, who lives only 30 minutes from me, yet I haven't seen him in over 25 years! It just seems terrible. Life gets so busy that we lose touch with family. No one is at fault, No one knows how this happens. When he was married I was a little girl. Now our ages are somehow the same! 14 yrs. old and 22 yrs. old are miles apart in every aspect. But 48 and 56 are identical, no?
My mom seems to have changed a lot since I last saw her. My emotions were bubbling over between seeing her in an older more fragile state and the reuniting with so many, Including my brother who I hadn't seen in 11 years! I was unable to control my tears, my regrets and my mixed emotions. Relationships are made up of so many layers. We have guilt over what we wish could have been. We have disappointment. We have longings for a more functional family history. Over all, I am happy I took this trip. The reflections that have been brought to the surface are disturbing but necessary. I know I will work out all the feelings, If not I can place them on Wings and fly them away from me. Burying my head in the sand has never been my style. So for now, whether I am on my favorite secluded corner of the couch or in my luxurious hot shower or sexy king sized bed, I will let the emotions and feeling fly around in me. I am stronger than people expect. I know I can get these feelings under control.

On a Much lighter note. I am having a fun contest! I was hoping to top the amount of entries from last year. I SO hope you will enter and give me a few laughs! Good Luck... There is a prize and everything!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

One Year Anniversary CONTEST

I got my name in lights with

April 20th is my One year blogging Anniversary! When I was first encouraged to give blogging a try from my pal Ann I never thought I would stick with it this long. My favorite part of entering this world is all the wonderful people I have met and communicated with. The hobby of blogging has brought with it the hobby of discovering and reading other blogs. The down fall of all this good reading, is I haven't been giving as much time to books as I had in the past. Before blogging I was an avid reader. The year before blogging began, I must have read 2 books a month.
My husband recently asked How I could find other blogs so interesting. After all, these are strangers, Why the interest? I compared this to a good book or a good movie. We don't know the characters but we become engrossed in what they have to tell. One difference with blogging. These "characters" are real. Real people who also want to connect and have feedback and reach out to the reader. Like the character in a novel asking you- So what did you think? Any words of advice? Can I visit your novel and leave my thoughts? Interactive books, but much better because of the real people attached.
When I first started blogging I expressed to Ann how I wished I had more people reading, more comments. At first it was just Ann's comments and a friend or two. Then Ann suggested having a contest which was a lot of fun. It also connected me with my very special e-pal & now friend Spider. We just hit it off and have been writing ever since. Wise Ann also suggested Sunday Scribblings. I enjoy participating in their weekly prompt for 2 reason, 1- It gives me a great topic each week and 2- It is responsible for allowing me to meet a lot of great people.

In celebration of my Anniversary, How about another contest? The last one brought me 11 entries. I am hoping to double that
this time! So put your thinking caps on and Please tell all your buddies.... I thought an appropriate topic would be - Tell me your funniest or worst haircutting or haircoloring story. I am sure we have all had one. (* personal note to my Wonderful clients that read this..... BEFORE YOU KNEW ME, PLEASE haha)
Good Luck everyone!-( I will announce the prize when I think of one- I am leaning towards a hair item)

** posting this a bit early because I am going to Florida and won't be here on April 20th. Hope to read a lot of great entries when I return!)**

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Secret Identity

I am going to reveal my secret identity that I've kept a secret for too long now.
I am not a boring housewife from Long Island.
I am a broadway star. I dance with high kicks. I sing with High notes. I get paid High scale.
I get standing ovations every show.
I've been in all the real big ones... Cats, Le Mis, Chicago.. most recently Mamma Mia
I'm waiting to be called for a new one... It's going to be huge... Reserve your tickets now
It's called
"The Lies you tell strangers while playing cyber backgammon."
It's such a fun show, It makes you feel naughty and guilty!
Backgammon has never been so much fun!
Hope to see you there. I will be autographing my photos in the chat room.

for more secret identites go to
Sunday Scribblings

Thursday, April 12, 2007

thinking blogger award

Wow! I have been honored with the thinking blogging award!
A big THANK-YOU to my buddy Giggles who awarded me. Giggles is such an artistic, prolific blogger. When ever I need a little pick me up I can always count on her for a mood lifting, heart warming read. She definitely deserved this award. No offense to her usually good judgment, but gee giggles.... Are you sure I am worthy?? I mean between jabbering about rotten pears and ranting deliriously about colorforms ... I really don't feel I fall into any award category with the word "thinking" in the title! I am however very excited and flattered about the generous compliments you gave me. I am also excited to tag bloggers who I find entertaining and thought provoking.
Even though you were just chosen, May I choose you again? ( I am new to the blogging award etiquette and possibly rigid rules)
So in no thought bearing order- My first choice is Sherrie (giggles) over at happytiler
Please check out her creative, inviting blog. (You will need a cozy blanket and a cup of tea to complete the beautiful setting she has provided for us.)

My next choice has to be cute Ally bean over at crazydustinmycoffee. With my morning coffee, I need a daily fix of Ms. Beans witty, insightful takes on anything from kids innocently misbehaving at Krogers to the adorable conversations between her and her husband. Like Giggles, Crazy Dust will get your mind going and your heart melting.

My next thinking award has to go to Deirdre over at writing anam cara. The depth and intelligence of this amazing, addicting talented writer will have you crying and chilled and wanting to invite her over for Christmas dinner. This "Soul Friends" emotional honesty is breathtaking.

The next thinking award is a no brainer. The lovely and enchanting Jane over at Paintedhouse52will have you feeling like you want to improve yourself in every way. She is an inspirational Mother. A talented, creative artist, a truth seeker. I feel like I have been more motivated on being self-assured and courageous from Knowing Jane than from any books I've read.

My 5th award goes to Faith over at Dawns Glory. Visiting Faith is like visiting your good friend. She feels real and down to earth. You can open her fridge, put your feet up on her coffee table and instantly become engrossed in whatever she has to tell you.

May I end by saying, This cute award game has inspired me to Try and THINK Deeper. Think of posts that WILL be gripping & intriguing & NOT silly like Color for your Betty & Torturous underwear. My brain is already straining.
( Oh, if you've been tagged click the link to thinking blogger to learn the rules )

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Xtra Xtra

This weeks Sunday Scribblings prompt is, In the news.

I got my name in lights with

This past week was very sad & stressful.There was one happy highlight or Headline, that I wish to share...
I am now a Life time member at Weight Watchers. It was a nice accomplishment and I feel proud
of myself. After many years of following W.W., I finally made it all the way AND
thanks to my pal Ms. Bean
I am able to publish my headline in a dazzling way!
Why not celebrate with me!? Let's go jelly bean crrrrazzzyy!

Monday, April 02, 2007

grief- stricken

It's so difficult to lose a dear friend. How sad life will be without him. Especially a friend who played such a big part in being a support system to me and my family. A friend I could call at any moment who would be there with advice and help in anyway. How sad for all who knew him. He was happiest when being a helper. He wanted nothing in return, just the knowledge that you felt better because he was there to help. A Dr. who set my 5 year olds broken leg right up on his kitchen counter, cast and smiles and tenderness included. Who diagnosed a genetic problem with my 11 yr. old when the best specialist missed it.
Who's unofficial second opinions saved us from needless procedures and medications through the years. The person who got my husband through a terrible shoulder break and many years of pain and suffering. A man whose bluntness and honesty sometimes shocked strangers but then would warm them instantly knowing he spoke from the heart.
This man was taken from us all, way too young. He had so many more years to spread his kindness and love. Does God have a greater purpose for him?
Even though we've had time to prepare for his passing, we are so unprepared. I can't stop crying for days now. Tears for him, how much he has left behind and will not see. For his Wonderful family, I don't know how they are coping with this painful loss. And for me and my family . I just don't think life will be the same without our dear friend. The world has lost a true humanitarian.