Friday, November 30, 2007

the edge of absurdity

This is my little salon decorated for Christmas. YES Christmas, not winter. Today with the sunday scribblings prompt 'Walk', I'd like to take a walk on the edge. The edge of all this Politically correct crap. When exactly did it happen? When did our society get so overly sensitive and INtolerant of the differences of others? I am so sick of going to my sons "winter" concert and not even hearing Jingle bells. A few years back the band actually played "in the good ol' summertime". Our children should learn about how different cultures celebrate their different holidays. It would be educational and very interesting. To bypass every ones beliefs by throwing the 'seasonal' theme into a celebration is denying our kids the education of diversity. No longer is Halloween a celebration in our district... It's the autumn celebration... No more costumes! That offended a few people! So instead of those few keeping their kids home on October 31st, Our kids give up a much loved tradition, further instituting a spiritless school environment.
Easter and passover are known as our Spring Celebration. Give me a break! Cupcakes for a birthday? ARE YOU CRAZY Man? There is SUGAR in those.... Get a crate of clementines and shove a candle in one! ( No wonder suicide is on the rise)
Now to top it all off we are getting on Santas case! Being Fat and saying Ho-HO-HO is apparently OFFENSIVE! Yeah.... There is an epidemic of obesity with the young because the are all emulating St. Nick. It couldn't be all the fast food in their diets and the sedentary life-style they're leading. It couldn't be cupcake deprival is making them crazy. NO! So, now some PC Morons ( btw... I would LOVE to know who THEY are) are proposing that we have Santa slim down and say HA HA HA! Are you Fucking kidding me? Doesn't anyone respect tradition anymore? When did it happen that more people hear HO HO HO and think of loose women instead of an old fashioned chuckle? Are the loose women out there starting this campaign? If so ... Listen up Mamas... If you're a HO deal with it, Santa means nothing personal. He is trying to be jolly in spite of the deranged community he is condemned to ring his bell in.

I found it interesting recently when my ASIAN nail technician (who speaks broken english and has often asked me for corrections) referred to someone Chinese as Oriental. I smiled and explained to him that now a days that is considered Politically incorrect... The term is Asian, Oriental describes a carpet.
( that was the example someone once gave me) He looked at me like my information was absurd, He replied "but She is from the Orient." I agree with him and doubt it was an Asian that started that whole PC alteration....... Who knows who starts these ridiculous corrections, but we can stop them by becoming more tolerant of each other. Give mankind the benefit of the doubt, don't assume he is trying to insult YOU, maybe he is just doing HIS own thing. I remember part of an expression from my youth... You do your thing and I'll do mine and if we should meet.... ( I can't remember I think groovy may have been the next word, if you remember please tell me) Let's change it to 'You do your thing and I'll do mine and if we should meet up in our community I will respect your beliefs and You mine.'

a closer view shows you my tiny CHRISTMAS tree and CHRISTMAS stocking, I also have a sign saying MERRY CHRISTMAS.

I respect and love my non-christian clients and friends and they respect that I celebrate a different holiday than they do, many Love experiencing that difference with my festive decor, music and treats.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do Re Me ABC

Kim over at RED MOON tagged me with a meme whose rules are: Come up with an adjective to describe yourself for every letter of the alphabet. BUT all the adjectives must be positive - no self effacing!

So here I am in alphabetical order:

Affectionate ( I'm a hug and kiss kind of person)

Bubbly (the word my husband used to use to describe me, not so much lately!)

Cautious ( if you've read this blog... no need to explain)

Dramatic ( this can be good, no?)

Emotinal ( many would Say OVERLY emotional)

Funny (so I've been told)

Generous ( I love giving to others)

Healthy ( I'm proud that I am very healthy at 48)

Intuitive ( it must be a woman thing)

Jumpy ( I startle easily)

Kind ( sometimes too kind which can be a fault you know)

Little ( there is only 5' of me)

Maternal ( it's all I wanted in my life)

Nutty ( in a good way- ditsy would be appropriate too)

Obliging ( I think I'm very easy going)

Polite ( thankyou very much)

Quick ( I do many things super speedy,if you see me at Costco.. I'm the one running with the cart)

Repetitive ( I just remembered I ALREADY did one of these abc mems!, although the first word was there for me)

Sweet ( When people describe me it's either sweet or cute... I guess thats better than bitchy or ugly)

Thrifty ( Remind me to tell you the story of the TWO sausages)

Unscathed ( Do you know I have NEVER had a broken bone or serious injury?? This is due to letter 'C'.

Voluptuous ( let's just say.... I've ample supply)

Worthy ( I am a good person and deserving of good things in life)

Xdorable ( every time I'm stumped on a letter and ask my husband for a word he puts the letter I'm stumped on in front of adorable... so for letter 'X' I will go with his opinion!)

Youthful ( I am definitely young at heart and tend to dress a little trendy)

Zany ( no need for an explanation here)

I would love to tag Daisy Sherrie and Jen
Of course tag yourself if you have the desire.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Letter

I wish I could write a flagrant letter
put my feelings of this caper on paper
I think it could help me feel better
better than your paper mache bouquet
arms stretched out giving and blushing
blushing generosity weakens me wispy
I play an inspiring letter-writing lullaby
lullaby plays above sheets of papers bare
bare save sprays of perfume streaks misty
misty mood music moves my pen in the air
Air perfumed by Autumns open-window breeze
Breeze blows easing sweaty palms tight squeeze
squeeze slightly moves lightly and starts to compose
compose a letter to procure my need to feel better
better than this tear-stained paper mache rose
rose this morning needing to write this letter
to let her know that her barren attempts have failed
failed to lift my hearts disappointments and valid pain
painful beyond our past still so far I've no disdain
disdain wastes energy better well spent
spent on writing this letter never to be sent
instead A conceivable note of thanks alone is sullenly mailed
mailed as autumns intoxicating air is slowly deeply inhaled

for more "letters" visit writers island

Saturday, November 24, 2007

frugal youth

please hit play and listen to 10,000 maniacs- these are days

"Misspent Youth" is the Sunday Scribblings topic.
Hmmmmm... I am wondering .... DID I Miss Spend my youth? S.S. asks ... What kind of kid were you? Well, I was a VERY cautious kid. Looking back I can definitely say I spent too much time being cautious and worrying. I remember when we moved across town and I had to attend a new middle school. After about a week a girl I had just met asked me to come to her sleep over party. I said I have to ask my mom. My mom said "sure" but the next day I went to school and told her I wasn't allowed because My mom didn't know her family. How weird was I ?? I wanted my mom to say yes but I also wanted her to ask all the right 'mom' questions and statements of concern... ( which I of course am very good at now that I am a Mom... ) WHAT IS HER NAME/ WHERE DOES SHE LIVE/WILL HER PARENTS BE HOME/ I NEED TO MEET THEM /WHAT IS THEIR PHONE NUMBER/WHO WILL BE THERE/CALL ME IF YOU'RE UNCOMFORTABLE/ .... Who knows I could have had a great time and met more new friends. This is only one example of my weird cautiously spent youth.
My One huge regret or should I say THE main wasteful Squandering of my youth, was that I didn't attend college. At home It wasn't even discussed, EVER. I think now of how terrible it was that even at school a guidance counselor or a teacher never encouraged me. I wasn't a great student but only because I attended high school to basically socialize and ogle boys. I had a great method of cutting which never led to detention. ( which I will not reveal while I still have a kid in H.S.!) I know I had potential, Every report card, Every teacher... the same words "not working up to her potential". Geeez, What a stupid, cautious, weird kid. If I could go back I would have absorbed every lesson, every bit of information. I would have pursued college. I can't go back and do it again and who knows, if I would have taken a different path and gone off to college, I maybe wouldn't have met my husband and had all those great teenage years of his passionate kisses. hmmmm....... Educated? Loved? Educated? Loved? Come to think of it... I spent my youth well- I'm a well loved Dumb-Dumb!! :~))

Thursday, November 22, 2007

loupee is on a loop

Before we went to our relatives house today to celebrate Thanksgiving and eat a nice dinner, I did something many would consider a bit looney.
I made a thanksgiving dinner. I prepared the stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes & stuffed mushrooms last night after a 7 hour work day. This morning I had that sucker stuffed cooked and cooling before we left. The reason? Favorite traditional holiday foods, The smell of turkey filling our home and of course... Leftovers.... For many years this was my designated holiday. I loved making the special foods my kids enjoy. Every year after the GiANT clean up was done and everyone went home, I would make a plate of all my favorite Turkey day treats, sit down in front of a favorite t.v. show and really, really enjoy every last bite of my delicious hard work.
A few years ago, I broke tradition, I needed a change. I decided to take on Christmas eve as 'my' holiday. Well, the last few Thanksgivings just haven't been the same.~ No turkey and stuffing at 11 p.m.. ~ No holiday 'smell' ~ Fridge bare on Friday ~ Complaints like... I missed your stuffing Mom and they didn't have stuffed mushrooms.
This all sounds quite reasonable doesn't it?? Well, my eldest son would disagree. His theory ( and I must say.. he has many and I totally enjoy hearing his take on EveryThing) His Theory is I am stuck in a loop. In this case... I am stuck in the Thanksgiving loop because that is all I know HOW to do on this holiday. COOK. (It was hard not to smile while he was explaining this to me) He thought it was lunacy that I would create all this work on my day off from work and from entertaining. I explained that I know the favorite foods we all have would have been missed and maybe I'm creating nice memories. He feels I've already created nice Thanksgiving memories and It's time to move on... and get off (or is it out of )THE Loop. Maybe he is right. After all, it is of course not only about the food. It is about family. It is about giving thanks. AND... As my Weight watcher leader would say when she is emphasizing getting a grip.... it isn't a holiWEEK... it is..... only a holiDAY.
oooh It's already 11:30?..... time to make up my plate of leftovers :~))

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Dream

For writers Islands 'dream' prompt I decided to post 2 older posts from February & March of this year. I was having such Weird reoccurring dreams then. I am so grateful that they have stopped and I'm back to sleeping like a baby not even remembering any of my dreams. Like the 2nd to last paragraph describes... this is my built in dvd mechanism.... playing an older adventure... A repeat for my long time buddies but a 'new release' to my new friends.

Feb. 18, 2007-
On many nights I have been dreaming about babies. The bizarre thing is, I am always being neglectful of the baby. I am going about my different activities, and all of a sudden, it's like the light bulb goes off and I remember I have a baby who has not been changed or fed or held! I'm not sure if it is one of my own babies or if I am watching someone's baby. It's very disturbing and I always wake feeling very upset. One night I had a similar one about puppies.
( baby dogs). This one was more horrific because unlike the babies who are soiled, hungry and upset- These puppies were totally forgotten about in my basement. After the whole summer went by I finally remembered them and when I ran downstairs to rescue them they had disintegrated and only Huge golden powder puffs of fur were blowing around like tumble weeds! It was like a horror movie! I woke up from this one terrified! My husband thought I was influenced by that horrible scene in the movie Superman Returns, where one dog eats another. I had watched that movie a few nights before the dream. That doesn't explain the numerous forgotten baby dreams. My girlfriend thinks it means that I have way too much on my mind and I have been very forgetful, so I am worried I may forget something important. I'm not sure she is right. I am wondering If I am the baby? Am I feeling I don't take good care of myself? I do feel dreams are important puzzle pieces, illustrating what we are feeling subconsciously. What do you think? What crazy dreams do you repeatedly have? I would really love to understand these dreams. But, for tonight, I am hoping to forget them and just sleep like a baby.

March 11, 2007
I recently wrote about dreams, because mine have been disturbing lately. So the prompt this week, Dream Journey- made me question what path I took to get here. What dreams have led me to these troubled ones? Is there a connection? The fact that my new dreams are reoccurring is reminding me of reoccurring dreams I had during my dreadful high school years. My high school dreams were about escaping. I was running through a fun house type of house. Opening doors only to realize it was a dead end. Panicky and frightened, I kept trying to get out. The weird thing is even back then I was holding a child's hand, Not as young as the recent nightmares, but still representing a dependent, innocent. I had this dream sometimes 3 times a week. Always waking disturbed and puzzled. I remember questioning my psychology teacher and his interpretation was, I was trying to escape a troubling situation and the child I was dragging was My inner child, the Naive, gullible part of me. ( he elected me "most gullible", because one day the bell didn't sound the same, when I questioned it, he told me the man that usually made that noise was out sick so it was a substitute making the new sound! I can't even believe I was ever THAT gullible!) A few months after I moved out of my moms home, I realized those dreams had stopped. Giving me a great understanding of what was troubling me. When I was feeling happy and less stressed so were my dreams. Through the years I have had a few memorable nightmares, In vivid color, as exciting and suspenseful as a hitchcock flick. But it's those reoccurring dreams that stick with me. It's so curious, that we can repeat the same theme and images. It's like we have a built in dvd player and are too lazy to think up a new adventure some nights. Just hit play and watch it again.
I don't think these "neglected baby" dreams have anything to do with escaping. The fact that they are reoccurring may be the only thing they have in common with those old dreams. As far as stress goes, I have been feeling less stressed than I have in years. I feel like a totally different woman than who I was in December. I made a few life changes and I make a conscious effort each day to stop and smell the roses, and stop and realize how lucky I am. So maybe the journey has become me forgetting about the inner me, because she doesn't need my help anymore. She is independent a little less innocent and happy, real happy and grateful for being so.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Carry

Forever I carry you everywhere
I carry your joys worries and fears
I carry your opinions beliefs ideas
Dreams wished for or wishes broken
Sometimes shared sometimes unspoken
I carry your heart aches and pain
disappointments that remain
I carry your achievements and wins
hearty laughs devilish grins
I carry your humorous punk pranks
your thoughtfulness sweet-thanks
I carry your love and kisses on cheek
your quirky ways & moody streaks
I carry memories of your childhood lives
along with visions of your prospective wives
I carry muted prayers for your future years
lavish with health happiness short on tears
I carry the memory of each precious birth
willing you strength pride self-worth
I carry my eternal thanks to heaven above
For granting me the weight of unconditional love
Three sons I shall love from their infancy till I depart
Three sons I treasure carrying forever in my heart

This was the prompt for Sunday Scribblings

Thursday, November 15, 2007

'weird' tag

Tag Name
Seven Random and / or Weird Things about Me.

I've been tagged! UL tagged me, and what a fun tag! Thanks Ul... I have many weird/random quirks... but here are the seven I came up with

Weird fact #7- I need distance glasses to see distance. I don't wear them often. They make me dizzy, so I don't see too well.
Weird fact #6- My memory is getting worse, I am convinced I have early onset of Alzheimer's although I can't remember what I keep forgetting.
Weird fact #5- As bad as my memory is... I can quote movie & tv lines from 20 or more years ago.
Weird fact #4- I startle way too easily. My eldest moved back home 3 mts. ago... yet every time he walks into a room, I Jump a foot hold my heart and say " I thought a strange Man was in the house!" .... ( I'm hoping this will motivate him to find his own apt.)
Weird fact #3- Stumped (or just too forgetful to remember how weird I am )... I asked my kids their opinion.... Unanimously they said "NEUROTIC AND OVER PROTECTIVE" ... there maybe some truth there.
Weird fact #2- Is ironic- I never took drugs during my youth because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to have kids( these kids who now call me neurotic and over protective)... Hind sight ( sigh)
Weird fact #1- For someone who doesn't do drugs I am pretty paranoid about..... just about everything. I am also Overly sensitive & Self conscious to a fault. How weird am I ?

Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

because I am weird... I don't want to follow the rules.... Instead Please tag yourself if you would like to do this

Monday, November 12, 2007


Thanks Writers Island. Your prompt this week was timely considering an hour before I looked to you for the prompt, I ran into my childhood friend at the Italian market. My friend only lives about 10 minutes from me. We still email occasionally.
We have only met a couple of times for lunch in the past 20 years. I sent her a birthday card just last month.
Yet, We were not only inseparable as children we were also blood sisters. Remember that Pre-HIV ritual that kids would partake in to confirm their bond of sisterhood? Linda and I met when we were in Kindergarden. Mrs. Woods' class. We didn't get friendly outside of school till the 2nd grade, when Our moms began working together and discovered their girls were in the same grade. We quickly became best friends as did our Moms. Each weekend I would sleep over at her house. She had the 'fun' neighborhood, full of kids around our age. Looking forward to each weekend helped me get through some difficult times in my own family life. In high school, I began living with her and her parents. My own Mom was going through some tough times and this arrangement made everyone happy. I don't know how it happened, but when I decided two years later that I wanted to move back home to my Moms home, everything fell apart. Linda's mom freaked out... calling me ( at only 16 years old) ' A fair weather friend'. ( They had had two deaths in their extended family). I was heart broken to lose my '2nd family' and more heartbroken to know that Linda was not suppose to talk to me. Even though she tried to respect her Moms wishes... In school during lunch period, we would try to chat and would think of ways to make things right again. When I looked back on this years later... I realized her Mom was going through her own traumatic difficulties which I know affected how she looked at the simple, harmless request of a child.
( I have a vivid painful memory of recieving the card I sent her for mothers day ripped into many pieces and mailed back to me) The trauma of her rejection added so much to what I was already going through at that time. And being an only child, I know this seperation was devestating to Linda. It is so unfortunate that we couldn't find a way to remain close friends. We went separate ways only a few minutes down the same avenue. Each time I see her my heart fills with warmth and it fills with a mournfulness over the wonderful times we missed out on in each other's lives.
I don't think we could ever be as close as we were as kids (for too many reasons too complicated to discuss) but like she said today to my 23 year old son whom she had never met before....." It doesn't matter how many years pass, each time we see each other I still feel like we're best friends". I love you Linda and I feel the same way about you. xo

Often when you've read about my childhood, you may remember...... Linda in the stories

Saturday, November 10, 2007

left brain right brain no brain

I found the following cool link at looseleafnotes blog.
I would never have imagined that I would fall into the category of a 'left sided' thinker (math and science are on this side of our brains!).... but according to the following link- I am a lefty.
left brain right brain
Since I have an absolutely blank brain on this weeks scribblings prompt (but I hate skipping a week and I love hearing from you)..... I will just ask you to visit this link and see which side dominates you. This is kind of like stealing some ones else's homework.. but remember... I am in vacation mode i.e.- lazy, relaxed, brain dead.
oooh- just found this... Once you know if you're right or left go Here and see more characteristics AND what occupation you would be good at! Geeez I could have been a Bacteriologist! If only.
oooh again... I found another test below..... Again my score is left-brained, maybe I SHOULD enroll is bacteriologist school?

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (30%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (64%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by

updated at 4 pm My brain is now awake. I thought of another good L/R tip.
For any one out there trying to teach their young ones their left from right.. Here's a tip that worked for my kids
Put your hands straight out in front of you... The thumb and index finger that makes an L shape- That's your Left hand!
Maybe everyone already knows this tip ,but If not... Hope it helps a child. :))

Friday, November 09, 2007

Lulus week off

We have been on vacation all week. It has been a lot of fun and it has really flown. On monday we went to the Borgata in Atlantic City. This was a late celebration of our 27th anniversary. My husband sweet talked the desk clerk and had us upgraded to a suite for the regular room price! It was one of the nicest hotel rooms I had ever stayed in. It definitely made the stay even more special. It made up for the fact that we lost every penny we brought to gamble. Why is it everybody thinks THEY will be the lucky one to hit it big? My husband was up for a while on the craps table.... but then I walked over and it wasn't long till he was Way down. I really think I am a bad luck charm. The last time we went gambling the same thing happened.
Another fun night was seeing "The Little Mermaid" on broadway. It is in previews and it was adorable. The actress playing Ariel really brought the cartoon character to life. Her name is Sierra Boggess. This was her broadway debut and she stole the show. I didn't feel this way about the actress playing Ursula. I was disappointed the she played her with too much humor, Instead, I would have preferred her intimidating and beastly. I was a bit disappointed in the show because I expected something along the lines of the incredibly amazing beauty and the beast. No comparison but I think little kids may disagree. Better than the show was the dinner before hand! If you ever visit NYC you HAVE to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant Patsy's The food is amazing. Their eggplant parm is better than mine and I think mine is pretty damn delicious! The wine was perfect the service perfect the shrimp scampi the best I've ever tasted. Even the fresh strawberries and whipped creme for dessert were the sweetest I've ever had.
Contrary to this fabulous meal was the dinner I didn't eat last night. We wanted to support a local town who has opened a theater with broadway actors. They actually commute here to Long Island from Manhattan. We know this is true, because there was a terrible accident on the railroad and the actors were delayed an hour. It was a long wait for the show to begin, but I felt it was worth the wait. We saw Jekyll and Hyde and the lead actor was fantastic. (Richard Todd Adams)
( I will get to the horrible restaurant in a second)
Maybe it was because the show started an hour late that we had a woman Snoring behind us the whole show! It was so annoying, yet No one poked her or said anything to her during intermission. Even her husband was napping, although he was at least a quiet napper. My husband looked at me when she started and I just started laughing. It seems these kind of people just find him. One time at a broadway show, he was seated next to a man who was eating noisy sunflower seeds. Another time a man was CLIPPING HIS FINGERNAILS! Who pays $100. a seat then grooms themselves?? My favorite time is when a lady sat behind him and then threw her large fur coat ON HIS HEAD! I am serious. People are so damn rude and inconsiderate, it amazes us. He took it off his head and turned and asked her "Can you please move your coat?" She said "where would you like me to put it?" I had to squeeze his knee to stop the response I KNEW he was going to reply! It now strikes me so funny, because it happens to him every where we go! One time when he was sitting in an aisle seat a whole bunch of little kids left their cheap seats and sat on the stairs next to him and Sang out loud with the broadway show! haha I'm surprised he still likes going to the theater.
Back to last night. To help support the town of Northport we thought we would also eat at one of their restaurants. We were recommended to Bistro 44. It was a small pub like restaurant. The menu was described as asian fusion. I didn't see much on the menu I liked. Shortly after I ordered my salad I noticed how many flies were buzzing about. Remember it is NoVember. I questioned the waitress and she said "yeah we have a real problem with them". Okay... We should have left then, but we ordered dinner. I've been loving the t.v. show Kitchen Nightmares. On one hysterical episode Chef Ramsey notices a zillion flies in the place. Of course he says
" What the fuck? Where are all these flies coming from?" WEll..... They were coming from THE filthiest kitchen I had ever seen. SOOOOO of course Little Paranoid, germaphobe LuLu began freaking out! When my dinner came it was disgusting and flies seemed to be the side dish. I sent it back and we left and got a slice of pizza. If you are ever in Northport, DON'T go near this flytrap. We were so sorry we didn't leave sooner. It cost us $90. for the salads and wine and the few bites my husband ate of his crappie dinner. An expensive lesson - If you have a bad feeling... Leave.
We only have a few more days off. I plan on relaxing, reading and eating at home!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unforgettable bird

My son used to have a bird. He named him Bird. Some mornings I would open his cage and let him fly ... For some strange reason, he would fly to one spot..
My Head. ( maybe because my morning hair resembles a nest?)
Time passed and we got our second dog Molly. My son started paying less and less attention to bird. Bird was cool but a new puppy is much more fun. Bird started molting and never seemed to stop....I was constantly vacuuming feathers, Cleaning Birds poop and changing newspapers daily. One day Bird flew to my wall-papered ceiling and started pecking off the wallpaper. This became another favorite sport. One day while cleaning Birds cage bird bit me. Another time when my son went to take him out he bit him. Bird was beginning to piss me off. It became so that we were afraid to open the little door. He would aggressively peck at us. Of course, guilt set in. Maybe if we would have paid more attention to him, maybe we should have had his wings clipped. One day the cage cleaning resulted in him drawing my blood. That was it. Bird had to go. We packed up his toys and cage and food and yes... Bird himself. We brought him back to the pet store he came from, where they promised me they would keep him and take good care of him. That was about 2 years ago.
Somedays, as I sit with my morning coffee, morning paper morning hair & face....I think of Bird... think how I miss him on my head, his favorite morning place.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

working girls fantasy

we all need money but isn't it funny
that it doesn't just fall from our skies
for hydration there's rain and for heat- Mr. sunny
but damn...Money just doesn't materialize

Wouldn't it be nice if for every good deed
A pay check would float down from above??
It could wipe away crime and limit our greed
encouraging human decency and love
My thoughts are quite dreamy and this poem really cheesy
but imagine the world if all the dregs and the sleazy
could have cash in their fist with my utopian twist?

Help the elderly cross the street
Dollars appear at your feet
Rescue a dog give a child praise
More money falls.. You get a raise
Pick up litter Plant a tree
here comes hundreds 1 2 3
No need to rob a bank for the rent
Do a good deed! It is heaven sent!

Forgive my silly ranting, delusions of grandeur and delirious dribble
I've just worked all day for my money, I'm too pooped to write a decent scribble

Thursday, November 01, 2007

"50's waitress serves up BLUGCK"

I set out to be a 50's waitress, but all my clients thought I was a little girl

Thanks to my Friend Jen.... I dressed up for Halloween again. For many years I was hating Halloween. Like I wrote in a post last year, I think it was from those years of worrying about my kids out trick or treating.
Just the act of putting on my costume made me feel a little more in the mood to have my door banged on every 10 minutes. It helped me tolerate a bit more -my two dogs going ballistic with each knock. It helped me not give a shit that I ate about 10 pounds of snickers and rolos and milkyways. Not to mention... putting me in such a festive mood... I made brownies with orange icing... (they were delicious too!). So do I thank you Miss Jenny? Or should I get on my broom stick and fly over to Vt. and bop you one?
As for serving BLUGCK..... I decided to make chicken pot pies for dinner. Easy as.. well.... Pie
These usually come out yummy and the family makes soft emmm noises while blowing on their bowls.( Even after cooling for a while, they are as hot as molten lava. Yesterday for some reason ( GEE JEN- MAYBE IT WAS MY FESTIVE SUGAR HIGH!!)
These usually tasty pies weren't as tasty. My husband ate some of his with not one complaint. Then he gently pushed his bowl away from him and said a word that I am having difficulty spelling.. BLUGCK. ( He even gave a little shudder, kind of like Lucy did after the vitametavegamin)
The best part of my Halloween.... Seeing my youngest dressed up as Frodo (from Lord of the Rings)
Everyone tells him he looks exactly like Elijah wood... So no one mistook him for anything else and he ate his dried out chicken pot pie without one negative expletive.