Thursday, July 15, 2010

My frog sleeps with the fishes :(

It began about 8 weeks ago... every evening while mr. petals and I were soaking in the hot tub, we noticed a cute little frog sitting on our patio. He seemed so content and he seemed to be watching us. Our dogs would not move a muscle... they just stood at attention watching the frog watching us. I wasn't positive it was his home, but the frog always seemed to be standing near a very wide crack in our patios cement. I imagined he lived in there. Mr. Petals said it did seem likely, and once we did see him jump in there.

On fathers day, Mr. Petals had big plans! I bought him a fountain for his beautiful flower garden that he's been creating. He and our sons were out there all day, digging a trench to lay the wiring for the fountain, cementing the box for electric, laying down new mulch and erecting the new fountain! Everything went smoothly! it came out BEAUTIFUL! (see photo below!!) That night while we soaked his aching muscles in our hot tub, I looked over the edge to the broken spot in our patio, where I knew my little frog friend would be spying on us.
What I saw made me Scream and startle Mr. Petals muscles into knots again!! The crack was cemented shut! SEALED UP! and sadly there was NO Frog in sight! ANYWHERE!! "WHAT DID U DO??" YOU KILLED OUR FROG!!?? Defensively, Mr. Petals said.." I did not! He wasn't in there when I fixed that!" To which I replied.. 'OH really?? HOW do u know that??!! Did You try to move something in there to see if he was there?? Did u even THINK about that frog when you sealed up his home??!!" I was so upset! He kept saying.. "OH come on! He wasn't in there!" and I said... "Look around?? THEN WHERE IS HE??? You gave him cement shoes!"

That poor little frog!! Maybe I am overly sensitive, but my heart is breaking for that little creature!!
Please don't think 'Don' Petals is a monster... In his defense... The heat was RIDICULOUSLY intense that day and that big crack was dangerously close to a set of steps which was hazardous, so in his busy, exhausting day.. he took advantage of the extra cement he had mixed and tried to hit all the spots that needed fixing that he saw. I so wish He would have thought to wiggle a stick in that crack first, tragically he didn't. But now.. for the rest of his years, he will have to deal with me and my comments... referring to him as a mobster who killed an innocent frog.
(as he looks out the window)- " Looking for another frog to bump off?"
(as he soaks in the hot tub)- " You know, I heard he had a wife and 10 tiny toads to feed"
(just for the hell of it) "any other amphibian vendetta's I should know about?"
(when we step over that cemented crack)- "I saw some butterflies today.. you wanna maybe put the muscle on 'em? or just rub em out?"

It's going to take me a little time before I lay low and let it go! In the meanwhile, I think of this beautiful planting as a memorial to Enrique (that's what I was going to name him) :((

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Did U ever?

If you've had enough of hearing about my weird dreams throughout the years.. mouse click yourself Out of here! this one is the weirdest one YET!

COYOTES! TALKING COYOTES! CUNNING ARTICULATE TALKING COYOTES! They come into my yard and I am always doing tons of yard work (which shows you just HOW unrealistic Dreams are, even more so than FReaking Talking coyotes!) So, at first one approaches as if he's a friendly helpful neighbor and he offers to finish up my sweeping or raking or mowing, Or whatever I'm busy with. My dream is SO real, I feel myself sweating from this hard work AND I can smell the soil! (but oddly, Not the coyotes bad breath) So anyway, back to the coyotes... After a few minutes of helping.. all of a sudden!...His FANGS come out (maybe I'm watching too much of the true blood show?) and the Coyotes (now all of a sudden there are MANY) Are chasing me to EAT ME UP! It's so scary! and I wake up in a sweat! (checking for calluses on my hands of course and making sure my nails aren't dirty!)

Like all my crazy dreams.. I need to analyze this one... This is what I think... I recently called to make vet appointments for my pets and when I was asking what they were due for...KITTY the receptionist (YES I know! what a perfect name!) said they were due for their Leptospirosis shot.. which is important because if WILD animals like raccoons (my brain? registered Coyotes!) come in the yard (hence...yard Work) and urinate and my dogs step in it and lick their paws.. they can get sick! (sick= eaten up)
I watched fantastic mr. fox about a two montha ago and the coyote DID speak a bit like My beloved George Clooney AND he appeared partially animated.. so there is that too..
What do u think of all this??

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miss Molly and MR. Grumpy pants McGreggor

cosmo on left... miss molly on right

So the other day, I wake up and go outside with my coffee and I hear my husband reprimanding our sweet little cockapoo Molly. Of course, without hearing the details, I defend little Molly... "Don't yell at her! You're scaring her! What did she do now?" So this is what he says.. "She went into the vegetable garden again and came out carrying a cucumber in her mouth with all the greens attached! She pulled it out by the root!" I ASK YOU BLOG READERS OUT THERE....HOW ADORABLE OF A SIGHT MUST THAT HAVE BEEN?!! I instantly giggled and said "Aww, but HOW cute she must have looked! I wish you would have snapped her picture!!" Which of course upset Mr. Petals (McGreggor) even more!! And reminiscent of the story of the little red hen that I read over and over again to our boys.... He began saying.. you it's didn't rotatild the dirt, buy the vegetables, plant them or water them everyday!! WEll, he got his point across.. I certainly would have been frustrated as well. But OH the sight of little Molly with that bunch of greens and a cuke in her little mouth... running out of there, trying not to get caught! I still get a pang of the 'ooooh how cutes' every time i think of it! So I suggested he build a fence to keep her out after all she is like a baby and doesn't know better! WELL, that didn't go over too big and he suggested that I go build the fence! haha! Uh... I think instead... Let's just go buy the vegetables!

Monday, July 05, 2010


sunday scribblings says...

me me me, write a post about me??!
maybe about me love for me very special family?
you see, they're a very big part of who is me
Or how About me love for varied musicality?
from soulful Ella to me funky black eyed peas
What About me love for dancing around so free?
could be anything from zumba to the tango for me
How About me love for Me sweet little doggies?
Mr. yappy comso and fat-ass miss Molly
Or me heart full of love for all me special buddies?
who describe me as compassionate and kind yet very funny
Maybe write of me passion for peace, humanity and mercy?
I KNOW!.... about Me love to attempt such masterful poetry!