Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing everyone a VeRy HaPpY, HeAlThY, PrOsPeRoUs, NeW YeaR!!
(please remember to be sensible, DON'T drink and Drive! )
See u in '09!

Monday, December 29, 2008

mommas boy!

Turn up the volume and hear One or all four songs my son gave me on a compilation cd that he made me for Christmas. I love that he took the time and thought to compile 17 songs that he thought I would really enjoy. This son is always introducing me to fun music! He was the one who introduced me to Mika and his song 'grace kelley' (no. 5 on playlist) which I also really loved.
I don't know where he discovers all his tunes but I think he has a good ear, and I love that we love a lot of the same sounds. The first two are my favorites so far, but you know how that is... The more you listen to new music the more it becomes more and more enjoyable.
He is quite looped in this photo but still quite lovable!

Did u ever?

I have 309 unread emails in my dominant email account. That little postage stamp icon on my desk top haunts me each day as that number constantly increases many times each day, reminding me Of how truly un-organized I am even on a flat desktop screen. I have what has to be over a thousand that I've opened and read or only half read but have them stuck there, awaiting deletion or another look or filing to a new folder. This disarray of emails as you may have guessed is just the tip of my totally cluttered, disorganized iceberg. I am totally puzzled by my organized friends. Did you ever meet someone like them? Or maybe YOU are lucky enough to be like this. We will be talking about something she bought years ago,she tries to memorize the price, she says 'wait a sec'... and really, like only two seconds later...She freaking whips the receipt out of her Ausss! I am always astounded! I take a sip of tea, turn around and she is holding the receipt to the couch she bought in 1992! How the hell is that even possible if you aren't an illusionist?
Well, Little Lulu is changing up things over here for the NEw yeaR and for my NEw ATTituDE! ( did u read my last post??NO? please do!)

I have been picking the brains of these amazing(wacky), brilliant(anal),organizers!(freaks)
One of my clients is the best I've met so far, and considering she is a teacher, I decided to take my entire lesson from her on organizational skills.( i had to get the smelling salts out, when I told her of my current filing system.~ A large Macy's shopping bag that I throw EVERy receipt, paid bill, tax return, bank statement in! When that overflows onto my closet floor it gets shipped to the garage (the land of the lost) and replaced with a brand new bag!) She regained consciousness and instructed me to go to Target first for the filing cabinet. (yes, I really mean business) Being that Ms. Kay is a thrifty organizer (cheapskate), she told me Target has the best price for the cabinet. OKAY. Check! got it. (Black and sleek, reminiscent of the sexy shoes I had my eye on but the $32.00 I spent, would have only bought me One heel.) Next, she instructed me to go to Costco for a box of 50 filing folders and a box of 50 hanging folders. Check! got 'em! only cost 14.oo total! ( 32. + 14.= $46.00 or 1/2 of one shoe)

Next came the labeling and that's when she totally lost Loopy lulu! I was very confused but, determined not to look like a complete clutter idiot, I nodded a LOT! She was ready to give me an A+ for attitude and attention span! Until, she asked me to repeat what she had said. My defense was 'uhhhh, I was concentrating on your haircut so intensely I lost my concentration on your filing system!" ( ehem, bullshit)
SO, her being a bit anal and apparently intolerant of slow learners, my lesson was terminated on the spot! (what a terrible teacher!) But, No worries, I am SO on top of this filing stuff without her! I really have a system going. Instead of starting the millions of folders she was attempting to tell me to start. It makes more sense to me to tackle them as they come along. SO, for example, I paid a credit card bill after Christmas, then I started a hanging folder that simply says Credit cards. IN there I put folders for my different cards. WAHHLAAA! Childs play!
My son's school papers were cluttering up my hutch, SO, I Made up one with his name and several inside for his school papers and other categories. As more clutter accumulates, I will just make up another folder!! (Sure hope 50 will be enough!)
I think my way is less time consuming than her way too! So what do you think?
Pretty impressive, no? I am going to LOVE being organized and I am so excited that I am going to have all that extra room at the bottom of my closet! you know what THAT means! (That is where I keep the SHoES! ) If i do get those sleek new ones, wait a few months then ask me to see the receipt! ok?

Friday, December 26, 2008

I believe in magic

When my kids were small one of their favorite Christmas stories was The Polar Express. The ending always touched me as I read.... "Though I've grown old, the bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe."
This year I so truly believed in the magic of Christmas. It began with a forced effort. I consciously focused on all the people and things I am so grateful for in my life. I tried and succeeded, finding much Joy in each of our yearly traditions and I focused to find relaxation in tasks that usually caused stress. I started each day of the season,
trying my best to concentrate on being the BEST I could be as a Mother, a wife, a friend, a relative, a citizen, a hairstylist and a house-guest. The pay-off for all my concentrated efforts was astounding. I really had one of THE happiest Christmases of all time!

After a fun Christmas eve with loved ones at my sister-in-laws, we spent hours at home after midnight, just laughing and talking with our kids. They are so fun and so funny and they also were in the most festive of spirits! (hmmm could it be true? when mama is happy~ EVERYONE is happy?! I think it must be true!)
Before we turned in, The kids received their traditional Christmas eve pajama gifts that I had done away with last year, due to them being spiritless sourpusses! They goofed about that and goofed around further with each other like they used to do when they were small (and goofy), back then wrestling all over the floor was a daily occurrence. ( This year, I am sure the alcohol had a lot to do with getting so goofy, but so what?!)
Christmas day was a relaxing day at home, with the laughter continuing throughout the day. Our friends and our children's friends joined us for dinner, games and Guitar hero world tour! One game we enjoyed playing this year that also brought lots of fun laughs Christmas eve and day was
"left center right". A dice game that we bet dollars on. Then, We had so much fun and so many laughs pretending to be rock stars with this guitar hero my son got as a gift! I have never been to a Karaoke bar, but sure made up for lost time last night right in my living room! As all the kids here took turns on guitars, drums and vocals, I got into the act by singing my voice to the raspy-ness it is today! (i've always been a wannabe singer!)
The camaraderie and enjoyment is so apparent in all the pictures that were taken on the eve and the day and I loved it when a relative I emailed them to commented about how much the happiness showed in the photos.
Believing in the magic of this special time of year, and pushing away the lonely, sentimental blues that always seems to haunt me during Christmas time, gave me a magical holiday and I just don't want it to end! You know what? It doesn't really have to end, does it? Attitude I believe, is truly everything! By remembering to greet each day with the same positive attitude that I willed myself to acquire and reminding myself that the gift of living life each day to it's fullest IS pure magic, Then The magic and special spirit I felt this Christmas CAN continue, hopefully effortlessly, throughout my lifetime. I truly believe we all have it in us to create our own magical happiness and help infect those around us with the same magic! This new year I hope this magic rings true for you and you truly believe that together we can generate an epidemic!

© all rights reserved Luluspetals

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Quotes

Glad I did get some time to pop back and post again. I was starting to feel this weird 'Christmas lonely feeling' that I get each year....I found The next quote and it really sums it up.~
'Isn't it funny that at Christmas something in you gets so lonely for - I don't know what exactly, but it's something that you don't mind so much not having at other times. ' ~Kate L. Bosher

In spite of this sinking in my heart, I've been baking up a storm, doing some last minute wrapping and finishing up ironing Christmas outfits, next I need to write out some bills and even though I've been working like crazy... I am singing and smiling and I feel like it is all so enjoyable! ~
Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ~Norman Vincent Peale

Wouldn't the world be so much more Peaceful and beautiful if we could all keep the Spirit of Christmas in our hearts year 'round?
Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself... ~Norman Wesley Brooks, "Let Every Day Be Christmas," 1976

Finally, Here is what I thought were the perfect Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect. – Oren Arnold

Wishing that Everyone finds their Christmas Spirit and may we all make an effort to consciously be the very best people we can be each and EVERY day of the year, in doing that, we will be able to feel that Christmas magic in our hearts year 'round! Merry Christmas xo

molly really loves Christmas

especially the new toys

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To my blogging buddies

Just want to wish everyone a very Merry, Peaceful, Loving Christmas! (in case I don't get time to get back here before then)
I accidentally checked off the Yes box when asked me if I wanted to invite
my entire contact list to join. Please accept my apologies for bothering u. I was invited by someone else, so I went there and joined for her, but I doubt I will ever remember to go there again!!
Anyone who has ever left me a comment, got an invitation! Sorry!!
I am just SO computer savvy!! I tried to send an email to EVeryone in that address book, but I didn't know how to do that either! Hope you will see this note.
I am so grateful for the buddies I've met who read my blog and correspond with me.
Hoping the new year is your best yet. xox

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sunday Scribblings

She came home late.
She thought she was quiet enough. It was 3 a.m. She didn't want to disturb their sleep.
Just as she started tip toeing up the stairs to her bedroom, She heard the muffled grumbling, complaining.
He was upset. Again. He was always upset. He never had children of his own, what did he know of taking on an 18 year old step daughter. A young girl that any other parent would have called an ideal, sweet young lady. His yelling got louder. She overheard him screaming that he wanted her OUT. OUT of
his house. "Get her an apartment! I don't care where she goes!".
Tina tried to sleep, but was too upset, despite the downstairs yelling becoming silent.
The next morning, her step father had already left for work as she was heading off to her new job.
Her mother stopped her and told her that she needed her new marriage to work and
He wasn't happy that Tina was living with them. She told her daughter that after work they were going to look at the apartment complex up the street. The one Tina's sister and brother-in-law lived in.
Tina stoically left for work, without many words. What could she say? The feelings of betrayal, dismissal, abandonment. They weren't new to her. Tina protected her shattered heart from total breakage, by holding her head up high and going through the motions of cooperation.
That afternoon, an apartment was looked at. A deposit check signed. A tentative agreement on the table. Later that afternoon, Tina called her boyfriend. She still hadn't shed a tear, hadn't tried to reason with her debilitated mother. Her boyfriend was shocked and wondered How Tina could possibly live alone, when he knew she feared being home alone. He didn't understand anything. Why? Why, if there were never curfews set as to what time she
Should be home, Why then, did 3 a.m. become such a big deal? He questioned the sanity of her mother. He questioned Tinas calmness. He wished he could leave work and run to her.
When her step father came home from work, her mother proudly and excitedly told him of her accomplishment in finding an apartment for Tina. He looked at her oddly and said.. "You did WHAT?!? I am NOT paying for her to have her
own apartment! I was bluffing god-dammit! I can't believe you actually went out and found an apartment!"
At that moment Tina walked in the room and Stood in front of a man, that she could never manage to call dad. She looked him in the eyes and said evenly, "Well, this time, I am calling your bluff, I am leaving. It's apparent to me where my mothers loyalty lies."
She walked out into the snow filled sky, hearing their calls to her get further and further away. She deeply breathed in the freshly fallen snow, walked all the way to her sisters apartment, and Never looked back again.

© all rights reserved to LulusPetals

Friday, December 19, 2008


I want to give u the gift of a recipe that's easy as can be
Sweet-nutty- Healthy, they will make you smile with glee
Great for a snack, on a salad or to decorate your Christmas cake
They'll also add a yummy aroma to your home while you wait for them to bake!~

Preheat Oven to 300

1 TBSP water
1 egg white
Beat with fork until frothy
Add nuts (approx. 2 lbs of pecans) and toss until coated.

¾ cup sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Sprinkle over nuts and toss

Spread Nuts on un-greased cookie sheet
Bake for 20 minutes
flip nuts over with a spatula
Bake for 20 minutes more
Take cookie sheet out of oven
Loosen nuts with a spatula
Let cool on sheet for 20 min.

When completely cool,
Place in airtight container for storage

Hope you enjoy them as much as my family does!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Did u EVER?

Did you ever feel like Christmas just isn't what it used to be? This used to be one of my favorite holidays. Something feels so different. There used to be this gigantic build up of excitement. The excitement in getting the house decorated and the cookies baked and making plans to visit friends. Now, everything feels like just another overwhelming chore for an overworked, underpaid elf-mom. I guess I have to blame my kids. They used to get so excited and that fueled this crazy elf to work her butt off, night and day to pull off another ideal Christmas season. Last year as I decorated our home I asked them to carry the Christmas bins in the house from the garage, One by one, my sons kept shooting me 'the look' . The look with their big Scroogelike eyes that said..." aRe u CRaZZy? what the hell do we need all these bins of decorations for??" I felt I got resistance every step of the way. Frustrated by their indifference, I did away with our Tradition of them getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve. ( their stunned faces that there were NO pjs, pierced my pissed off heart!)
This year, The tree went up later than usual. Every night, everybody had plans and No one was able to get together to decorate this poor thing. So Finally, One night, With an empty house, A full wine glass, and That damn James taylors moving voice, moving me to ridiculous tears, I decorated my tree all alone for the first time ever. With each ornament there was a reminder of the years past. AWW, The ernie and Bert that My eldest loved! The thomas train that my youngest adored. And My middle sons simpsons characters. Why would hanging Marge simpson on a Christmas tree move a grown woman to sob? SO pathetic!! Ernie and Bert affected me the most. I had to get the tissue box. About 21 years ago, while shopping with my then three year old son and husband at the mall, we ran into our close friend Aunt Mare. She 'borrowed' my son from us, took him to Macys and he returned with these precious Ernie and Bert characters in his sweet little hands, that He had PROUDLY picked out and that He has placed on our tree each year since.
I of course really don't 'blame' my kids. They are getting older and It is so normal that they are losing interest in some of the traditions that they treasured as children. (but I am not getting older. In fact, after reading this I think i am more immature than ever! ) I am missing the magic. Which makes me wonder if that is why God invented grandkids? Someday, That magic feeling may return and Ernie and Bert will be passed down to a new set of sweet little hands.
One thing I do know, No matter how much they declare that they don't need this and don't care about that. They DO love getting those pjs and They will be wearing them this Christmas morning.
So, did u ever feel like this?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

1800 GET Off The Road

After the day I've had, I was wondering... WHY can't everyones license plate be their cell phone number? Today I would have called the BMW who was sharing a one way, two lane street with me, and just couldn't seem to stay in his own lane, and I would have yelled... GET OFF The F*&$i#@ ROAD!
Then later on in my day I could have called the lunatic woman in the lexus who was passing everyone on The shoulder of the highway, and yelled... GET OFF THE F*$&ing Road!
To the woman in the costco parking lot who had to position her car in such a way that NO ONE could pass her while she waited 10 minutes for someone's parking spot... ring ring...
.... YOU INconsiderate A%$$O@E!!! GET OFF the F*$&ing ROAD!
Gee, the holiday season just seems to bring out the lovable humanitarian in me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmasy REdo

With Christmas around the corner, and not much time to get creative blogging, I looked back on what I was writing about last year at this time..
I thought i would re-post this one. If you haven't already read it,hope you will now.
When I think of Holiday Memories I seem to mostly remember the holidays I've spent since I've been with my husband. Christmas 1976-The year we first met, he lived alone and said he wasn't decorating or getting himself a Christmas tree. During that December, My brother-in-law was working in a nursery and as a joke before bringing over our Christmas tree, He first brought in this skimpy, tall twig with one branch on it. A true Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We all had a laugh and then they threw away this poor twiggy tree.
I picked it up and drove it over to my husbands apartment. We actually decorated it with tinsel, lights and a few sparkling trinkets and it added so much warmth to that little place, which eventually became my little place too!
I don't remember too many of my earlier Christmas memories. What I do remember is more from the stories I have been told. My Dad, who had contracted a heart condition from Rheumatic fever as a child, passed away 2 weeks before Christmas. I was three, my sister was nine and my brother, 12. I was told my mom was (understandably) so distraught she didn't buy presents or decorate or acknowledge that it was Christmas. My Aunt ( my Moms brothers wife) bought presents for my sister, brother and I and insisted we all come to her home for Christmas day. It is a very fond memory for my siblings. My sister told me this story when I was about 12 and that Christmas I wrote a very heartfelt letter of thanks to that Aunt who was the kindest to us in our time of need. She is still one of the sweetest people I know.
The only early memory that really is my own, Is the memory of not being able to sleep on Christmas Eve and waking up and snooping at the gifts under our tree. I recently wrote a poem about this that I am actually proud of! So, I would like to share it again!
Tip toe barefoot undaunted by the night
darkened house lit only by Angel-light
Dry needles tinsel on faux pads of white snow
Cling to tip toes tip toes as she creeps down real low

Haunted by whispered naughtiness, she should be asleep in bed
Shhhh! Haunted by inquisitiveness, she must first peep instead

Quiet as can be, embellished surprises get a gentle shake
rustling sounds of papers echo however others do not wake
Not quite believing nonetheless conceiving this evenings magical delight
Tip toes, toes cold, tips back under warm covers finally asleep till first light

fun memory-One year our 'usual' Santa passed the job to our oldest son and was able to get a different perspective!

Sexy Memories-My Husband 'Mr. Claus' would always get a bit naughty with me!
Wishing everyone a Christmas that's Naughty and nice!

Friday, December 12, 2008

I knew Instantly..

That I didn't have a clue as to WHAT this gift was????

So many of my sweet clients bring me beautiful gifts at Christmas time.
I appreciate there kindness and thoughtfulness SO much. One of my favorite gifts this year,
(thanks again Lyn!) was a Huge basket full of italian food goodies!! Not only was it thoughtful and VERY generous, It was also presented beautifully with fresh holly placed creatively around the food items. (so wish I would have taken a picture! Instead, I took it apart to start enjoying the foods!)
Today, when I received this lovely little.... Well THIS lovely little...Thingy ... OH and it came in a sweet little felt case too....

I knew instantly that I would have to be rude enough to say... ummm, Uhhh, What exactly is this?
Maybe you are more savvy than I... Did you already know? I had never heard of such a thing before.. but My clients Knowing what a germaphobe I am... Know just how to make me happy...
This is for my purse when i eat out at restaurants!!

It is like Carol KNEW that I NEVEr place my handbag on the floor, If I am not in a chair that allows the purse to be hooked onto the back, I sit and eat the entire meal with my purse in my lap! NOW... I just need to hook my pretty little lovely hooky thingy onto the table and WAh LA!.... No more cradling my purse while I eat!
Although my youngest son questioned if it could possibly hold the weight of all the junk I carry around! He said, "Maybe It could hold the little felt case it came in, but I doubt much more." Even though he does very well in science, I hope he is wrong! Although,I didn't chance hooking it onto my glass kitchen table for the picture, Just in case the weight would damage the glass, but maybe on a different surface like this granite on my kitchen cart? Okay, it's been there for 5 minutes! See that! I did know eventually, it was a Nice gift!

©2006-2008 luluspetals

Lemonade and Book Meme

I was tagged by adorable, gifted Giggles at HappyTiler ! I've made many treasured friendships through blogging, but with this amazingly artsy, wise, maternal Buddy, I feel I've found a long lost sister. We are kindred spirits and I adore her! Thanks for tagging me Giggs!

Pass it on to five other bloggers.

Tell them to open the nearest book to page 46. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The closest book, not the coolest, or the one you think will sound the best. THE CLOSEST. ( well that's a dumb rule! I wanted to quote the vampire book that true blood is based on... dead until dark! THAT would be so cool !) instead we are stuck with this...

SMOOTHIES AND ICE TREATS - a guide to enjoying fresh frozen treats at home by Lindsay Barnes and Amy Shawgo...
(well it's so short, sentence five led to page 47 )

Soothing Peach Smoothie!

5.This creamy smoothie is rich in ingredients that help soothe MENSTRUAL ACHES and Pains.

6.Calcium and soy protein are known to help prevent mood alterations and reduce cramps

and headaches.

7.The vitamin C in peaches aids in fighting against infections and reducing the risk of heart disease, strokes and cancer

8.Medicine that tastes great! ( hey I went this far, I may as well give u this recipe, just in case you are suffering from those awful pains of #1!)

1/4 cup low fat/fat free milk

1/4 cup soymilk

1 cup lowfat/nonfat peach yogurt

2 cups sliced peaches 2 cups ice
Hope it's yummy!! ( you can try a heating pad with this too!!)

Before I tag anyone, I want to also give a Great big THANK YOU to a recent and also treasured buddy... TAMY at 3 sides of crazzzzy!

Tammy has credited me with a positive attitude award !! ( she really IS Crazzy!!) and Therefore, appoints me worthy to receive the Lemonade award! ( gee Tam, are u sure it's not 'cause my blog is a real lemon!?) The idea of this award is..
it is out there for those of you who know you have a positive attitude and work at it all the time too. Here's to you!" Okay, I do work at it all the time, but I must say, I am not getting the job done very well. But I will work harder to live up to this honor Tamy!

Here are the rules:
  • Put the logo on your blog or post.
  • Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
  • Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
  • Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
  • Each of the bloggers listed below have moved me with entertaining posts of laughter or insight or just delightful writings. All of them are truly deserving of the Lemonade Award for having a great attitude and becoming dear blogging friends and inspirations! ( i am taking a short cut and nominating five for the book meme AND the award! )

sheri at cooking mom
Sherrie at happytiler just for the lemonade award!
Diane at forgetfulone
Penny at marmalade skies
Keith at keiths ramblings
and last but not least Mary at now entering momville
YOU HAVE to read her recent post...
grouchy husband gift guide it is so funny!

©2006-2008 luluspetals

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've missed everyone

In case anyone is wondering, I've been MIA for a few days. And there has been lot's of action!
It all started last Sunday as I was reading Granny's blog. Granny (who I adore), wrote a fantastic Sunday Scribblings about the tradition of making photo calendars for her family. Well! I hardly got finished with my comment to her, when the light bulb went off. I excitedly and impulsively hopped over to snapfish and began learning how to create a calendar gift the easier way. I still can't imagine creating one from scratch the way Hip Gran does it! It was still pretty damn time consuming the snapfish way, although maybe there were shortcuts I didn't know I could take. Once I had one done I began another for my Mom. This is such a great gift idea! I love that they let you 'fill in' your calendar with important dates too! I was able to customize it to have All my moms grandkids, kids and relatives b.d.s. This will make remembering everyone so much easier for her, as she is getting up there in years. ( who am i kidding, I still call HER to ask when my relatives birthdays are!)
After the first night of working on this, They offered a free shipping coupon! I happily used it and saved 6 bucks. The second calendar was done and I typed in the same coupon code. It wouldn't let you apply it to another calendar. Quick thinking, I popped in on Sure enough, there were many promotional codes and I was able to save 5 bucks on the second. I am giving this information, because I am assuming EVERYONE is going to go make a calendar when they 'feel' my excitement! This year, we are trying to cut a few corners, spend a lot less, as I know many are doing. To me, Nothing is as special as a gift that took a lot of thought and time and contains the beautiful memories of family photos. I just HOPE the receivers of my gifts will feel as moved by them as I do giving them. Thanks so much for the inspiration Granny Smith!

Besides being up till 1 am, sorting through photos and droppin and draggin like crazy, I have been crazy busy with errands, cleaning and work. Tuesday Night was 'ballie cookie' night with my middle son. he needed to share a food item with his college anthropology class, And he felt our traditional ballie cookie would be just the right addition. We had a lot of laughs, and he motivated me to double it up so we could start our yearly cookie frenzy of baking and hiding! I didn't do such a good job hiding them and they are nearly gone! Wednesday night I had a book club meeting, which is always so enjoyable and today I've been shopping for food and christmas and beauty supplies in the down pouring rain. Whew! I am Exhausted! What I missed most about being away from the wonderful world of blogging, is catching up on all my favorite blogs. It's amazing how much I miss visiting everyone! I have So much catching up to try to do! want my ballie recipe? These are so good and we have a tradition of eating these on Christmas morning while we open our gifts and drink pots and pots of tea and coffee! Over the next few days, I Hope to read what everyone else has been up to! ... Off to try and write a few more Christmas cards. xo







I found out the hard way that these cookies do best if they are NOT stored in an air tight container. Just covering with foil works best.
coming up soon.. my tri-colored cookies!
© 2006-2008 luluspetals

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Ms. Petals-53,172 / Mr.Petals-1

With a Sunday Scribbles prompt like 'tradition' just 3 weeks before Christmas, I am expecting many will write about their holiday traditions. Today I want to go off in a different direction. I want to talk about how traditionally in Most marriages WOMEN are the partners who are more often RIGHT.
Arguments happen. Debates happen. Men try to voice their side of things. They argue and make points and use obscure examples. Inevitably, the woman can prove to them that all those pointless points are just plain wrong! Women usually stand victorious and justifiably so. Think about arguments you've had with the opposite sex. Nine times out of ten, the female's point of view always make more sense!( maybe, we just have more fighting stamina? shhh!)
WEll, this week..I am going to make a confession. My fellow women may want to kick me out of all their clubs.. I feel I am breaking tried and true tradition... but..
HE may have actually WON one!
Now, mind you, I didn't LET him have this win.(YET) I ended the argument a few days ago, sticking to my guns that I was right and HE was wrong. He gave up easily with laughter, as if laughing it off allowed him to WIN. Was My argument SO foolish that he could just laugh it off without even TRying to make a point? I don't think so! I had the last word and felt traditionally triumphant! But .. alas, I discussed it today with three fellow married women, who agreed unanimously (and for some reason, while they were hysterically laughing) that I have GOT to give him this one. As difficult as it is for me to admit defeat, I guess I will have to tell him those three little, difficult to project, words.. 'You were right.'
Although... Just Maybe.. If I get enough Female voters to take my side, here on this post.. I can override those three valued yet possibly mistaken, high spirited, female votes!
Please Tell me what you honestly think.
Our(my) argument was simply this...
My husband has a cold. He has an awful cough. While he is sleeping he is coughing in my face without covering his mouth. I think he should be courteous while coughing and cover his cough. He thinks this- "it's ridiculous that you expect me to be considerate while I Am SOUND Asleep." I told him, I know I cover my mouth while sleeping! To which he added, You must also poop roses! (That was just another attempt of his to joke when I was having a discussion, his ploy to distract me, which he likes to do when he knows I am right!!)
So what do you think? do you also think I may be wrong in this scenario? Tell me! I can take it! (Not to sway the results of your votes, but today.. I have a sore throat, and feel a cough coming on.) "cough" "hack" "harrummmph" "hack"

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lovely Linda

my 'future' husband is now a cop in LA!

I heard from my childhood friend Linda today. I've written a lot about her. I've written about how, when we were young we would write 'future' letters. We dreamed up fantasy future lives for ourselves. Lives that we imagined would have separated us in distance, but Not in heart, for we would write back and forth every week.(and we did write these future letters back and forth for SO long, even though we saw each other every day!) I imagined I lived in Connecticut and had a gorgeous life. In her illusion, She lived somewhere else with other imaginary loved ones and we would write to each other and tell about all the fantastic things we and our make believe husbands, children, friends were up to. (we were weird kids!)
Tonight in REAL life, we tried to catch up on events since the last time we spoke.
I could sense the sadness in her voice. She could sense I wasn't being truthful when I said 'everything is fine'. Even though we don't see each other or speak too often, I guess when you have a history like the one we shared together as children, you just really really know the other person. AFter confessing different difficulties and each of us encouraging each other as best as we could during what she needed be a short conversation, I couldn't help laughing. I couldn't help remembering those zany letters. I said.. "Gee Lyn, I don't remember any of this shit in those Future letters! Wasn't the future utopia? We were SO young and SO insanely idealistic, problems were never even a consideration!!" It took her a second but then she remembered what I was talking about and had a good laugh too. She said.. "didn't u live in Connecticut?!"
(I think Bobby Sherman was my husband too!)
I was so happy that THaT memory was able to take her back and give her a lift from her present day gloom. Maybe that was the reason we felt we needed to write those letters so long ago. We didn't know it back then, but maybe the reason those letters felt SO necessary to invent, was the treasured memories they would add to our actual futures.
NAH! It was more likely our overdose of the brady bunch and wAy too much sugary foods and idol time.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Honest SCraP award

I was given this Honest Crap award by Sweet Sheri, the cooking Mom OOOh YOu are right Mom, I keep reading it as Crap too.. It is SCRAP! And I so appreciate you choosing me to pass it on to especially when the rules read 'you need to pick blogs that are BRILLIAnT in content or design!!' Gee, cooking mom.. ARe u sure? You must not leave that kitchen too much. I will stop thinking like that (but write it for honest thing #1) and just SAy THANKS!

Here are the rules:
"When you receive the prize, you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing that they were prized with 'Honest Weblog'. List [if you can and/or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!"

Okay.. I swear I've done this before, but I will resist looking for old answers, 'cause I have enough CRap to draw from.. honestly... i do.

1. Honestly, what I wrote above is sadly true. I often don't think I am worthy of praise and compliments that I receive. I am truly working on this problem.

2. Honestly, I used to be a much better housekeeper. Lately.. I need one of those annoying bumper stickers stuck on my vacuum.. I would rather be blogging

3. Honestly, I am using Sheri's previous answers as a guide for Ideas on each of these numbers.. here she talked about being lenient with her kids. I would definitely think I fall into that category now that mine are older.When they were small, I was very careful about what they would watch on tv. Now geeez... It is a nut house.

4. As much as we are very open minded, lenient people, I get very shy with strong movie contents around even my adult kids. I would prefer to watch tame movies together ONLY

5. I honestly LOVE to sleep. I hate my alarm clock and love to wake whenever I feel like it.

6. I guess it goes back to #1, but I feel guilty buying myself Anything.However, I LOVE to buy things for my kids and husband and always justify the purchase as them deserving it.

7. Most of the tv I sit and stare at I only sit and stare at, so i can sit and stare with my husband. He loves Tv. again here I need a bumper sticker.."I would rather be doing".. anything else. Although I honestly LOVE some tv shows and I adore many movies, I find myself staring at too much CRaP!

8. I over think everything. I am overly sensitive. I am too emotional. Whew that felt good!

9. Like Sheri's answer here.. I too feel Super stressed and anxious when I have company. I LOVE it when it's happening, but the getting ready for it and the organization and shopping and planning and the "do I have enough of this & that and will this and that be okay. Is my house clean enough, roomy enough, decorated enough".. Shit...I've been leaning towards just being alone!

10. Okay for this one I am leaving Moms/sheri's answer except i am taking away the word Shy. Shy I am Not but the rest .. is me..
I am very self-conscious, and will cringe later after a conversation with someone, worrying that I said something stupid or came off as a dumbass. I do this not only with acquaintances, but good friends as well.

How did I do Cooking mom? You are right that this was somewhat cathartic. I too will pass it on to some bloggers that I don't think have a freaking clue of who I am! Unlike you though, I leave comments regardless if they think me a werido and if they never visit me.. ( I guess it's the difference in being shy that we have going on)

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

3 word wednesday lottery tale


On thanksgiving I was telling my family how my middle sons birth date keeps coming out in the lottery.
Every morning when I read the paper, I check the lottery numbers, even though I hardly ever play. Every morning I think.. "I hAVE to play HiS numbers" Yet, later in the day, I don't remember to play. On Tuesday, While food shopping I wandered away from the produce aisle and Picked his lucky birthday numbers and a few other birth-dates for the 120 million dollar mega millions game. After food shopping I needed to call a client because I needed to ask her to change wednesdays appointment time.
Before I could say why I was calling, she yelled 'LU! You're not canceling my appointment tomorrow, Are you?" I guess because I have all these lucky numbers in my head I quickly responded.. "YES Blanche! I won the lottery! So, I am not doing hair anymore!" It was so funny how she didn't even think I was kidding, She started congratulating me! haha I didn't keep the joke going for even two seconds and we had a good laugh. She then said, "Oh,If I know you, You WOuld still do my hair for me if I needed you to!" I said, "well... I would definitely HiRE someone to do it for you! but NO Blanche, If I am a millionaire, I Quit!" I love the balance I have with most of my clients. Business along with so much fun, so many laughs. Fast forward then to this morning... I am reading my morning paper.. I get to the lottery section.. I start(as usual) dictating the winning numbers aloud to my husband! The FIRST Three numbers are my middle son's numbers! For a split second I am ready to complain that I should play these numbers... and then Excitedly I remember.. Ooooh Ooooh I PLAYED, I PLAYED!! yesterday!! I run to find the tickets in my purse.. The first number... YES I have it! The second number...YES I have it!! The third.. Three in a row!! I have it! I have it! I've never had this luck before! and then...that was it! THREE numbers. SEVEN big dollars! You've never seen anyone so excited to win less than 10 bucks! pathetic.. BUt still FEELING hopeful. HIS Numbers ARE lucky! I just need to find the family members (from Some other family) with the other 3 lucky numbers! It could happen!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Lulus EZ stuffed mushrooms

I guess because I didn't make thanksgiving dinner last week, I was craving some of the side dishes I usually make. The night before thanksgiving I made stuffed mushrooms to satisfy my own craving AND my families. This is one recipe, We ALL really REALLY love. Well, I guess the kids devoured many of them before I got my fill so tonight I am making them again! Decided I would share the easy, yummy recipe with you guys! ( I don't have exact measurements, as this is one of those .. You be the judge type of deals.. but I will try to guesstimate it well for you.. truth is, they will be delicious if you over do or under do the amounts)

~you will need these ingredients:~
Large mushrooms (This recipes guesstimates are based on 2 large containers,like this one in pic.That I get from Costco but you can make as many as you need)

3 cloves of Garlic (chopped finely) / Fresh Parsley (chopped) (if u don't have fresh, go ahead and use those flakes)
Grated romano cheese (approx. 4-5 TBSP.)
seasoned Bread crumbs (approx. 1/4 cup)
Olive Oil (again, I never measure but I am guessing about 5 TBSPs)
Light Chicken broth (optional)

~ This is all you have to do!~
Wash mushrooms and remove stems carefully (place stems in large bowl)
Lay Mushrooms on an ungreased cookie sheet
Chop stems finely ( I like using a mini-chopper, or you could use your food processor this way you can do the parsley, garlic & stems quicker and finer)
To them add:
Garlic, bread crumbs, cheese, parsley and olive oil
If the mixture doesn't feel moist enough, you can add some chicken broth instead of
using extra oil (CAlOrIE conscious!) (a little tip-It should feel like raw meatball mixture, so you may have to add some more breadcrumbs.. You know how to judge!)
Stuff this mixture into each mushrooms cap.( you can use a tsp. I use my CLEAN fingers!) (amazingly there is always the perfect amount of stuffing for the mushrooms!)
here they are raw and ready to go in the oven^^

Bake at 350 for about 25 min. The pan will be full of liquid, I usually empty this out carefully into the sink 1/2 way through cooking time.. tonight I didn't and I should have, the bottom of the mushroom wasn't as cooked as it usually is)
Then I like to broil them for a few minutes till crunchy looking. Keep watch! DON'T burn them!
Take a look! mmmmm Wish you could take a taste too! Hope one day you will make them.

<--Here they are right out of the oven, see how crunchy they look!
This is them ready for dinner!-->
Behind them is a painting my husband just finished. Isn't it cute? Hope to pick up the perfect
frame for it.

served those mushrooms with these lemon-parsley sword fish steaks and asparagus.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Tis the season to be jolly...

Well I wasn't feeling in the holiday spirit until ....
Ta Da!! My sweet soul sister Giggles presented me with this fabulously Fun, New Christmas header!
Look up! SEE! what do u think?! Makes you feel like singing Christmas carols doesn't it?!
Putting up that tree? Baking cookies?
Thanks so much Giggles! I adore your whimsical art work and treasure our friendship! xo

So happy Sue from tumblewords decided to add some petal power ! I was becoming quite insecure with my 'following' status!
thanks Sue! You've boosted my spirits too!