Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week we took a ride and checked out a few schools that my youngest son was accepted to.
Even though he still needs to hear if he got into FIVE additional schools that he applied to... He has Said YES! YES to this one that he fell in love with last week!
He gave me very good reasons why the other 5 weren't as good for him. He didn't need to give me reasons why he was a perfect fit with the school he loved.. I saw it for myself! As a matter of fact.. I kept saying to my husband "I want to come here too!!" It was wonderful! I really can see him thriving in this nurturing campus. The only thing that has me worried and apprehensive?! It is FIVE hours away from home and the major airport is two hours from the college! I just need to know that If he ever needed me to get to him in a hurry... I could say YES.. I will be RIght there!
I knew the day was approaching quickly, when my baby would leave for college, but somehow... seeing him there, walking around, absorbing all they had to offer... OH MY GOODNESS!! I am feeling so overly emotional and it has really really begun to sink in... He is going away! He is growing up! He is on his way and it is all good! But boy oh boy am I going to miss my youngest boy!

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Icy sting of wind
Jolts me like a cup of joe
Ribbons winter zeal

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extreme Gratitude!

Notice anything NEW at Lulu's Petals?? YES!? YOu're so observant! An Extremely Whimsical, Extremely BEautiful, NEW header compliments of my extreme soul sister Giggles of the extremely entertaining, insightful, colorful and wise blog... HappyTiler! This header is the extreme representation of who I am! Giggles honed in on my extreme loves! HER art work! Her amazingly fun, creative houses! Her precious angel that has come to mean so much to me! My extreme love for family and music and dance and flowers and hearts and purple...even my extreme love of Funky shoes! (Notice my angel's new footwear!)

I can't even express how extremely touched I am by her extremely generous gift! If someone offered us the extreme challenge of choosing ONLY one reason that we are happy we began blogging... It would NOT be extremely challenging for me... Meeting an amazing woman who's extreme passion, love, support, friendship have totally enriched my life! That would be my answer! That is my friend Sherrie! And this is my Extreme expression of gratitude and Love to her! If you don't know her yet... Hope you will pop in on her warm home for an extreme treat! Tell her extremely thankful Lucy sent you!
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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Wii had a lot of laughs!

My youngest son got the Wii Fit for Christmas. He has been quietly enjoying it and working out for about an hour a day. He is my quiet/shy son and when I asked him about the fit, he just said.. yeah, I like it and he calmly explained a little about it. Yesterday my middle son who is my boisterous/outgoing/ crazy boy decided to try The Wii fit... Two seconds later.. He burst into the kitchen telling Me HOW fun it was and How amazing that it measures your BMI and weighs you and You can make a little character to look just like you! I heard about Skate boarding and Yoga and boxing, I heard about balancing and aerobics! In about 2 minutes flat.. He had animatedly told me SO much information and Got me very excited to try it myself! So... I moseyed up to my youngest sons bedroom to check it all out. Well.. Let me tell you this IS an amazing thing! First off , we had so many laughs trying to get my little Character (called a Mii)
to look exactly like me. The mii's for my two boys loook EXACTLY like them! i couldn't stop laughing about that! So then,
it accurately weighed me and asked my age and height. It told me my BMI. It then gave me a test for balance which would help pin point my ACTUAL age... Here is where the Wii Fit began to piss me off!... it said I am 65!! Sixty Five??!! I KNOW that can't be true!! I am a pretty healthy 50 year old! Just because my balance was a bit off .. I am 65??!! NO WAY! I pestered my younger son to set it up again and give me another balance test!.. Now I need to point out that I did cardio-kick boxing for years and was VErY good at standing on One leg while I did round house kicks with the other! NEVER falling down!! haha Okay.... there must have been a glitch in that first balance test... The second test was much easier.. just holding the remote and balancing it so it stayed in the 'blue' zone.... Okay..here come the new results...
75 years old!! WHAT!? My husband and son couldn't stop laughing! well I have to admit I couldn't stop either! Then it gave me some advice to 'work on this'.. Except for this ONE error... I think this thing is really fun and worth the price! I definitely will be using it again!
Let me know if you have been on a wii fit and how it measured you up!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Leaf

As I thought about how I wanted to express what I wanted to write for the Sunday Scribblings prompt... I got distracted by the prompt. I've used the expression.. turn over a new leaf, but never thought of its origin before. I now feel dopey, I had only imagined it to mean turning a new leaf, like a New green leaf on a beautiful tree. Maybe, I'm not the only one to think that? Here is what I just learned on good old google...

the idiom started because the word “leaf” is used to refer to any flat sheet, especially the pages of a book. (Have you ever “leafed” through a magazine?) Before the invention of the printing press, manuscripts had to be copied out by hand. Copying was performed by monks, whose education and contemplative lifestyle lent themselves to this mission. Copying a single manuscript was a huge task. Doing so beautifully and without error required great skill and discipline. Imagine a frustrated novice with ink stained fingers who is facing a page full of errors, too many to ignore and impossible to correct. Along comes an experienced Brother. He puts his hand on the novice’s shoulder and gently says, “Turn over a new leaf. Start again. And don’t be so hard on thyself.”

that makes SO much more sense! But now that I've learned and shared this... It's too late to put my original idea on a new leaf... UH post. I need to get up and Zumba in the A.M.
And since one leaf I intend to turn in the new Year is taking better care of thyself, I mean Myself, I need to get enough sleep! So excuse me while I make like a tree.... and leave.