Saturday, March 29, 2008

Out of this world

Sunday Scribblings prompt is SPACE. I cannot seem to wrap my mind around OUTER space. Instead I can't stop thinking of being OUT OF space. I may be cheating a little, Hopefully the scribblings girls won't kick me off their blog.
After 24 years in my home. Every Nook, Every Cranny, Every Closet, cabinet and storage bin Is Outer Out of SPace! The things a family can accumulate! We don't have storage in an attic ( The attic is now bedrooms) We don't have storage in the basement (The basement is my eldest sons apartment) so the biggest storage area is our garage. We have a FOUR car garage, Yet, We cannot put ONE car in there. Wall to Wall MESS! Each spring my husband sets out to cleaning this Messy garage and TRYING to organize it. He starts by trying to empty everything onto the driveway. Every year, cars driving down our street stop, thinking we're having a garage sale! Sometimes they offer money anyway, for the bicycles, mower and other gadgets that are out there. ( we have had our share of garage sales too,they don't make a dent on the state of the garage). Our neighbors laugh and joke about 'How often we clean out the garage but never seem to get anywhere!' (It's a great opportunity to socialize with our nice neighbors)
One time a show on lifetime was having a contest. The messiest garage contest! The winner would get a crew to come on over and CLEAN OUT THEIR garage AND Put up storage shelves and cabinets! I entered, praying I would win, so I could surprise my husband. I had to write a letter and show a few pictures of the disastrous state of our garage. Unfortunately, We didn't win.( I think because it was too big of a challenge even for an expert) So, The garage is still a jungle of clutter. BUT- Spring is here again, Maybe this year once we get it in order, it will stay that way? I doubt it. It has just become the dumping ground for things we can't use right now, but god forbid we throw them out! It is seldom that I go near this deep space, but When I do peer into this abyss of gym equipment, tools, ladders, OLD wood, old paint, baby furniture, bikes, snow blowers that need repair, tons of holiday decorations, bins and bins of god knows what anymore, things waiting to someday be sold, old furniture waiting to someday be stripped and refinished, An Old treadmill that may only need a slight repair, various sporting gear from the various years of the different interests of our kids. I think it would be easier to go the dynamite route than even make at Attempt at order ever again. Getting back to the proper topic.. There probably are alien visitations, but if they opt on hiding in my garage, We don't have to worry about them abducting US. They're now engulfed by the ever-expanding, Out of this world hodgepodge of Lulus catastrophic garage. There only hope for escape? The cosmos colliding, or waiting till next spring.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A womans work is never done

Last night my husband made his usual declaration... I am exhausted! I am going to bed! Then as usual he added... Are u going to bed now honey? And like many nights I said "Yeah, I am exhausted too, I just have to do a few things". So, he brushes his teeth, strips naked and is in bed in 2 minutes. Two minutes later I hear him snoring! As I begin my few things....
1. let our two dogs out
2. Set up the coffee pot for tomorrows breakfast
3. Make my son lunch
4. Put the dirty (nighttime snack) dishes into the dishwasher and run it.
5. Remember to run downstairs and throw the wash into the dryer so it doesn't smell funny
6. lower the thermostats
7. straighten the couch cushions
8. let the dogs in
9. lock up all the doors
10. give the pets fresh water
11. take off makeup/wash my face/ moisturize
12. brush my teeth
13. shut all the lights

Sound familiar ladies?
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thursday 13 (3/27/08)

This is my first time contributing to Thurs. 13. This list came to mind as I pondered... What should I make for dinner tonight?
We are having #3 AGAIN

13 dinners I make over and Over again and I am sick to death of them all. Of course the vegetables and side dishes vary, but unfortunately Not much..

1-Breaded Chicken breasts baked in the oven
2-BONELESS breaded chicken breasts baked in the oven
3-Breaded & fried -thin chicken cutlets
4-Barbqued thin chicken cutlets (with either lemon or marinade)
5-Barbqued Chicken wings with Bar-b-que sauce
6-Lemon Chicken franchese
7-chicken freaking soup
8-turkey Meatloaf
9-Pasta with Broccoli Rabe & cannellini beans
10-Pasta and Peas (w/sundried tomatoes)
11-Pasta in sauce (With meatballs)
12-Beef Stew
13-Stuffed peppers

The one side dish that Is Always on my table and I am totally sick to death of making and eating - is SALAD.
*The reason I make so much damn chicken- My FUSSY son ( no name mentioned but He knows who he is)
He tells me not to worry about what he likes, but I am a sucker and would rather he eat home and Not through the drive- thru junk food places.

3 ww


As she watched him pop open the champagne bottle, She never imagined he was popping the question as well. She found out later, when she nearly died choking on the shiny token of his love, that he had plopped into her champagne glass. Eyes bulging, She smiled through tears of both happiness and a choking fit and managed to say
" YES"!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

To my mom

I remember like it was yesterday playing in our old backyard
I remember mom always working, always busy, her life was so hard
I remember rubbing her back when it was aching and she was feeling totally beat
I remember selfishly worrying I would inherit her bunions and red swollen feet

Life had been tough on mom for too long of a time
To experience so much loss has no reason, nor rhyme
A Young widow missing her husband and dear mother
Struggling to pay bills dealing with one problem after another

Solely raising her children who were Twelve, nine and three
Sometimes Wishing this life wasn't hers, imagining herself carefree
Time flies past worries, it even flies past three children who are growing fast
Time gave Mom a new husband, a new life, but alas, it sadly didn't last

More sickness. More pain. More hurt for one woman is an insensible crime
Six short years. Mom is once again alone for an unbearably lonely second time
Many tears of heartache, too much pain for her to hold inside
Till magically Another love finds her and lifts her woeful low tide

Nineteen years of happiness, Moms longest matrimonial tie
Then ALS unlocks them. Once again, Mom weeps a heart-wrenching goodbye
Many souls would fall apart, many hearts would fall to despair
Mom picks herself up once more and becomes a devoted volunteer

Helping people became her passion, finally giving her life fresh reason and a sweet rhyme
Happy to be helpful. happy to be giving of her vast love, her warm heart, her spare time
She is an extraordinary example of strength an incredible example of courage galore
Mom is sassy. Mom is gutsy. Mom is someone I truly admire and will always love and adore.

Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm right where I belong!!

You Belong in 1959

You're fun loving, romantic, and more than a little innocent. See you at the drive in!

I found this cute quiz over at Ul's blog. How weird is it, that it says I belong in the year I was born in ? I don't agree. When I was younger I used to think I should have been in my prime in the 40's. I loved that time. The music, (especially Billie Holiday), the clothes, the hairstyles! Now, however.. I'm glad I am where I am. (one of the many nice things about being older)
Try the quiz and see if they're right about you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Déjà vu

According to Wikipedia, some people feel the experience of déjà vu is the memory of dreams. I find that interesting and definitely possible. I dream in blown up living, feeling, pulsing Colors. My dreams are so explicit, it makes sense to me that this 'realistic' dream experience has me feeling it has really happened. So,Experiencing something similar to the dream while awake CAN probably trigger that deja vu feeling, making it more understandable that we can't for the life of us remember WHEN we had been through this same experience. Dreams are so easily forgotten. A life experience isn't. If the situation HAD really happened to us, we wouldn't have that floaty, weirdness sensation. We would just remember. ALTHOUGH, to contradict that dream theory.. SO many little incidentals that happen in real life WOULD be easily forgotten. Like .. Doesn't déjà vu happen a lot when you're sitting around talking with people that you sit around and talk with a lot. So the talking will get on a subject and everyone will put their 2 cents in and you are all floaty and strange with déjà vu.. but most likely you all HAVE talked and commented in this EXACT way another time, most likely meaning.... It's time to make some new friends, or drop these same old topics!
More interesting than the dream theory is the reincarnation theory! Ooooh, eerie! Imagine if déjà vu is caused by bits of past-life memories being jarred to the surface of the mind by familiar surroundings or people? (Groovy baby.)
I used to experience déjà vu more often in my younger days. Lately, My memory is so frayed and so utterly awful that Nothing seems as familiar as it used to. Which can be really wonderful 'cause I can Still invite those old friends over and they can never bore me with their retold stories. I'm also great at keeping secrets!
That's all I have to say about this prompt. Hope you let me know what you think.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I just don't get it

Sunday Scribblings! I can really get on a rant with this prompt! There is so much I just don't get! But let me rant about recent happenings. Like last week when we went into Manhattan and got hit by a bus! Well, more accurately, Rear ended by a bus! After a few seconds of innocently sitting in traffic waiting for a red light to change, This huge coach bus RAMS right into the back of our car. I just don't get carelessness like that ( unless you're Mr. Magoo). I ALSO just don't get The bus drivers rationalization in developing an attitude in that situation! Like, wouldn't a normal person say something like- " Oh no! Are you alright, I'm so sorry, I feel like Mr. Magoo" Instead this ass starts screaming at Mr. Petals and says "There's hardly anything there! Why are you making a big deal out of this. I'm not giving you my insurance information. This is bullshit." Mr. Petals says "ARe you kidding me, this is a brand new car and you've dented the bumper, Apparently you've never owned a car." So we wait in our car in the rain for the police.. 5, 10, 20 minutes, No cop. ( I just don't get that either). So, I call the police back and apologize that we can't wait anymore, we will miss our show. So we Vamoose, leaving a bewildered Magooish Ass standing in the rain by his bus and luckily we make it to the show on time. We are hoping when we get The front of the car fixed from this time, when we also got hit (which has STILL not been resolved,) We can have the back bumper repaired too . ( This poor car seems to be a newfangled magnet for trucks and buses)

If getting hit by the bus wasn't enough to dampen my week.... On tuesday I lost an earring. A valuable and very sentimental earring. I was at the mall with a friend and then we went to lunch. When I got home I realized it was missing. I called the restaurant and every store I was in and left my name and number. No luck. and I have to say... I just don't get it. Any time I find anything, whether valuable (like the time I found a wallet) or as worthless as an old mitten, I turn it in. I guess the someone who found my beloved beautiful earring is using it as a companion in their second piercing or they have tried to sell it. I just don't get it, I guess they must be the same type of person that I hold the door open for and they walk on in like I am the freaking doorman and even if I was the freaking doorman, I still deserve a thank you as do all the freaking doormen in the world.

I don't get people. Like I just don't get people in small businesses that Never call you back or never come to do the estimate they promised to do. What's up with that? Are people so super busy and their businesses just so lucrative, that they can choose to ignore potential customers with leaky gutters? I thought the economy was awful? I know I am finding it tough to pay My bills. We contacted several gutter companies for estimates. One out of five showed up. Last year we needed a new roof. What a job the hiring process became. Between the inconsiderate 'no shows' for giving estimates, and the VAST differences in price ranges... I just don't get it!
As we were talking last night, I was telling my husband that I was feeling a little blue. He said in a very animated comedic tone " Blue? Why should you feel blue? It's been such a good week! We only got hit by a bus and lost and earring. Not too bad compared to a lot of past weeks! right? Now,HIM?... I DO get! ♥ ♥

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3 ww

The 3 word wednesday words tied nicely into my discovery today~ money, tangled , understood

I am usually in a tangled web of my favorite blogs. Trying to remember who I need to visit next. Who didn't I respond to? Who haven't I caught up on in too many days? Then EUREKA! Today my original blogging instructor Tells me about Google reader. Miraculously, after only a few minutes, I understood every word she explained! This is a blogging necessity, and the best? NO money involved! In case you're a blogging dinosaur like I am... I'm passing the info on. Just go here It's easy to get started. ( although I have a feeling I am probably the only blogger out of the loop!)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Jersey Boys

Yesterday was my husbands 52nd birthday. I surprised him with tickets to see the show 'Jersey Boys' on broadway. The show was spectacular! All the raves I had heard were true. It is truly one of the most entertaining shows with a great groovy story and nostalgic catchy tunes. As I sat spellbound by the captivating tale of Frankie Valli and the four seasons, many forgotten wonderful memories came floating back.
When I was a young girl in the 60's, my mom was a waitress at a diner type place called 'The Red Barn'. It was right up the road from where I lived, so even as a very young girl, I was able to walk there alone. Somedays I would just spend time hanging out at a booth, coloring, visiting my mom when she was slow AND begging her for change to play the huge Juke box.
In 1967, there was only one tune that juke box played more than any other. 'Can't take my eyes off of you' by Frankie Valli. When the chorus began with a booming " I LOVE YOU BABY AND IF IT'S QUITE ALRIGHT..." The Red barn seemed to come alive. People would sing out loud along with Frankie. Waitresses grabbed each other and began dancing in front of the juke box. That one song seemed to take everyone away for a few minutes. It was a contagious happiness that I am so thrilled I've remembered again. As a matter of fact, in the play, they convey that their fans were not the flower children of the 60's but the gas attendants and the waitresses with dark circles under their eyes. I imagine I wasn't the only one in the August Wilson Theater that suddenly had goosebumps and tears emerge. This show not only allowed me the fun of tapping my feet to it's enchanting pulse, It allowed me a trip back, to a time lost, a time SO worth remembering.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

I would rather stay home

Sunday Scribblings describes
a "smorgasbord" as a buffet-style meal served in Sweden, traditionally at the holidays; in America it is a serve-yourself-whatever-you-want-type restaurant.
I would like to talk about the American type, as I have unfortunately never experienced anything in Sweden.
In America we are famous for abundance. For wastefulness. For obesity. Makes sense to me that the "all you can eat' restaurants are crazy busy and packed with gluttons galore. No matter where you eat in America, you can be sure you will usually have enough on your plate. Too much in fact.
I usually take home 1/2 of my meal for lunch the next day. So Why? Why? Do so many people feel the need to frequent these
trough like settings and just FILL UP? ( by now you've deduced that I have great disdain for the smorgasbord.)
Not only is it gluttonous, it is down right disgusting. I have enough paranoia knowing the cook, waiter and helpers have access to 'germ up' my food. I can't even imagine knowing every Tom DICK and Harry have had their breath, sneezing, coughing, spitting while talking, TASTING while standing there, All near MY potential dinner. It literally makes me sick.
We once ate at a restaurant that was sit down OR buffet. We of course chose table service. ( Mr. Petals is a nut job as well). I was astonished watching how animalistic these buffet people were! I mean HOW much food can you possibly consume in one sitting? It is revolting! One woman was trying to make her young son Taste EVERYthing, before making his plate.. She was feeding him right there on the buffet line. ( another thing I despise, standing on line to serve myself. That's the whole point of eating out, I can finally sit my tired ass down and let someone else do all the work!). Anyway.. this kid was spitting out food he didn't like into her HAND! (NO, we actually live in a civilized decent area!!) and then SHE used that same hand to handle the Utensils to serve MORE food to him and to add to her Over flowing plate of assorted Crap. YUlK!
I am thinking it comes down to money as so many things do. People want 'the most for their money' Even if they don't need it. Even if they throw most of it away. Give me more! Give me it all! Give me give me give me! The sinful waste must be extraordinary, because my clients have told me that some places are now charging extra for what you DON'T finish. I think that is a smart way to curb these indulgent behaviors. Let's face it, many animals will just eat till they puke, it takes a reasonable human to intervene, set limits and teach them about self control.
** UPDATE*** gee... I wrote this in quite a hurry between haircuts and Now I think it sounds offensive and awfully harsh. I don't mean to insult any civilized buffet patrons; and I'm sorry if I already did. (Gluttons- you know who you are.)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

rising prices

After food shopping yesterday, I was blown away by what it
takes to feed a family of 5. I am trying to stock up on only 'good' foods
It's amazing how difficult this is lately....

They say-Eat 5 thru 7 fruits and veggies a day
That's what it takes to keep the doc away
Yet chips and cookies are always on sale
while prices soar for zucchini and kale
$3.00 for blueberries that will serve just one
or $3.00 for family sized sticky cinnamon buns
$5.00 for 6 large red apples- delicious
or $5.00 for 2 gallons of ice cream- I'm getting suspicious
With foods that keep us healthy the prices keep on rising
while they deceive us with design to throw off downsizing
Let's Keep Americans fat, unhealthy and poor
by assaulting them in their local grocery store

While I'm at it I also must rant and tell
about the scheme to keep us all stupid as well
Our governments plan? college = student loans & debt galore
No win situation, you're smarter but still fat, unhealthy and working poor


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The title-There's no place like home

Result: Our Experiment was a success!
Wow, I want to thank everyone who helped write our Sunday Scribblings story!
I am so happy that so many had fun doing this. I think it is a pretty good story. Here it is all together. I tried to separate each comment, so you can tell where the author changes. Hope you re- read it. Tell me what you think.

As Kristen was driving home from work, she just couldn't get the memories of her childhood home out of her mind.
Selling that place last year was the most difficult thing she had to do after burying her cherished mother. She had wanted to drive by the old house so often, but couldn't bring herself to go there. It was too emotional. 31 out of her 32 years were spent living there alone with Mom. The word home would always bring her mind back to 333 Shamrock road. Oddly today, She was able to push Her emotions aside. The house was calling her to visit. She got off at the old exit and took the familiar short cuts, just to take another glimpse and perhaps reminisce some more. As She approached the street, Kristen saw police cars everywhere. She noticed yellow caution tape surrounding her old home. She hesitantly stepped out of her car....

She felt her heart beat speed up and a sense of dread flooded her mind. Oh my god she thought, the young couple who had bought the home seemed so nice and particularly devoted to each other. Oh no she thought, I hope nothing has happened to either of them.
Before she could take a step toward the commotion in the front yard, a man walked up to her. Though he was not in uniform, something about him screamed to Kristen that he was a cop. She didn't trust the police since what had happened to her dad so long ago. And she never would. He was a slight man and had close-cropped red hair. Approaching her, he removed a pair of very dark sunglasses to reveal cold, steely blue eyes. Without extending his hand, he said in a monotone voice, "I am Lieutenant Horatio Caine, CSI, did you know the deceased?
He didn't want to be attracted to him. She didn't trust him, that's for sure. Yet his blue eyes seem to read her soul. Kristen was a little freaked out, not just from the police cars but from this officers steady gaze.
She knew right then the officer was a Scorpio. These days Kristen seemed to be surrounded by them, with their piercing eyes following her everywhere. Bummer, not another one, she thought to herself.
She was a bit confused when he showed her his shield, which read Miami CSI, since they were standing in Hempstead, Long Island. "Aren't you a little out of your jurisdiction, Detective?" she asked. As he put his glasses back on, even though it was night, he answered in the same measured tone, "I have a personal investment in this case."
Just then they were approached by one of the uniform officers on the scene...
"You are going to have to step back folks.. We need to secure the scene." he said as he shuffled them back toward the sidewalk..
kristen could tell from the manner in which he herded them both out of the way of the investigation,, that the uniformed officer had no clue that the mysterious miami detective was a detective at all...
come to think of it,, other than "the shield" he had produced for her eyes only,,, neither did she..

Kristen held up her hand as if to warn him she was unstoppable. She walked right up to the yellow tape and limbo'd her way under it and into the yard. She heard the detective stuttering and stammering behind her as she moved faster.

The front door gaped a black hole in the dead center of the wraparound porch.
As she moved toward the open door she could hear music playing in the back of the house, in the kitchen, where she spent Saturday mornings dancing with her mom.
Odd she thought, this music wasn't familiar at all, it was Celtic music, the high-pitched fiddling sent shrills down her back. Is this a sign she wondered.
She sensed someone behind her, the hairs on the back of her neck and the goose bumps rose, she gasped at the feel of a hand in the small of the back. The breath in her ear made her stomach lurch as the halitosis wafted, she struggled to decipher the whispered words over the din, the room plunged into darkness, then ... silence!
She had watched a lot of television and did not understand why the crime scene would be dark. Then she realized what had happened. Son of a bitch! she was blind. Then she realized the words that were whispered, "Hey lady, you are standing in my crime scene. Are you blind?" It was the red headed stranger, but though his breath smelled like she imagined Willie Nelson's would, it was the Miami detective's unmistakable voice.
No, no. None of this could be right, she thought. Maybe that little snort of brandy in her last coffee at work had combined with daily dose of Benadryl to make her confused-- wobbly-- and... Strangely short of breathe. She reached out her hand expecting to come in contact with the disturbingly attractive detective but instead she felt something soft. The air suddenly seemed to fill with the haunting scent of gardenias wrapping itself in cloying fingers around her slim neck. She gasped, her eyelids fluttered and suddenly the blinding infusion of sunlight stung her eyes.
Lieutenant Horatio Caine put his hand on her shoulder and asked "Are you okay Miss? What are you doing here?" Kristen felt the room spinning, She said "Im sorry, This was my home, What has happened here?"......
The local police had a call from one of the neighbors informing us that they had heard two people yelling at one another and then followed by gunshots. I was listening on the police scanner in my home and recognized the address.....333 Shamrock....." replied the terribly sexy CSI Miami police guy.

"Someone was MURDERED???!" asked Kristen with shock in her voice. Quickly she added...."Why is this address familiar to you?? I live here for over 30 years, and I don't recall ever meeting you. Should I know who you are?"
"I can't go into details, Ma'am," the detective replied. "Let me walk you to your car. This isn't MY crime scene. As I mentioned, I have a personal interest in this particular location."

What is he talking about, Kristin thought. I've lived her most of my life, and I've never seen him before! What interest could he have in MY home?

Something about this situation just wasn't right. It didn't add up, but the investigator in Kristin reminded her that SHE would find out what the connection was. Why was he so... familiar? Intriguing? And what had happened in HER home? Were the man and woman who bought the place the victims? Victims of whom? She had hundreds of questions racing in her mind.
She allowed the detective to escort her outside, but once on the sidewalk, she mumbled a thank you and hurried alone to her car to watch the action.

As she sat in car a lady came up to her window. She recognized her as Mary O'Reilly from across the street. Mary said, "Hi Kristen, what is going on? I just got home and saw all the commotion. I knew something bad was going to happen in this house. Something was going on with that couple. Hey, what is Horatio doing here? I haven't seen him in town since........."
he was busted for pirating Gucci purses. Don't be lured in by that guy Kristen he is so smooth, I was once beguiled by his charm." just then one of her kids hollered for her, she quickly bolted saying her good-byes on the run.
Kirsten put the key in the ignition but couldn't bring herself to turn it. Sitting there she tried to absorb all that had just transpired....hmmm she thought for a second ....the Celtic music, Horatio, the handsome detective with the red hair. Then she remembered the person in the green suit. He was peeping in a a basement window just a few houses down. She spied him as she drove into the neighborhood.
Or could it have just been a kid conversing at the window to another. But why would a kid be bending down by a window in a suit at night she wondered.
Could it have been a shrub, she began to doubt whether she'd even seen a person in a green suit. She was pretty emotional driving into the neighborhood, with all the memories of her childhood flooding back. It had been a long hard day at work. She was worried she may have misconstrued the vision.
But she desperately wanted to speak with the hunky detective again. Should she continue on or tell him what she thought she saw. She paused for a moment to get her faculties then....
Kristen decided that since there was little if any suspicion on her it'd be best if she just left the scene now. The nice handsome widower would call her when the coast was clear and she'd be able to move back into HER house!
She couldn't believe it. He'd actually gone through with it.
She'd felt an immediate attraction to him from the first time she showed her house to Nate and his wife. She knew he felt it too. On the pretext of discussing a new offer on the house, they met for coffee. Coffee led to a motel room. The motel room became a fixture on her weekly calendar. But now, he'd done it. His wife was out of the way.

Just then, Kristen's cell phone began to vibrate inside her back pocket. Then the opening bars of Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff" began to play.
The music jolted Kristen to her senses. She looked up suddenly to see the detective peeking in her window.
"Gee, I wonder if he heard that," she wondered. She made a mental note to change her ring tone, first chance she got.
"Got a minute?" he asked. "I have a few more questions to ask you.”
Kristen began to tremble. There was something eerie about this detective with his dark glasses. Who wears dark glasses at night? What was he trying to hide, or was this just another ploy to confuse her and intimidate her? Was this some sort of experiment in new police procedures? Fine she thought to herself. Two can play this game. She quickly reached into her purse, pulled out her D&G sunglasses and slipped them into place.

Gracefully she turned, opened her car door and stepped out onto the pavement.

"My pleasure detective. Ask away. Anything I can do to help, you know I'm agreeable."

Detective Caine looked at Kristen in her sunglasses and thought.....

. . she's used to charming her way out of anything. The pretty ones always do.

Caine took off his sunglasses, eyes piercing through the darkness of Kristen's shades.

"I was just wondering how long you've driven that car."
Kristen Shaw Knew he was side stepping his real question. She said "What do you really want to know detective?"He thought- "I know this beautiful chick is trying to hide something"... He tried to sound casual but he abruptly asked " Tell me, how well do you know the victims husband... Nate?" Kristen felt the blood rush to her face, she wondered where Nate was right now? Memories of her Mom floated into her head, she wished she had her pills with her... Detective Caine impatiently pressed her for an answer....
She debated whether being honest would be in her best or worst interest.
"Uhhh, well, why does that matter?" she asked with a feathered blink to her lashes.

"You know as well as I do, you were always the most coveted girl in town, don't pretend. Now, answer me how WELL did you know him?"

Kristen stood in a state of paralysis, staring at the floor. The detective reached out grabbed her chin and made her face him. He leaned in real close. Close enough to rub his words right up to her ears. He pressed hard and repeated his question so as to wake her from her stupor. He was intoxicating, yet Nate's memory was haunting her. It would be a relief to reveal it all right now.
The bright sunlight streamed in and she woke up shocked and shaking. She couldn't separate this nightmare from her reality. She reached over to the nightstand and clumsily found her medication. Kristen then proceeded downstairs, down into the dark unfinished basement that used to scare her as a small child. Her cherished mother used this damp dark cellar as a punishment for little crying, misbehaving girls. Kristen spent much of her precious childhood terrified here. Now, In her mud caked nightgown from the night before, she began again.... Shoveling dirt over and over onto the experimental grave of her recently bludgeoned buried mother.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Title- will be up in a few days!

My Experiment for the blogging world-
Question- Can many bloggers unite to create an entertaining short story together.
Hypothesis- If many bloggers participate then a creative story WILL be told
Purpose- The purpose of my experiment is to get many people with a common interest to follow each others thinking patterns and tell a coherent short tale of fiction. Proving- total strangers can make a creative connection. OR- proving... that Lulu has No other ideas for the prompt 'experiment'.
So... I really NEED Your help! Here is what YOU have to do ... After you read the introduction to the story, write a short comment to continue the story-line. (a sentence or two) The next commentator will continue from the comment above and so on and so on. In a few days I may have to add an ending, and I will copy and past all the comments into one post. hopefully we will have an entertaining story. I will then give it a title too. It may be a drama, a horror, a mystery, comedy, romance? Who knows... It depends on the minds of the commentators! If you want to comment more than once, that is great, just wait for someone else to go, before you go again!
I hope this will be a fun ( and successful) experiment.... THE RESULTS WILL BE POSTED IN A FEW DAYS WITH OUR STORY.

As Kristen was driving home from work, she just couldn't get the memories of her childhood home out of her mind.
Selling that place last year, was the most difficult thing she had to do after burying her cherished mother. She had wanted to drive by the old house so often, but couldn't bring herself to go there. It was too emotional. 31 out of her 32 years were spent living there alone with Mom. The word Home would always bring her mind back to 333 Shamrock road. Oddly today, She was able to push Her emotions aside. The house was calling her to visit. She got off at the old exit and took the familiar short cuts, just to take another glimpse and perhaps reminisce some more. As She approached the street, Kristen saw police cars everywhere. She noticed yellow caution tape surrounding her old home. She hesitantly stepped out of her car....

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Award!

Where else but in the wonderful world of blogging can you receive a sweet award on a Thursday night, that just makes your whole shitty week feel so much better? ( gee Jen, is it my cursing that makes you say I'm a "real New yorker??" )
Thanks SO much Sweet Jen for thinking of little old me! I would like to send this award right back at you! I really enjoy being your blogging buddy! Your posts and emails are always honest and moving. I love that you nicknamed me Lucky Lucy! ♥
I would like to nominate a few other wonderful buddies, whose friendships, comments and emails really make me smile...
Hysterical Rick - I cherish my new friendship and daily emails with this funny, smart, interesting blogging buddy. I look forward to reading anything he has to write... (Enjoy his blog while you can, I predict he will be writing for letterman soon!)
Creative, Loving Sherrie- I feel so lucky to have met this amazing woman, who I have lovingly nicknamed my cyber soulmate. I consider Sherrie a lifelong friend. Her amazing art and beautiful poems will have you smiling through your tears.
Passionate Paisley - Her words are intense and always moving. I have found myself thinking of her posts many months after reading them. Her comments to me are always so uplifting. I am honored that she would even take the time to read my silly blog.
♥ I hope we continue being blogging buddies for many many years! ♥

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

3 WW

This is my second time participating in 3 word wednesday.
This little poem was the first thing to come to mind.. I see a pattern forming in my head this week! the words are
rest, sidewalk, twice

As we stroll down this sidewalk known as life
So harried by our daily stresses and individual strife
We have a tendency to sprint blindly along
Ignoring Life's surrounding beauty, Life's melodic song

Instead we should set for ourselves a leisurely pace
decline the invitation to the fat cat rat race
Smell the flowers once or twice on the way
We will feel better at the end of each rewarding day

Slowing down helps us add some spice, a pinch of zest
After all, We were just rushing to our inevitable eternal rest

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mr. Petals

I read my post 'Empowered" aloud to my husband. Afterward I said.. 'SO, Does this inspire you to get healthy along with me?' Without missing a beat he replied- 'No, It makes me want to go to a casino and gamble, smoke and drink.'
Did I ever mention I am living with a comedian? In this case, more appropriately, a wise ass? It seems everyday this man has a way of cracking me up. Some times at my expense. He often jokes to point out the craziness he sees in me. He has many great qualities this man of mine, but I have to say his humor is as endearing to me as his considerateness.
This comedian is the same man who cleans our main bathroom daily. He is a very clean guy, but trust me, it is not his top priority that the bathroom gets cleaned daily. He does this for me, to lessen my work load. He also attacks the shower, tub & tile each weekend. Many times I've come out of the shower, to find that this comedian has ironed my clothes already. Every night after dinner, he insists on washing anything that doesn't fit in the dishwasher, telling me- You did enough today. After 28 years of marriage this funny guy still insists on opening the car door for me. Even if we aren't going out together.. He volunteers to warm up my car and often walks with me out to the car. We live in suburbia! It's not because the driveway is a dangerous place. All these gestures of love and caring equal one word to My comedian. Foreplay. His theory is foreplay begins in the morning and should last all day. The loving calls from work. The cards and flowers for no reason. The amazing foot rubs.
Flattery, Pampering, Considerateness. Foreplay. Foreplay. Foreplay. It doesn't bother me at all if 'one thing' is his underlying inspiration. I think that being happy with that 'one thing' has helped us have a successful marriage for so long. I also think even if it wasn't his inherent ambition, our consideration and communication with each other would have still resulted in the intimacy and long time love that we share. If I read this one aloud to him, It may embarrass him or flatter him, it may lead to another wise crack, ultimately it will lead to 'one thing' or another.♥ ♥

I love contests!

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Saturday, March 01, 2008


One enjoyable part of my job is I get to grow close to many wonderful people. One agonizing part of my job is I get to grow close to many wonderful people.
Today was one of those agonizing times. A long time wonderful client stoically told me she has cancer, again. After 7 years it's return didn't seem to shock her it just subdued her usually buoyant spirit. She tried to comfort me,saying that she would be okay. She tried to be positive and courageous. Her awful news just breaks my heart. Life is too short already. I am so tired of seeing people I care about shot down in their prime. I know that even extremely health conscious people are still unfairly burdened with awful illnesses in this unpredictable craps shoot called Life. This news today however, has made me want to take a healthier stand. I refuse to just passively sit on the pass line. I want to fight the best fight by taking better control of my health. I have yo-yoed back and forth with exercise my whole life. I start a vitamin regimen for a month then toss the nearly full bottles in the trash a year later. I reached my goal weight last year, only to put back 10 lbs this year. Facing 50 next year is suddenly terrifying. I want to have the odds on my side. I've always been a pretty healthy person, but I think I've taken that good health for granted. Every day that we rise and put our feet on the ground, we need to be thankful that we have our health and another day to be with the people we cherish. I need to feel the empowerment of taking control of my body. I remember feeling that way, during those times when I was on a good roll.
Good health empowers us to lead longer, happier lives. That's the kind of life I am shooting for.

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