Friday, May 30, 2008

blogging curve

As it sometimes happens, I had NO burst of inspiration when I read the SS prompt this week. CURVE- So I decided to google curve and see what happened... Interesting... Curve is -

THE best selling lesbian magazine! Curve also is-

The smallest lightest blackberry smart phone! Curve WAS-

an English music group formed in 1990 . Curve by Liz Claiborne is-

a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance for men. (her words not mine). Curve can be
a dangerous curve
a learning curve
a curve ball
you can grade on a curve
throw someone a curve
or you can be ahead of a curve
Or like me today, You can lag behind the Sunday Scribblings curve

I'm an amazing blogger???

Thank you SO much Diane of forgetfulone fame! I adore your blog too,
I was so touched that you made little ol' ME, one of the recipients of your 'amazing blogger' award! Like you, I am happy to pass it on.
Everyone who knows her amazing, haunting poems and her brilliant words... will agree Paisley is One Amazing blogger! I know this won't ease your blogging woes Jodi, but it can't hurt. You have really moved me and I'm happy I got to know you. You truly deserve this award! ♥

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thursday 13 #10

13 things that were around when I was growing up in the 60's.

1- The BUG man! The BUG man! ( that's what we Yelled excitedly when we saw him)
I can't even believe that our parents didn't suspect this MAY be dangerous?... As the little truck went down each side street spraying a burst of fog ( probably DDT?) from the back of the truck... ALL the children would RUN through the fog!! (I am typing this with my third hand with the 7 fingers)

2- The ICE man! No he wasn't a mummy. He was an old timer with a push cart. He had buckets of shaved ice and he poured liquid colored sugar syrup over each scoop of ice that he shoveled into a cone shaped paper. Yum, I'm sure that liquid had a bit of DDT in it too

3-(speaking of liquid sugar) - I can't remember what these were called but I LOVED them, they were tiny waxed bottles that contained Liquid sugary water. They came in a tiny four pack and you would bite the wax top off the bottles(spit it out!) and drink down the sugar goodness! If anyone can remember these and know their name.. Please tell me!

4- The smell of burning leaves
Last night I smelled this for the first time since my childhood! Between the mass doses of DDT and the toxic particles of gases from inhaling burning leaves, I should have lung cancer, But I think sugar coating my lungs has protected them

5-Dawn Dolls! ( okay this was probably the early 70's, as I was more like 11 or 12)
I loved these miniature versions of barbie dolls. They were about 6" tall and I know there was one called Longlocks, 'cause she was my favorite'. (I was destined to do hair)

6-45 rpm records- Just two songs, the Popular one on the A side and the 'never played on the radio' song on the flip side.
Sometimes, you got lucky and the flip side was super cool. It was super cool to store them in a box like this!

7-White Lipstick! My sister is 6 years older than me. She was a teenager in the 60's. I was so envious of her WHiTE lips. I wanted to wear her lipstick every day! She said I had to wait till I was older. when I was older- white lipstick wasn't in style :(
When it DID briefly come back I was too OLD to pull off the white lip thing!
I feel deprived. Maybe that's why I really pile on the chapstick at the beach.

8-Family and friends on sundays. thanks to the blue law, stores were closed. Sundays consisted of going to church, then the bakery for the italian bread and some crumb cake. Mom usually made sauce, pasta & meatballs on Sunday. We would either go visiting or have company. There was something so comforting to that lifestyle.

9- Respect- For your parents, For your friends, For your fellow man. Notice these days how People just don't seem to respect others? NO? HAve you DRIVEN anywhere lately? There is very little consideration on the roads these days. There is however, A LOT of middle fingers, beeping and wreckless behavior.

10-Kids playing ALL day outdoors. Yes, kids do go outside today. They skateboard and play basketball and ride bikes. BUT, they also are busy with 'organized' sports and many other commitments ( in my area anyway). Very scheduled, very expensive, very time consuming. When they aren't busy with that they are Doing the addicting indoor things- computer games, video games, AIM.
When we were little We played outdoors from sunrise to sunset. Parents did the LONG loud Yell to get you in for dinner... you remember that?? Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu / Luuuuuuuuuuuuuu Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Today, kids are called on their cell phones " yeah, Johnny.. come home your dinner is getting cold"
11-speaking of cell phones- What was around instead when I was growing up? Talking to your kids friends and their parents on the phone (the ONLY phone in the house) and At their front door.
Today, my kids friends call their cells. I don't get to speak to them like I used to with my elder sons friends. It was nice, Let me bring this historic happening back for you. me- Hello?
Hi Mrs. L. this is mikey is Robbie home? "Yes, Mikey hold on a second please." Very nice, right? And when Mikey was at my house and it was time to go home? His parents came to the door to pick him up!! amazing right? they didn't sit in their lexus and call his cell. I actually invited them in, had some small talk, was able to get to know them. Now? I ask my son- where's Mikey? Oh, he left already, his dad called him and picked him up. Honestly, isn't there something wrong with this new scenario??

12-Long lasting appliances! My blogging friends know this is a pet peeve of mine. Disposable toaster ovens, irons, shower heads... You name it! Nothing lasts like it used to. I've been in my home 24 years and have gone through (start singing...) 4 dishwashers, three ironing boards, two washer/dryers and a F#@$% partridge in a pear tree!

Stumped on #13 ( and too tired to think)- I searched the web and found this great video summing up the 60's better than I can- take me back to the sixties

for more Thursday thirteens go here

3 word Wednesday

the 3 words for 3 word wednesday are-

He lit a match but hesitated before lighting his cigarette.
He was staring hungrily at the Sweet young red head at the corner of the bar.
Appearing Lit herself, illegal no doubt
but that never stopped him before. He inhaled deeply, took one last swig of his
jack Daniel's and boldly strutted towards her.
Suddenly, he was overcome with nausea, blurred vision, intense
head pain. He fell to his knees. An ambulance was called. Time of death was called.
A sweet young brunette sitting quietly alone at a secluded table, intensely
witnessed the dramatic scene with a satisfied smile.
She lit a cigarette, illuminating her recently scarred face, as she shoved the illegal bottle of pills deeper into her purse, and then stealthily exited the club, blurred by the crowd surrounding him. His deranged lust for violence was no match for her methodical lust for revenge.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mamma Mia, I'm now Lucia!

The other day when I went into my local Italian butcher shop, where they have the best chicken cutlets.. Instead of shouting Buon Giorno Luanne! (his usual friendly greeting) Tony shouted "Buon Giorno Loretta!" haha
He caught himself immediately, laughed and said "loretta? I don a know why I call you Loretta" I said.. Loretta, Luanne.. I don't care, Do you want to know something Tony?.. My name is actually Lucille! "Lucille?.. Lucia? Oh I like thata name so mucha betta, I no care for Luanne! Lucia! YOU are a Lucia! from nowa ona that'sa what I'm a callin' Ayou! (trying to do my best to recapture his cute broken English) Then he went on to insult my nickname Luanne a little further..."Yeah, Luanne, that'sa not a good a name, I no like!" As I was leaving, his partner comes out from the back of the store, where he apparently listened to this whole conversation and he says Arrivederci Lucia! Today when I went back in for what else? MORE Chicken.. They both welcomed me by my newly appointed Italian name."BUON GIORNO LUCIA!" It strikes me so funny because if you know my name story, you know This makes FIVE names I now go by!
My given name Lucille, My nicknames Luanne,Lucy,Lulu, and Now Lucia. (I know there are probably more names people are calling me... behinda me backa butA Nota tellina me abouta!)

Friday, May 23, 2008


Sunday Scribblings Asks these questions this week-
Have you ever quit something? A job, a sport, a school play, a relationship? How did it feel? Were you guilty? Flooded with relief and a powerful feeling of freedom? Do you maybe quit things too easily? Or do you never quit, even when you should? What does it mean to be a "quitter"?

Today I want to touch on a particular job I quit Which DID in fact make me feel flooded with relief! As I mentioned in a meme a few posts ago, One of my Brief jobs was as a substitute school lunch monitor. This was during the time after my husband was injured, and we all needed to do whatever we could to pay our bills. So for a few days each week, besides hairdressing, I went into elementary schools that needed subs and helped out. As I mentioned in that post, I quit due to The kids being SO obnoxious and disrespectful. What I didn't mention however, is that it was actually ONE obnoxious, disrespectful, wicked 5th grade boy who totally put me over the edge and made me want to quit that job. It is so timely that SS prompt is quitting while Writers Islands prompt is "the return" because a few days ago... The return of that horrible child's name came rushing back to me... as I read it, in black and white in my local newspaper.
I could have predicted his future 11 years ago. I had come home after an incident with him, I was so upset and told my husband-
"I cannot believe that such rudeness and nasty behavior can come from a 10 year old child! He seems truly evil. We have 3 sweet kids, Why the hell should I subject myself to such disrespect from someone else's monster!" So that was it, I quit and was Extremely relieved to do so. ( because as you know you are NOT allowed to punch or gag these little kids, and THAT is what I strongly desired to do!)
As for that wicked boys return...
He is facing major jail time for a hazing incident where he gave 2nd and 3rd degree burns to fellow students, by repeatedly pouring boiling water on them! Then covered them in flour, vinegar, cayenne pepper and wasabi sauce. All as part of an initiation to a fraternity. Are you as outraged by this as I am? How could anyone purposely hurt another like that? It is just appallingly horrible and so so sad.
Yesterday, I saw a brief segment about this story on local tv news. They interviewed a neighbor asking " Can you believe what has happened? And he said something to the effect.. "OH, No, Such a nice family, such a nice boy."
I'm sure he said that out of fear, knowing with our ridiculously charitable judicial system, The monster will be back on his street and in HIS nightmares, in no time at all.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kiss the Cook! TT #9

13 reasons I am so happy David COOK won American Idol

#13-He is a more versatile singer
#12-He has a sexy voice
#11- His song arrangements are creative
#10-He reminds me of Daughtry and I love HIS album
#9- I love his rocker style and sweet humble smile
#8-He Will make an album I will want to buy
#7-Archuleta is still so young and will do fine
#6-Cook has been bartending long enough
#5-I was afraid if Archuleta won, he might have
Hyperventilated and passed out on stage possibly hurting
His sweet head (such a sweetie pie)
#4-I loved Cooks imitation of Tom in Risky business, in the guitar hero commercial
#3- He kicked ass performing ‘music of the night’
#2- Billy Jean!
And the #1 reason- Simon Said he wanted him to win!
( on Leno Monday night!)
only kidding on that one… I’ve never enjoyed ‘simon says’
for more Thurs. 13's go here

3 word Wednesday

3 word wed. words are-delayed edge focus

Why is he always delayed?? How long do I wait before I am considered impatient? Doesn't he know I'm nervous as it is? All this waiting just makes things worse! I tried reading my book, but I just can't focus on anything but my watch. Finally! He arrives! He's hardly here a minute before he speaks the same notorious, annual words... Slide down to the edge of the table, a little more, a little more. that's good.
(DONE! till next year!)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tag Meme

Giggles tagged me for this cute meme! I liked it and hope you do too! Thanks for the tag!

Here are the rules:

1. Each player answers questions about themselves.

2. At the end of the post, tag 5 people by posting their names.

3.Go to their site/blog and leave a comment telling them they've been tagged. Invite them to your site/blog so they can read the tagged post.

4. Let the person who tagged you know when you've completed your tagged post.

1. What were you doing 10 years ago?
10 years ago I was pretty much doing the same thing. Mommy, Wife, hairdresser. EXCEPT...(and please don't think this vain, i just felt so proud of this time) MY BODY was in the best shape it's ever been in. I was working out at a gym. I was kick boxing and lifting weights. I was at an ideal weight. I was nearing 39 years old and DETERMINED to hit 40 looking and feeling fabulous!
Wish I had the same inspiration before the big 5 O next year.

2. What are 5 things on your "To Do" list?
Clean out closets and draws ( THROW away A LOT of junk)
Make Vet appointments for Mol and Cosmo
Get a mammogram
Buy yet Another Toaster oven
Write a letter to my new far away pen pal

3. What are 5 snacks you enjoy? (In no specific order)
Lately I can't stop eating these peaches ( the ones in those tiny plastic cups) with LOTS of (light) whipped cream
Lately I ALSO can't stop eating those Cheetos Natural Cheese doodle Puffs ( doubt very much there is much natural about them)
Lays Potato chips
Peach Pie, Blueberry Pie.... I really LIke pie!
I Can't keep cookies or cakes in the house because I REALLY REALLY enjoy them till they're GONE!
ICE CREam! ooh wait that makes six... Okay I need to put down six on the snack question.

4. Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.
I agree with Giggles on this one, A million is not so much these days. With Only a million, I'm afraid I wouldn't be too charitable to strangers. Nope... Sounds cold but It's the honest truth. I know I would give more than I do now to my favorite charities.
I would set us up with a retirement fund.
I would put the dream extension on my house
I would invest money for my childrens futures
I would take my family on a much needed family vacation. Italy perhaps?
Then a trip to Vegas for me and my man. I would invest wisely so I could get off my feet and have more days off!
I bet a million isn't even enough for all that!

5. Name some places where you've lived.
Boring answer... 4 different towns ALL on long island!

6. Name some bad habit you have.
Eat too many cheese doodles?
I leave lights on and doors open. When I am cooking dinner, you would
think we'd been robbed! Every cabinet open! YET... I lock outer doors habitually,
even if someone goes out to throw out the garbage.... They can't get back in!

7. Name some jobs you've had.
Another boring answer.. I've mostly always been a hairdresser!
For a few weeks I worked at a blockbuster! I hated it and I spent more money
buying the Blue shirt and khaki pants that I had to wear then what I earned in those
few weeks.
Oh yeah... Also for about a month I was a substitute lunch room monitor in an elementary school! OH MY God!
I REALLy hated this! The kids were SO fresh and disrespectful. I always came home and
yelled at my own kids " if you ever speak that way to anyone YOU will have Quite a consequence"!

8. Name those whom you are tagging.
Just Jen You are a sweetie pie and a great story teller, I know your answers will be interesting.
Granny Smith Love knowing more and more about you Granny ( I am still hoping to convince you to adopt me!)
Redheels Since you're New to blogging, I thought this would be fun for you.
One gals musing I don't know you well but I love your blog and would love to know more about you!
SuzieJ You are one amazing Mommy! I know your answers will be fun to read!

Unconscious mutterings

I found the link to Unconscious Mutterings free association game on dianes blog
This was fun... hope you play along too!

  1. Concentration ::
  2. BRAIN
  3. Relocated ::
  5. Clot ::
  7. Joints ::
  8. PAIN
  9. Satellite ::
  10. DISH
  11. Money back ::
  12. I WISH
  13. Kittens ::
  14. PLAY
  15. Shady ::
  16. DAY
  17. Drain ::
  18. THE TUB
  19. Stroke ::
  20. OF LUCK

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thrill Rider

Impulse, liberation, betrayal.
writers island prompts have been haunting me this weekend.
After writing about the amazing ride Soarin'... I feel like continuing the ride theme...
When I was young I just LOVED crazy rides. As a young teen, Every weekend during every summer, my friends and I would go to our local amusement park and ride the roller coaster and the love machine over and over again. Nothing was fast enough. Nothing scared us. The love machine was my favorite ride. It would go around very fast in a wave pattern, after several minutes a large canopy would come down covering the ride ( hence the name). Then the ride would continue backwards. I remember the feeling so well. It definitely felt liberating. We would yell to the attendant to play MOney by pink floyd. (turn up your volume, I put it on playlist) That songs escalating instrumental riff went so well with the rides feverish revolutions. Whoever sat on the outer seat, would be squished by the other kids weight. Being small, I always got in first and was luckily the squishER. The freedom of those nights is indescribable. We were young teens, without supervision, without a care, without a plan. Summer nights in suburbia. Flirting with boys. laughing like crazy. Winning tiny stuffed toys. Flying through the air without ANY fear at all.....UNTIL...
Move ahead several years. My boyfriend takes me to disney world. I haven't been on rides lately, but he knows I used to be a thrill seeker! He convinces me that Space mountain is really cool and NOT very scary. He says,

"It's just a roller coaster in the dark". Impulsively, I change my mind last minute and want to get off the line. Something about this fast ride being in the dark is really disturbing me. He persuades me to go against my inner voice, my impulse to flee. Never ignore your little inner voice as I did, It is your warning system at work. I have never been as terrified as I was on that dark ride that dark day. The bastard wickedly betrayed me. ( I ended up marrying him anyway) When we got off that ride, I was literally hysterical crying, wobbling, and shaking uncontrollably. As he sat me down on a bench. One after another... People coming off the ride were coming over to me and THEY were hysterical, but with laughter. Saying things like.. "We know you are upset, BUT we just have to tell you- you made that ride SOO much MORE fun!" They were doubled over with laughter and thanking me! Apparently Me SCREAMING the whole time at the top of my lungs, things like- "GET ME OFF THIS FUCKING RIDE", "OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE ON THIS RIDE", 'NO, NO NO NO NO", " HOLY SHIT HELP ME PLEASE", " JESUS CHRIST IM GOING TO DIE!" "NOOOO" "OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT"... Well, I guess that is REAL entertainment for some thrill seekers. What it was for me was the end of my thrill ride era. From that day on, I CANNOT Do ANY thing HIgh off the ground. No more roller coasters and flume rides for Little Lulu. Although I DID do soarin', what I didn't mention was... I was holding on tight to my husbands and sons hands. sweaty and shaky, and trying not to move a muscle, fearful I WOULD fall and die.... but I did it!
I can do wimpy rides like bumper cars, AND thankfully, I can do something low to the ground that zooms a bit and plays fast music. Years ago they renamed The Love Machine,They now call it the music express.
( No more canopy for kids to make out under.) I am so happy I CAN still enjoy this ride! When my kids were young I would be the one on the outer edge being crushed by their little bodies. NOW, since they're very grown...If we ever decide to go there together.. I get to do the squishing!


Thursday, May 15, 2008


When I read the Sunday Scribblings prompt this week was SOAR.... It immediately brought back the memory of THE BEST ride I've ever experienced! (turn up volume!)


This ride was an amazing thrill even for people like me who DON'T like thrill rides. You are only lifted into the air maybe 6 feet and then forward until you are over a huge concave movie screen which plays beautiful scenes of California. There is a canopy over head, so You only see the images on the screen. With your feet dangling you FEEL like you are REaLLY Soaring above California and ALL of its beauty. Your feet feel like they brush the tops of mountains and skim the pacific ocean. You actually feel the wind in your face! The seats subtly move as the scenes move to intensify the feeling of flight. That's Not all... When you are Soarin' over the orange groves you smell oranges! Over the Mountains, EVergreens! It's amazing! I felt like I was hang gliding.

If you go to Disney... You HAVE to experience this! If you HAVE experienced this, Please share it with me!

Please Click the soarin' link above to actually see the ride in action, my words can't even describe how cool this was.

gosh darn Wabbit

I've captured the little bugger heading for my sprouting tulips!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you love me You really love me!

I want to say Thank you SO much to Diane and Jen! They both have given me this award because they 'bloggy love me'
(Gee... that's the nicest thing any-bloggy has ever blogged to me.) I'm touched and happy to receive their love!
And I return the Love right back at them! Thanks ladies, I love reading your warm, honest writings too! Genuine Jen tells it like it is with warmth and a humble sweetness in each post. Real life, down to earth goodness. Diane's blog is like a really delicious bowl of grandma's soup. A pinch of sassy, a quart of fun, a few cups of family, love and entertainment and YUM... It's really satisfying!
Back on March 6th Diane also gave me this award....

Gee Diane... Maybe I should borrow your blog name... or at least change mine to the MORE forgetful one! Belated thanks for this kind award too! SPEAKING OF AWARDS....
Was any one else as shocked as I was that Thursday 13 picked ME yes I spelled that correctly... M E to be one of the three winners in their GROSS competition!! First of all... I had NO freaking Idea that there EVEN was a Competition. Second of all... Doesn't it figure? With three BOY'S, You KNOW I KNOW what gross is all about!! ( Don't even get me going.) I can't tell you HOW shocked and happy this discovery made me feel!!
Thanks Thursday 13 people (whoever you may be) Since I am a winner... could you do me a favor?... Could you figure out why my comments aren't taking ? Also... Not to act like a Thursday Thirteen Diva or anything...But, Umm... Could you maybe fix my permalink? Most of my comments go to that first TT I did about ALL the F&^$#@# chicken I am feeding my gross family. Thanks!!
And Now I would Love to Pass the LOVE on and Give these two awards to four bloggers I bloggy love to pieces...

These 4 blogs- make me laugh, make me a better person, make my heart melt, Make my soul feel nourished. ♥♥♥♥

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

spring has sprung

Thursday 13
13 signs of spring

1.All of my homes windows and our cars are covered with green tree pollen
2.All of my kids are wheezing and sneezing and blind

3.Oak tree debris is getting stuck in the dogs coats and they are dragging it into the house each day
4.I need to vacuum daily
5.The squirrels are running amok outside AND building nests IN my house rafters

6.My husband asked me to buy peanuts... He is using them to trap the squirrels again and then he takes them for a nice long drive each morning
7.My eldest son exclaimed, "Dad looks like a hillbilly, taking those squirrels to work each day!"

8.My middle son replied,"if he was a hillbilly, he'd be Eating the squirrels"
9.Our tulips are sprouting!
10.The rabbits are digging up the sprouting tulips
11.We've planted beautiful inpatients and other beautiful flowers
12.The rabbits are digging up the inpatients and other beautiful flowers
13. I'm expecting very soon... my husband will be asking me to buy carrots ....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

As always Im a dollar short and a day late...(I stole this from Ann )
Hope everyone HAD a nice Mothers Day!

Friday, May 09, 2008


Sunday Scribblings prompt today is- Telephone.. they say
"Write about a particularly memorable phone call you made or received, or about your first telephone, or maybe a time you needed one but didn't have one. Or, remember way back a few years ago when everyone didn't have cell phones? Write about phones!"

It struck me so funny, when I read this prompt because JUST yesterday I had quite a memorable thing happen on the Telephone
My son is suffering TERRIBLY this allergy season. I didn't know if I should call his primary care dr. for an appointment, or his allergist. So, I just dialed the allergist. After a few rings the recording came on to instruct you which prompt to dial. I hit #3, it rings and THEN... A female voice answers but doesn't say hello instead in a whisper, she says "shut the fuck up" and HANGS Up! I stood there with the receiver in my hand and my mouth literally hanging open with shock! I know this doctors office too well, and Can't imagine any of their staff behaving this way! I didn't try back again.
Since we need a referral to SEE the allergist ( I HATE the bullshit that goes on with Health ins.) I decided to just call his PCP.
Today when I told a client about this, she said maybe because it was only 9:00, the cleaning staff was only there, and with allergy season in full bloom, maybe the phone was ringing off the hook , making them crazy. Good scenario, i guess. When I told my friend who is a nurse, She said I HAVE to call that Dr. and let her know what happened. I still haven't made the call, but I think I will. I was shocked, but imagine an elderly or sickly person being on the receiving end of such a rude, unprofessional comment. I think that would be awful. For me, not so awful, It gave me a reason to scribble!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thurs. 13

In celebration of Mothers Day this Sunday...
Thurs.13-13 GROSS things Moms do for their kids

Clean up a childs vomit
Change a million poopy diapers, even the poopey diapers of an older toddler, whose poops look like a grown mans
Change a million urine diapers, even the ones that smell like every bottle of ammonia broke in aisle 5
SCRAPE poop from walls of nursery and wash walls
Take a childs temp. rectally
Insert suppository into a screaming child who hasn't pooped in a week
Boogie syringe a kids nose
Carefully Clean ( while having chills down your legs) that belly button black thingey on the infants belly button
EAr wax removal
Clean the urine from the bathroom floor until the toddler learns to aim ( he is 24, how long does this usually take?)
Fish little super hero men out of a toilet that contains a very amazingly large load of poop ( YOU did this??)
reach into pants pockets before washing them and pull out melted chocolate bar attached to worms ( gummys, but Still!)
Repeat each step times THREE kids!


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 WW

3 Word Wednesday words -cautious human maybe

Today we're not outside being cautious watch dogs or doin' some fun destructive diggin'

We're too exhausted from a full day of gettin' a stupid fancy dog groomin'

We ARE aware that we should be dirty, stinkin', outdoor mutts

but our crazy owner thinks maybe we're human

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

With Mothers Day coming up this weekend, I wanted to share a picture of an adorable plaque my mother- in law made. Before you can appreciate the plaque, you need to hear the story behind it. Years ago my in-laws moved out east and right near a beautiful beach. Some summers, they would invite their grandkids out to spend a few days with them. They enjoyed taking the kids separately so they could give them lots of individual attention. Once when my youngest was seven and visiting them, I called as usual to say Hi and Ask how things were going. I called him at about 11 AM. the phone call went something like this.. "hi sweetheart, how is it going at grandmas house?" good What are you doing? eating dinner. Eating dinner? Do you mean lunch? No dinner. What are you eating? Spaghetti and meatballs. ( a little baffled, I say...) oh, why are you eating dinner so early. ( VERY Firmly, he replies..) THAT'S THE WAY WE DO IT HERE!
It was so funny! I am still not sure if he Was annoyed that THAT IS the way they do it there, Or was he well adjusted after a couple of days in his new household and he was Defending that THAT is the way they do it there!! I thought it was so adorable and Of course SO did his grandparents. When grandma came on the phone and I told her what he had said, She went hysterical laughing and Got SUCH a big kick out of it, that it became one of those phrases that you just can't Stop saying. I'm sure every family has many like this.... Sometimes you don't even remember where they began. In this case, we will never forget where it came from.
So... For the last EIGHT years, Grandma and Grandpa have NEVER forgotten what came 'out of the mouth of a babe" and they say it to each other and they enjoy laughing over the memory of my little one saying it. When my mother-in-law saw this Perfectly Appropriate picture frame at Kohls she couldn't resist. She added a picture of him, his age and name and the words - Out of the mouths of babes and of course the famous line that has now become a family classic! THAT'S THE WAY WE DO IT HERE.
Many are probably curious ( as I was) WHY DO they do it like that???
Grandma and Grandpa wanted to make sure they fed him a good meal at home before they set out for the long day where there would be ice cream and burger king and candy treats!

it's difficult to read it but
the frame says Grandchildren
speak to the heart
live love laugh
memories in time
great job Mom!

Monday, May 05, 2008

The wobbly years

Years that sting like a freshly scraped knee
Adolescence, peer pressure, Who should I be?
Uncomfortable school dances clad in uncomfortable
dress clothes
ignored by students who play- act cool
with an upturned nose

Beforehand at mirror practicing a nonchalant smile
Young adult reflection regards an insecure sweet child
Confidence gathered ready to step out and beguile
Yet Not quite ready to unleash repressed inner wilds

These years seem long these years have crippling pain
but a sunny day is brighter after many days of rain
Young teen angst, uncertainty, awkward social shams
Are stepping stones son, for becoming
a self assured, stable, young man

Friday, May 02, 2008

Family Lost = Family Found

FAMILY. The word alone makes me mushy with love and pride. The family my husband and I have created is our world. It's what I had always dreamed about as a young girl, coming from a very small, unconventional family. I think this ferocious desire for a close family started as young as three years old. The year my dad died. Most everyone I knew in suburbia had the traditional Mom and Dad family. Many little kids were astonished to find out, My family had kids and only.. a Mom! There were times I felt my identity was that of a fatherless child. My mothers extended family wasn't large, so we didn't socialize with many relatives. To make matters worse, my fathers family abandoned us after he had died. As a young child, I didn't even realize they were missing from my life. As I got older, I started to question it. How in the world did his parents and siblings just wipe us out after he was gone? As an adult, I can't imagine this. After the funeral, they hopped in their cars and headed back to brooklyn, leaving long island and their blood in the exhaust fumes. Allowing us to try to pick up the pieces on our own. My mom has no idea why they became so distant. I've assumed that maybe they hated my mom, maybe they were heartless and ignorant. Maybe, we were too painful a reminder of my father. No matter my imaginings, I still find it bizarre, totally cold and unloving. How do grandparents turn their backs on three grandkids under age 12? What ever their reasons... I thank them. Their relinquishment is partly responsible for the ferocious drive I had to create the kind of family I had always yearned for myself. There Coldheartedness aided in making me, the caring, unconditional loving mom, That is NOW my very proud identity. I felt determined from a young age to someday have children, a family of my very own. This intense desire actually prevented me from taking the risks that many of my generation were taking. In the back of my mind I would always think... No, this is unsafe and may hurt my chances of having children.
My husband and I are so happy that we've provided a strong family unit for our 3 very wanted, adored children. Through the years, the family life we started with and imagined would continue has had many ups and downs, many curve balls that could easily have weakened our strong family link. When my eldest was only 12, my middle son 9 and my youngest 3 (coincidentally the ages my siblings and I were when my dad passed away ) my husband had a serious injury and was out of work for a year. I had to stop being a 'stay at home' mom and start working again. The love and support we had always given to our kids must have been a powerful example because their loving qualities really blazed to the surface. They became amazingly understanding and supportive through that awful year. My oldest son asked if he could start a car washing business with his 9 year old brother, so they could help us pay the bills. They were also my husbands 'hands' as my husband verbally guided them through daily chores like preparing dinner, cleaning and helping with the baby. It was rough for many years after his injury, but We are a family. A family needs to sticks together through thick and thin, good times and bad. We now also look at this particular part of those rough years.. with Thanks. If not for the face of adversity, we may never have been able to witness the astonishing character and inner strength that emerged from very young boys, our boys...Our treasured Family.

In this pic.our boys are approximately 14, 11, and 6 years old.
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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Shitty secretary

I wish i could sum up the way I am feeling. It's been such an emotional, frustrating week. As usual, I am hunting for something I've misplaced. I wish Martha Stewart would move in with me and teach me HOW to get organized. I really don't think Anyone would be able to tackle my Topsy turvey filing system.I've always been this way, but it's worse now by the Shear amount of papers I need to save. I remember years ago,needing the title to my house and NOT being able to find it. I called our attorneys secretary for a copy and with a nasty attitude she said. This is the SECOND time you've needed me to make a copy. Take better care of it this time!(bitch) but she was right. I mean, for goodness sakes, something that important? So you can imagine how I WOULDN'T be able to find my husbands fucking Map to where our cesspools are located. He drew a Map years ago, asked me to please scan it into the computer, so the next time we have trouble he will know EXACTLY where it is for the Cesspool company.( apparently they charge a steep fee if they have to locate it.) Well, I apparently never got around to scanning it, and as far as his original map... SHIT! ( yeah! appropriate slang!) It would be easier finding the cesspool myself. I don't know why Men assume that a woman would be better at doing this shit. I sarcastically told him, yeah you DID ask me to do that, but then I asked MY secretary and She must have screwed up.
It's also been an emotional week, because several people I care for are going through difficult times in their lives. I am a sponge with others emotions. I've always been this way too. I feel like I am just in some kind of emotional, despondent, out of body slump. I need to clean. Don't want to. I need to shop. Don't want to. I need to get organized. Don't want to. I need to make some important phone calls. Don't want to. If you still are reading this.. you are a kind person, and I thank you for listening. I am going to pour myself another glass of vino and hope that helps me feel better or puts me into a good coma.

P- is for Pissed off

13 Things that have pissed me off THIS week

#1- I agreed to blowout a clients hair on a Sunday (my day off) because she was going to a wedding. She scheduled her hairCUT the day before so that on Sunday it would just be a quick blowdry. A blowout is complimentary with a haircut, If you choose NOT to have your hair blown dry on the day of the haircut that is your business but it will still cost the same price... she had the haircut on saturday and expected to receive the blow out on sunday FOR FREE! How did I deduce her intent? She declined the blowout after her haircut, which she NEVER does, that is how I KNEW what she MUST be expecting and I quickly gave her THIS example.... If you go to a restaurant for dinner and dinner comes with a free dessert, you can't pass on the dessert and then expect to go back the next day ... sit down... and eat free dessert. ( it took a lot of restraint, not to say - free Fucking dessert) ( And it would have been a better example If I would have said ... go back the next day... WHEN THE RESTAURANT IS USUALLY CLOSED...sit down and eat free dessert) My example allowed her to understand her expectations were wrong, but I am still pissed off because this was NOT the first unbelievably 'cheap/rude' episode by this woman.

#2- Safari.. It sucks.THIS week and every week. I am constantly being Shut down. I can't leave comments on certain blogs.
I have downloaded a new browser. It's unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Computers are more frustration than I need.

#3-I had to buy three, yes THREE shower massage heads THIS week, till I finally found one I love, Which means I had to RETURN three, yes three to three different stores, wait on Three different lines and deal with Three different people with attitudes, because Three different manufacturers of shower heads can't make a decent shower head. (this appropriately is #3 on my %$#@ing list.)

#4-Molly and the rain. My cockapoo WON't get wet. I WON'T let my floors and rugs get wet by her. She Has driven me crazy with THIS problem.

#5-Phone solicitors! Always when I finally get ready to eat, get comfortable,get naked, get dinner started, get ready to relax, get ready to Make a call- THey Call me! THIS is driving me crazy EVERY weeek.

#6-THIS and every week, TRAFFIC is pissing me off. When did my town get so congested? ANY time of day lately, I am in bumper to bumper traffic on my local avenue. It used to take me 5 minutes to take my son to his lesson, now it Takes 12 minutes. I just don't wan't to waste that extra 14 min. of our lives going back and forth because of TRAFFIC!

#7-DUST! yes even Dust has pissed me off THIS week. What the hell? I dust on Monday, by wednesday it's back! I know that dust is combined of many things, one of them being dead skin. I hope my family has More than 3 layers of skin, at this shedding rate, we will be skeletons by Summer.

#8-GAS prices! need I say more about THIS? My wallet and tank are running on empty.

#9-Trader Joes is out of Quinoa! THIS stuff is SO delicious. My son persuaded me to try it and I love it.( I make it with tomatoes, onions and basil) I've only seen it at traders and they aren't getting any in until mid may. SO perturbed!

#10-I never win the lottery, but THIS week I actually had a ticket that I won a whopping big ONE dollar with! Yippeee. I'm not being sarcastic, I was happy to win EVEN a measly dollar! I brought the ticket into the store... It's a loser... Apparently,I threw away the winning one accidently and Kept the loser! Good thing I had only won a One.

#11-Rescue Me THIS show has rescued me from the normal crap that I am exposed to on the %$#@& TV. I borrowed all three seasons from my library. I LOVED them all. Season Three ends in such a cliffhangerish way... I NEED season FOUR now... It doesn't come out on dvd.... till F&@%G JUNE 3rd!!

#12-LAUNDRY ... it's relentless. It will never leave me alone. I get it washed, dried, folded, put away.. I turn around twice, jump up and down, IT's BACK... MOre and MOre... and I need to wash,dry,fold,put away again and again and again. It will definitely BE what finally puts me into the NUT house. NO one warned me about the horrors of this when I had stars in my eyes about being a wife and mom-They could have said- "WArning-You also have to be a *#@*ING Laundry Queen!" )

#13 THIS is NOT me! THIS unusual intolearnce and hotheadedness, My moaning and complaining is all due to THIS Goddamn, F@#*ing peri- Menopause! I hate feeling pissed off all the time! I used to be described as a "sweet" girl. What the hell happened to her?
I think I've lost her along with my favorite sock in the last dryer load.