Sunday, August 31, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

Free association is described as a "psychoanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

That's an admirable goal, but for the purposes of this exercise, we're just hoping to have a little fun with the technique. Each week I'll post ten words to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.

"Rules are, there are no rules." There are no right or wrong answers. Don't limit yourself to one word responses; just say everything that pops into your head. AND you don't have to have your words up on Sunday. Take all week if you want!

Time for word association already?
I never can remember which day this prompt
begins. I posted their 'rules' so I remember it starts on Sunday..

  1. Groceries ::
  2. are always flying off my pantry shelf
  3. Deodorant ::
  4. Toms lavender
  5. Psychic ::
  6. I can sometimes think of someone and then..RInG! THEY CALL!
  7. Cherries ::
  8. The fruit YUM, the flavor YULK
  9. Spooky ::
  10. That song popped in my mind... "Spooky little girl like u "
  11. Yogurt ::
  12. Stop and Shop Lite strawberry is my favorite
  13. Kitchen ::
  14. Mine Needs a remodeling but I still like it
  15. Nothing personal ::
  16. Should be out here in cyber space, but it doesn't stop me.
  17. Be nice ::
  18. do unto others is a good rule, another fav.- if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.
  19. Delivery ::
  20. Deliver us from Evil

Unconscious Mutterings

Wordless Wednesday

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Is there a Doggy Psychiatrist out there?

I am at my wits end with my little Molly Girl. She is acting all crazy again. I've written about her unusual behavior here and here
She hasn't been as bad as I had described. NoW,She WILL go outside without Cosmo most days.
(Unless it's very VERY dark and very VERY noisy with crickets)
But now Today she is shaking and hiding. If you pick her up she screams like she is in pain.
I laid her down and gently touched every part of her. Then I checked her pads for a possible thorn. I looked in her ears, her mouth. I even checked that she didn't have a poop stuck to her butt!! I then massaged her more roughly, she didn't scream. We got her to go outside and she just hides under the trampoline and shakes. I don't know what is wrong. I really don't think this warrants an emergency vet visit, unless they have a Psych ward. She did go to the grooomer on Thurs. She was fine when she came home, she was fine yesterday. Could it be that she is itchy where they shaved her belly and that is frightening her??
I've offered her all her favorite words.. ChEEse! GooDIEs! CHiCKen!! SHe didn't once come running. She stayed in her doggy bed and let Cosmo do all the tricks for treats.
I am so worried that she may seriously have some doggy mental disorder. I am now off to crawl under the trampoline, pick up my fat, wacky, cockapoo, and bring her back in the house again. Wish me luck.

Three Women Friends

Three women friends, one in a casual relationship, one en-
gaged to be married and one a long-time wife, met for drinks
after work. The conversation eventually drifted towards how
best to spice up their sex lives.

After much discussion, they decided to surprise their men by
engaging in some S&M role playing.

The following week they met up again to compare notes.
Sipping her drink, the single girl leered and said, "Last
Friday at the end of the work day I went to my boyfriend's
office wearing a leather coat. When all the other people
had left, I slipped out of it and all I had on was a leather
bodice, black stockings and stiletto heels. He was so
aroused that we made mad passionate love on his desk right
then and there!
The engaged woman giggled and said, "That's pretty much my
story! When my fiancé got home last Friday, he found me
waiting for him in a black mask, leather bodice, black hose
and stiletto pumps. He was so turned on that we not only
made love all night, he wants to move up our wedding date!

The married woman put her glass down and said, "I did a lot
of planning. I made arrangements for the kids to stay over
at Grandma's. I took a long scented-oil bath and then put
on my best perfume. I slipped into a tight leather bodice,
a black garter belt, black stockings and six-inch stilettos.
I finished it off with a black mask. When my husband got
home from work, he grabbed a beer and the remote, sat down
and yelled, 'Hey, Batman, what's for dinner?'"

Friday, August 29, 2008

Somewhere Out there

The delightful, artistic
Sherrie over at happy tiler created this playful, glamourous, Whimsical portrayal! We look like two peas in a colorful pod because, we've been lucky enough to discover.. We ARE!
When I saw the Sunday Scribblings Prompt was Somewhere, I immediately thought of my treasured friend Sherrie. Geographically she is somewhere else. Somewhere far from me. Somewhere I desire to visit, but I know is currently not possible. Her location may be elsewhere, but her genuine love, caring friendship and sincere sisterhood are right here with me. I thought to myself "hmmm, HOW I can I effectively express our magical,special kindred bond for Sunday Scribblings?" Then! Happy Synchronistical fate, I discovered my cyber soul sister had had the SAME idea and expressed it SO beautifully well for the two of us!! (two peas you see!) Her Perfectly expressed thoughts Are echoed from my heart and are to follow Here on my blog... and Somewhere out there- Her blog!
(Your poem is just beautiful Sher)...

Sister Friends

Somewhere across the miles

Lives a woman I’ve never met in person

Yet I know her, she knows me

Together we can share life and giggles

We are mothers of the highest form

We love deeply, worry and care

At the same resonance, about our children

We are bonded cyber soul sisters

We love teddy bears, laughing

Cookies, blogging, reading and scrabble

We like a glass of wine and a good chat

Bright clothes, shoes, and the color purple

We’re interested and care about people

Animals, music, and our families

We love celebrations, our homes

A nice dinner out and the beach

We’re passionate with liberal minds

Our memories are waning

And we giggle about aging

Children, sex and silly things

We’re partial to nice ambience

Joy, respect and flexibility

Kindness, generosity

And thoughtful hearts!

We’re current thinkers

With a youthful essence

We’ve experienced love

In all aspects

Finally after months of

Commenting and long emails

Our voices connected

It feels like we’ve been friends forever!

written by Sherrie Giggles at Happytiler!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

friday fillin!

1. When I'm sick I'm -bleaching everything so no one else catches my germs .

2. When I take a walk, I think about how lucky I am to be healthy .

3. Money can't buy happiness but it can buy you a yacht to pull right up along side happiness.

4. Cotton makes me feel like relaxing and leather makes me feel naughty

5. The strangest person/character I've had lewd thoughts about was shrek

6. My favorite color these days is 'tuscany'gold because I'm obsessed finding the right shade to paint my salon .

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to Talking to giggles!, tomorrow my plans include taking my youngest 'back to school shopping' and Sunday, I want to help my eldest son car shop !

13 Confucius sayings

Confucius Says:
Virginity like
bubble, one prick, all gone.
Man who run in
front of car get tired.
Man who run behind
car get exhausted.
Man with hand in
pocket feel cocky all day.
Man with one
chopstick go hungry.
Man who scratch ass
should not bite fingernails.
Man who eat many
prunes get good run for money.
Baseball is wrong:
man with four balls cannot walk.
Wife who put
husband in doghouse soon find him in cathouse.
Man who fight with
wife all day get no piece at night.
It take many nails
to build crib, but one screw to fill it.
Man who drive like
hell, bound to get there.
Man who fish in
other man's well often catch crabs.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Pastor's Ass

I just received the following in an email, and I thought it was
worth sharing....

The pastor entered his donkey in a race and
it won.
The pastor was so pleased with the donkey
that he entered it in the
race again, and it won again.

The local paper read:

The Bishop was so upset with this kind of
publicity that he ordered
pastor not to enter the donkey in another race.

The next day, the local paper headline

This was too much for the bishop, so he
ordered the pastor to get
of the donkey.

The pastor decided to give it to a nun in a
nearby convent.

The local paper, hearing of the news, posted
the following headline
next day:


The bishop fainted.

He informed the nun that she would have to
get rid of the donkey, so
sold it to a farmer for $10.

The next day the paper read:


This was too much for the bishop, so he
ordered the nun to buy back
donkey and lead it to the plains where it could run

The next day the headlines read:


The bishop was buried the next day.

The moral of the story is . . .

.... being concerned about public opinion
can bring you much grief and misery . ... even shorten your life.

So be yourself and enjoy life.

Stop worrying about everyone else's ass and
you'll be a lot happier
live longer!

works for me wednesday

Thanks again To Diane, for introducing me to another weekly prompt-
Works for me Wednesday
This is a helpful prompt that has many people offering handy tips for all sorts of things.
for my first time participating, I decided to share this little tip-

If you're like me, You try to save a little money by buying HUGE containers of various cleaning supplies at Costco.
But, try pouring for example a gigantic bottle of pine sol into a funnel into a smaller one for under the sink!
When I was younger I looked at the challenge as a good way to pump iron while being resourceful. Now, however with
the beginnings of the dreaded arthritis.. WEll... I needed some help. Husband to the rescue! He started the tedious task of refilling hand soaps and windex bottles. With a lot less patience than I apparently have, He quickly came up with an alternate plan! TaDA! instead of recycling Those HUGE detergent containers, Why not RE-Use them? GReat Idea! but, Now it's back to being MY job again! Make sure you loosen the little cap for it to flow faster, but always tighten that up again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can we talk about Cookies?

(want a bite?)

It may seem like a juvenile topic to some, but Cookies have always been a real source of happiness in my life. I love various cakes, I love chips,CHOCOLATE, I can inhale ice cream in a single sniff... but THE cookie is my quintessential happy food. In my everyday life, going through the routine motions of living, I am able to resist my happy food. I purposely go down the cookie aisle at Stop and shop Looking ONLY to my right at the teabags and coffee, NEVER left at the Nutterbutters and oreos. Occasionally, I do treat the family to some cookies, BUT I try to get cookies I'm not crazy about. (I've always been FATASS conscious) Cookies may be little but they are known to widen my hips in one sitting. Then there are the days of stress... OH COOkIE.. I need u on these days. To hell with the fatass fear. Give me my favorite tea and a bag of Peppridge farm milanos and I can actually feel the stress moving down me,(stopping on the ass) and then leaving my body.
Recently, I have found a new cookie Love and I am having a hard time resisting them. They are amazing Cannoli Cookies from my local italian market.
I Don't like Italian cookies, I don't really care for cannoli pastries, BUT these cookies DOn'T taste like their name implies they should. THEY are irresistibly delicious. I actually avoid this little market, because It's so hard to shop there and Not bring these babies home. SO WHY, when I am not even stressed out, Is Mr. Petals bringing these home to me each week??

Yesterday, He said he would run and pick up food for dinner and he came home with Not ONE but TWO containers of these little balls of sugar heaven. Look at them! They're moist and covered with glaze and sprinkles. I've eaten one whole container already the second is 1/2 way gone! I yelled my disapproval last week when he brought these home, This week I grabbed them from him, I embraced them, eyes widened, quietly hiding one box for later while I quickly put the teapot on to boil. All I needed was a hump on my back and a cloak. I felt like some kind of cookie freak.
There is something really nice about eating a happy food when you're in a happy state of mind. I think I've never really enjoyed my stress cookies Like I'm enjoying the 'good place' cookie. I can see the pleasure on my husbands face as I devour the little round happy faces of joy. He is loving that I am loving being a glutton with these Calorie drenched seductive sweet satisfying temptresses. I hope he will still be loving my gluttony when he has to share his side of the bed with my newly acquired fat ass.

(wish you could reach in, take one and taste the deliciousness)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Mary Mary Quite contrary

If you grow tomatoes in your garden, You have to make my favorite summer dinner!
its easy, it's delicious, It's great alone or as a side dish.

Spaghetti and tomatoes.
So easy- make a tomato salad with NO vinegar.
I chop up the tomatoes ( about 4 huge or 6 medium)
add 2 chopped cloves of fresh garlic, lots of chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper and about 6 TBSP. of Olive oil
Toss gently. ( you can even make way ahead of time and toss every once in awhile, that helps it get more liquidy)

AFter you drain your pasta ( I Love linguini-fini for this)
toss the tomato salad with the pasta
the pasta warms the tomatoes, Mama mia perfectly!
That's IT! It tastes the best when you add some grated loccatelli Romano cheese.(or whatever kind of grated cheese you like)
I really hope you try this and if you do, will you Let me know how much you love it?

Our garden isn't doing too well this year. thank goodness we did get enough tomatoes for me to make this dish a few times, but I only got 2 eggplants. One zucchini. Two cukes! What a disappointment. We do have tons of basil. My son made enough pesto sauce in July for two dinners. This week I hope to pick the rest. Make a pesto with some and the rest? Freezer! I love having fresh basil in the freezer all winter.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

unconscious mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Cry ::
  2. I'm a believer in a good cry. But i hate when i forget i have mascara on.. then my eyes burn all day.
  3. Stretch ::
  4. but,be careful if people are around, stretching can lead to flatulence
  5. Efficient ::
  6. I used to be much more efficient, Now I'm too scatterbrained and waste much of my time remembering what I needed to be efficient about.
  7. Brunch ::
  8. I have hardly ever eaten brunch. I don't want to give up two meals for one.
  9. Afro ::
  10. In the crazy 70's someone permed my (now)husbands hair into an afro and he looked Like that jungle man on the bugs bunny cartoons,Which made me say UnGA BUNGA BUNGA every time i saw him. That really irritated him haha
  11. Preheat ::
  12. My oven is 24 years old and takes forever to preheat. How quick do the new ones heat up?
  13. Delicious ::
  14. FRuit is delicious when it's ripened just right, and hasn't gone rotten. Chips are just Always delicious.
  15. Global warming ::
  16. reminds me of a twilight zone episode which was so scary.
  17. Actions ::
  18. are from the heart, anyone can Talk the talk
  19. Ride ::
  20. always ride through side streets very slowly and look under cars for little feet and rolling balls

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The sun is going in and out today. I was out but now I'm in. My asthma is really acting up and being outside while my husband is whacking weeds is killing me. Any inhalant can trigger me into an attack. Thank goodness, lately my asthma only acts up when I'm sick. I've been fighting a cold for a few days. I was happy to wake up and find I could finally swallow without pain, BUT having my chest feel heavy is a worse scenario. Wish it would clear up already, I have no patience for a summer cold. In the winter, I don't mind being inside cuddled up with a good book some tea and milano cookies. Summer though, is flying by... I want to get the most out of each nice day.
My favorite season used to be autumn, but now.. It's definitely summer.
glad to have a word association game to play, while waiting for the gasoline smell to pass.
happy sunday.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

An award from Ms Happy Tiler

Thank-YOU Sherrie for passing these two sweet awards on to me!
You know how much I adore your blog and You. When i first began
blogging, I never imagined I would develop the type of friendship
we are so lucky to have found. I know you called me a fellow vixen,
but GEE Sher...
Did you look up that word like I had to?
A female Fox? A quarrelsome woman? I was hoping it meant tramp.
Oh well! I will still accept these awards with much foxy gratitude!
I'm sure I've been called much worse. Although, on they give the
synonyms- Shrew and FISHWiFE! What the Fuck kind of award is this anyway??

Friday, August 22, 2008

How I met Your father

(our song is playing!)

SundayScribblings asks... How did you meet your significant other?

It was March of 1976. My best friend Linda and I were attending high school during the day and beauty school at night. We were 16 and boy crazy galore. During the previous summer, Linda had to go to summer school for GYM and even though I didn't need summer school, I actually went with her EARLY each morning, JUST to sit on the bleachers and flirt with the older (UN-athletic!) boys!
That's what I would call boy CRAZZZY!
When we began beauty school, being so young and so naive, I never imagined it was a place to scope out cute boys. The only boys in a beauty school would be gay boys, no? NO! One day, in walks a new group of 3 students. Two girls (One becomes Aunt Mare) and one very cute shaggy haired boy.
Linda whispered, "Too bad, he must be gay." Can you believe how silly and stereotypical two young girls can be? As cute as he was, I didn't pay much attention to him. HE, however noticed me right away and the next night, he sat next to me and was really friendly.

I instantly liked him and felt attracted to his Charismatic charm and humorous outgoing personality. A friendship developed. Each night we found time to chat, Each night, I felt comfortable enough to tell him about my crushes and boyfriend woes. Later on, I would find out, That each night he grew more and more crazy about me. BUT, knowing HOW young I was, He didn't think he should date me. Instead, He made his rounds, dating many of the other girls in school. I will NEVER forget hearing the lamest conversation between two girls the night shaggy boy first entered the classroom.
One girl Donna (who Linda and I didn't like! She was SO uppity!) Said to Regina...
"oooh, I am going to GET him." And REgina said "no, I don't think so, I'm going after him first" and uppity Donna said... (are u ready for this?)... "you think so? MORe PoWER to YOU"! haha SUCH 70's Psycho girls! So shaggy dates both THEN dumps both of these piranha's, while his heart is secretly pining for guess who?? (later... I will be told... The girl with the great legs in the marshmallow shoes!) Do you remember those crazy white platforms? well, that's another blog post...
So shaggy boy, who now..after all these tigresses got their amateur scissors into his hair, was Not so shaggy but much more Tony Manero looking (remember Travolta's hair in SAturday Night fever??) tells me about his cousin Dino. He wants to fix me up with, Dino, because Dino is 'about my age' and a really nice guy. I remember feeling so let down and trying hard not to let my feelings show. I was hoping Shaggy was feeling for me what I had been feeling for him. I was feeling he was More than just my new best friend, he felt more like a soul mate to me. We had a great chemistry, He was Someone I wanted to share more than just a friendship with. The next day, He told his friend Glen about wanting to fix me up with Dino, and his friend said "are you crazy? All you do is talk about this girl, Why don't YOU just ask her out yourself?" He reminded Glen that I was only 16, but Glen didn't think age should matter in matters of the heart. SO, after much tortured thinking... This SOUl mate, best friend,Disco hair on a rock and roll hearted boy... made his move. (Where do you take a little girl to make a move on her?) He asked me to go out for ice cream after school one night. My dessert may have been icy cold but my heart was warm and melted, when he planted that first, memorable kiss on my lips! The rest, as they say... Is history! Dad and I have been true soul mates and best friends for 32 loving years.


fri.fill-ins gave me part of a sentence, I fill in the blanks...

1. Dancing to the hip hop tunes while cooking makes me feel like a 5 star chef.

2. The last time I went on a scary ride I nearly had to call a cardiologist

3. When I drive I do some of my best thinking AND I'm still able to use blinkers!.

4. I saw many gray hairs standing out like a sore thumb .

5. Give me laughter , give me love, give me serenity

6. Next week I am looking forward to enjoying the last week of summer before schools starts.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to resting my sore throat and sore feet , tomorrow my plans include talking and standing again at work all day and Sunday, I want to totally relax and feel better

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Deal with it

Here are 13 great ways of dealing with the burdens of life:

1. Accept that some days you're the pigeon, and some days you're the statue.

2.Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

3.Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

4.If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

5. If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again, it was probably worth it.

6. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others.

7. Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time, because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

8. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

9. When everythings coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

10. Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live.

11. Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

12.We could learn a lot from crayons... Some are sharp, some are pretty, and some are dull.
Some have weird names, and all are different colors, but they all have to live in the same box.
13.A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

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This is my 17th TT.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Is it me? or is the world wackier than ever?

If you've visited me before you know how peeved I get by distracted, inconsiderate drivers. To me, it seems like it's common sense, shouldn't ADULTS realize how dangerous it is to be distracted while driving or for that matter walking! We need to remind children to look both ways before crossing the street, but geeez really, Do adults need that reminder now? Apparently, They Do! The following article from the washington Post made me realize, this childlike distractibility is reaching ridiculous proportions. Next they will be needing to print instructions in the newspaper, reminding adults 'Do not run while holding scissors', and "make sure you tie up your shoe laces too". I realize of course, that many kids are the ones having accidents, but you know what? If you're not old enough to instinctively know the following rules, you shouldn't own distractible gadgets.- tell me what you think..

It wasn't the bumps and bruises that surprised emergency room physicians when they started looking into the dangers of texting. It was the FATALITIES. "it's like walking blind", says Linda Lawrence, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians, who has heard of people stepping into moving traffic, blackberry in hand.
Unlike speaking on a cell phone, texting requires users to divert their eyes, Lawrence says. The growing number of users of iphones, Blackberrys and other handheld devices has made texting-on-the-go a risk for people of all ages. Lawrence's group offers this advice:
1. Don't text while engaged in physical activities that require sustained attention, such as biking, in-line skating and playing sports.
2. Never text while driving.
3. Keep your phone of BlackBerry accessible, so you don't have to rummage for it.
4. Turn off the device, or ignore the call or message, whenever responding might be dangerous.
5. Avoid sending messages when you're out alone at night or in a crowded area where you could be the victim of a pickpocket.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday Tunes

I found another weekly prompt site -Tuesday Tunes:
More word association ! Tues. tunes says- Remember tell us the first band/artist/song/album that comes to mind when you see these 10 words:
Okay, No thinking allowed.. My kind of game!

Ending: And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make ( ooh wait, Im doing lyrics instead of what the rules indicate!)
Long: She was a long cool woman in a black dress ( hollies??)
School: Hot for teacher (van halen)
Teen: Why must I be a teenager in love?
Crazy: I'm going off the rails on a crazy train! (ozzy)
Search: Will you light my candle? (rent)
Baby: (Rhiannas rehab) baby baby since we first met I never felt something so strong
Shoes: Maryjanes ( fergie)
Mellow: (Aztec two step)- cockroach cacophony
Window: ( Joe Cocker)- She came in through the bathroom window
as much as I love the Beatles... I prefer Joe's version of this tune!
Hope u play along in your comments! if u volume up two of my tunes are on playlist!

My boy's been on tour

(5 yrs. old)

I've always imagined I would support my children's interests and passions. Whenever they've found something they love to do or are interested in, I've always been there to learn about it, watch what it's all about, Listen to their excitement, and like the big mouth I am... Talk to my friends about what the kids are up to. So recently, I've been beating myself up as to WHY I am NOT being this same way with My eldest son's passion? His music. Well, I know why. I'm a bit embarrassed by it's unusualness. By it's fetish theme. I guess the big doofas in me would be happier if he was reincarnating Bobby Shermans hip sound! ( of course I'm kidding about B.S... but maybe say, John Mayer?)
The point I should be focusing on is my kid is never happier than when he is creating his music and playing with his band. He's an amazing young man. He has wonderful ideas and a compassionate heart. He has been on tour with his band.( no, not "his band".. it has a name.. Yellow tears, there I finally said it!) They've been on a cross country tour from Allentown PA. to L.A. and Now touring while traveling back to NY. At each pre-booked show, They are selling lps, cds and t-shirts that they screened themselves. They are actually making some money beyond what they need to get them from venue to venue. Apparently there is a large enough audience for this unusual experimental sound. I call it 'noise music'. They call it 'experimental'.
It sounds like a movie soundtrack really. Maybe hollywood will discover their talents?
Before he left, I was asking my son if he could tell me where they will be and when... He said, "Mom, just check our website.. all the show dates and locations are there." WEbsite?? ( this,Im ashamed to say, is HOW withdrawn I've been to his music) "You guys have a website too?"
Before they left for tour we also asked them to play the new cd for us. We all sat outside and tried our best to listen. For the first time, I really, really realized that this is serious and not just crazy kids imagining they are rock stars. I think much of it is amazing. For instance.. It's one thing to perform your album at a show and repeat the sheet music and lyrics. Yellow tears repeats their albums songs, BUT when some of the sounds are made in such unusual ways, for instance...with them banging chains on sheet metal,That they are able to recreate these experimental sounds that their fans are waiting to hear at EACH show... well,I think that's pretty incredible, no? They actually bring all gadgets they've used to create the sounds,plus of course traditional instruments. (My son plays bass guitar)
Another incredible thing was hearing about how each state they played, had someone they knew who was promoting their show there for them. Flyers and advertising for the yellow tears tour! They've put so much hard work and energy into the art they are so passionate about. I'm really proud of all of them. I want my son to know, I'm really proud of him and I'm happy that I've finally attentively listened and I want him to know, even though I'm so old.. I'm still attempting to learn lessons each day. Someday, I hope to even watch yellow tears in action.

Monday, August 18, 2008

unconscious mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Signature :: many years ago someone I worked with who always admired how I cut short hair on women... Said that the wispy pieces I often left at the hairline while others were leaving sharp points...were my signature. I really liked that compliment.
2. Olympics:: Everyone is so into watching, Am i awful? Ive never enjoyed it much.
3. 100% :: Why do labels lie about things being 100%? 100% whole wheat, 100% natural? 100% bull S@*&
4. Damn! :: Remember that cute beaver in lady and the tramp?
5. Gold :: I am obsessed with choosing a new color for my salon walls. I am leaning towards gold. I went to a restaurant that had a beautiful gold wall, so I went back with my paint charts and asked for a table near the wall!!
6. Fresh and natural :: Sometimes going natural isn't too fresh... Put on that deodorant.
7. Fraction :: reminds me that I am Math-illiterate
8. Hurry :: Makes me think of how I food shop... almost trotting with that cart down each aisle.. I'v always been in a hurry. where am i rushing to?
9. Summer ::Just flew by this year!
10. 29th :: Next October will be my 29th wedding anniversary! holy moly!

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mondays friday fill in

friday fill in's on monday

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was _linguini with red clam sauce at a new restaurant called Divo, it was delicious! .

2. People who drift into lanes while driving, instead of signaling is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon Always reminds me of one of my children's favorite sweet books 'goodnight moon'.

4. FuHgedaboutit is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it's best to JuST LISTEN TO YOUR MOMS ADVICE .

6. Inherit the wind is the best movie I've seen so far this year!(it's a real oldie, but I had never seen it before)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to well,being Monday... not much going on, tomorrow my plans include food shopping and cleaning toiletsand Sunday, I want to well in this case I think it would be wednesday- I want to make an easy dinner after working my butt off all day!

friday fill in

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Beautiful Birthday Gift!

Gee.. notice anything different at Lulu's Petals??
WOW! I have wanted to change my blogs design for SO long! I've always been So afraid of that template of doom. BUT, Giggles has come to my rescue!
THIS adorable angel header is the creation of my amazingly talented friend Sherrie over at
happytiler! She designed it especially for me, especially for my birthday!
I can't even begin to express how excited I am and how moved I am by her thoughtfulness. I just adore her whimsical,creative art. To be able to proudly display it on my own blog is such an honor. Thanks so much Sher, for all the time and love you've spent on my much appreciated gift. Your surprise has truly made my day brighter! My husband has an awful cold today, So this birthday, although relaxing, didn't go as we had planned. Receiving my angel and Sherries patient guidance to help me through the dreaded template, allowed me to spend part of my day making my blog exactly how I wished it could look!
I still have a few kinks to work through. I am listing them in case anyone out there is a template pro... I wish my profile could be above the blogs listed, I would also really love to display playlist again and have my posts end with -all rights reserved. Where these htmls used to sit in my last template, no longer exists in this new one. Many words are different, so I am loopily confused.(i just made up the word loopily, but seriously.. shouldn't that be a tense of loopy??) However! I am SO proud of how many changes I WAS able to make! So once again I send my love and warmest thanks to my sweet,giving,talented and very cherished friend Giggles! You know how to make birthdays rock! xoxo
I would love to hear from everyone, what do you think of Lulus new look??

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Observation while on vacation

As my green thumbed husband drove to work each and every day
He lustily admired Pagodas in a nursery on the way

So at the start of our vacation as a gift of my love and affection
I bought him a Pagoda in celebration of his flower gardens erection

Choosing a favorite Pagoda amongst so many was Harder than we thought it would be
Until with a stroke of luck the nice owner named Dick, offered us a premature summer sale on three

My husband erected his pagoda ramrod straight between his flowers and the earth
Very Happy with it's details, height, beauty and girth

As we sat each day enjoying the gardens new view with great admiration
A shaft of sunlight illuminated my eyes to a new observation

I scratched at my cocked head with curiosity till my finger joint went numb
What does this pagoda remind me of? NO answers seemed to come

Deep in my brains bone and in my hearts center core
I swear I've seen this Pagodas shape somewhere before

It's driving me nuts, what it is, I can not think!
But I must end my poem for my Pen is out of ink

sunday scribblings

Friday, August 15, 2008

All play and NO work for me!

Our vacation week so far, including our few days in Hershey Park has been great and speedy. The days are just flying by as we are trying to get the most out of each precious minute!
When we first arrived at the Hershey Lodge, they asked if we would prefer an inside room or an outer?
Even though they charge quite a steep rate, this hotel actually has those 'drive around the back to your door' type rooms, like your run of the mill, charge by the hour, seedy motel. Since we arrived early and Our (inside) room wasn't ready, we left our luggage with the bell hop and jumped on the hershey shuttle to the park. My youngest son and my nephew wore daredevil smiles and took on each ride like pros. My husband and I explored some of the shows and walked through zooamerica. After a few hours, a few snacks and few thousand miles on my new Born sandals, which I had bought for their comfort, but learned quickly.. Never wear a NEW pair of even comfy shoes the first time on an uphill, downhill track around an amusement park. We decided to head back to the hotel. Our room was ready.. only it was a third type, we weren't aware existed, it was... around the back, up the hill, up the stairs then go in an unsecured door next to plywood walls under construction and your door is right there! The bell hop met two very unjolly ranchers when he arrived with our bags. He quickly took matters into his own hands, contacting the desk, changing us to the Inside room we had originally requested AND giving us free valet parking for our trouble, as well as a great restaurant suggestion. It is rare that we encounter employees as on the ball as this guy was. Our Inside room, located in what they call 'the towers' (even though there are only 5 floors) was much much better. The second day, the kids headed back to the park and my husband and I really, really enjoyed sunning by the pool, swimming and totally relaxing. The kids came back to join us for dinner, then went back to the park, to get in their last few hours of terror on the fahrenheit ride.

Doesn't this ride look SUPER scary?? WEll, it IS! My youngest son, who hadn't felt ANY of the rides he's experienced (and he has experienced many) were scary at all... actually thought this one WAS! but he loved it anyway! I seriously exclaimed that I wouldn't go on this ride for a million dollars, and that created a big debate with Mr.Petals, who took this hypothetical proposition so serious, and just couldn't believe I would NOT take that bet! I am telling you I WOULDN'T do it! Do You believe me? I think it's possibleMr. Petals may have had too much relaxation. He is a man, who needs to keep on going. He is doing a faux finish on all the wood counters and wall unit in my salon.( it is coming out beautiful, I will show pics when it's all done) The first few days of vacation, he insisted... THIS wasn't too much work, he was still feeling like he was on vacation.(I think it was actually a happier week for him, that he had this huge project going on!) If we try to sit in the sun in the backyard, he sits for about 20 min.s TOPs.. then he is off.. weeding, puttering, cleaning something!
Me on the other hand? I Can relax on my chair with a good book all day long!
If the sun stays sunny this weekend... that's where you'll find me. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quirks about ME ME

Cyber soul sista Sherrie tagged me for a Quirks about me meme!

Here are the rules:

Link to the person who tagged you. (I did)

Mention the rules. ( I am)

Tell six quirky, yet boring, unspectacular details about yourself. ( hmmm, difficult, I am mostly spectacular)

Tag six other bloggers by linking to them.(oooh, decisions,decisions)

Go to each person’s blog and leave a comment that lets them know they’ve been tagged.( i will)

If you participate, let the person who tagged you know you've posted your quirks!( i will)

Thanks Sherrie, funny your assignment is quirks and you think of me, eh??

Quirk #1- eye gook in my dogs.. I hate it and need to pick it out with my BARE fingers! ewwww!!

Quirk #2- I don't like to walk barefoot outside ever.

Quirk #3- I really, really like to squeeze OTHER peoples pimples.. Have been known, without warning to spring a surprise attack on innocent, unsuspecting zits.

Quirk #4- (geee who would have thought these would come to me so easily?)-
Hand Washing is my part time job. seriously. I HAVE to wash my hands when I walk in my door. I HAVE to wash them in between most EVERYTHING I do! (TWICE after quirk #1 & 3 )I keep two giant hand sanitizers in each of my car doors cup holders. Between them and my big handbag covering the two cup holders in my console, I CANNOT drink and drive.

Quirk #5- I hate my tv remote control because I am so spastic when it comes to using it.
I ALWAYS push the wrong button and end up in areas of my tvs features that I didn't know I had, AND don't care to discover! NO one likes me 'in control' while watching a movie together.

Quirk #6- I can't stand it when people talk while eating. GEE, I know I am hyper but I WILL wait till you swallow to hear your sentence. PLEASE close your mouth while eating! SO many well mannered people I know, seem to do this! YULK.. It seriously makes me nauseous.

oh, look at that.. Six went by quickly... I have quite a few more.. Oh well.. I'll save them for the next quirky meme!

Okay.. Now following the rules I need to tag some bloggers.. I don't want to burden anyone who doesn't want to do this.. so keeping things quirky ...I would like to change the rules...If you've enjoyed this and are quirky yourself.. Please participate!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Petals advice for the day..

As I am ironing and trying to get ready for our few days away in Hershey PA. I decided to pull a pair of jeans out of my closet. You never know, Maybe it will be cool at night. I am an OVER packer like I assume, most women are. Well... I haven't worn these jeans since probably.. WHAT?? could it be April or May when I went to shorts and capris full time?? I can't remember but OH BROTHER.. they are a bit too tight around that belly bulge, which I guess I can't refer to as a waist anymore! I was at my ideal weight only last year! Since I left Weight watchers, I've put back 10 lbs.(at least).
SO... my menopausal tip for anyone in my age category... TRY ON your winter clothes EACH month in the summer! This way you can nip those extra pounds in the BUTT! It's weird too, 'cause my shorts aren't elasticized, yet they still fit?? I just don't understand weight gain and as I approach 49 yrs. old this sunday... I am realizing it may be time to go BACK to my weight watcher meetings AGAIN.. and try to loose this bulge before the BIG FAT 50 creeps up on me next year.
how cute does this little guy look in his jeans?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

unconscious mutterings

Week 289

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Month to month ::
  2. the bills are relentless
  3. Adjusted ::
  4. my bra straps but they still keep sliding down my shoulders
  5. Prank ::
  6. My favorite prank as a child was calling some random number, pretending I just used my last dime and can't remember my home number and need a ride home from the movies..
    Many promised to come get me... I feel so evil

  7. Mop ::
  8. I used to mop my kitchen floor EVERY night when my kids were little. I think I was #$%@ing INSANE!
  9. Clarity ::
  10. before I married, NO ONE gave me exact clarity to how MUCH laundry would be involved
  11. Parenting ::
  12. When done with all of your heart, is the most difficult, yet most important job
  13. Glenn ::
  14. with 2 n's is a name with one n is a valley,both leave me mutterin' Notin'
  15. Fingerprint ::
  16. I never thought I would miss the many fingerprints all over my molding and doors
  17. Pineapple ::
  18. Is delicious, I love it, but eating too much of it, makes my tongue burn.
  19. Attorney ::
  20. Somedays, Like an attorney, I would like to charge my clients for my phone time. I have a few people who need to call me 4 and 5 times for ONE haircut appointment.

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Just Wondering?

Sunday Scribblings wants us to address the word ASK.
DO you have any answers to any of my random off the top of my head questions??

My Dog Molly was in my herb garden eating Parsley.
DO dogs instinctively know it's good for digestion?

I've blocked Text messaging from our Cell phone plan.
ARE we the only cell family who Aren't texting and walking into poles?

I like to be ready for anything.
AM I the only one carrying Imodium Anti Diarrhea pills in my purse?

Last week we saw the most amazing Broadway show- 'In the Heights'
Would you consider buying me a ticket so I can see it again??

The neighbor (my nemesis) behind me has so much garbage in her yard, I fear it
will draw rats who may hurt my pets. (we saw a dead rat last week!)
HOW do you handle a situation like this?

I know so many people who are estranged from their siblings.
HOW do I make sure my three kids won't end up like that?

I adore the show 'so you think you can dance"
DON'T you think they should have a male AND female winner each year??

I have too many friends who are so unhappy in their marital relationships.
HOW do I help them best?

I sometimes draw a blank when sitting down to blog.
IS it time to throw in the towel and find an online poker game?

I'm so not ready for back to school, which is around the corner.
My husband thinks I'm crazy for waking up early with my son.
If you have a teen, DO you Get up with them on school mornings?

We are going to Hershey Pa. during this week off from work.
HAVE you ever gone there? If so, ANY tips?

Friday, August 08, 2008

friday fill ins

One of the reasons I like
Friday fills is because after a very long work day, its sometimes difficult to think of a creative post. With Fillins, it's like they've done most of the work for me!

1. You know you're old when You Get MOnkey Mouth

2. My heart is divided between Fabulous shoes and A Kickass handbag

3. A MAID is what I need RIGHT NOW!

4. I have felt the potato chips , I have known the depths of My party-sized bowl

5. Gah, won't these people Use a breath mint before coming to their hairdresser!

6. Please comment! as soon as you can!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to soaking my tired feet tomorrow my plans include working like a lunatic then soaking my tired feet and Sunday, I want to start my vacation week with beautiful weather and Lots of fun!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

monkey-mouth and me

Have you ever wondered why we all get wrinkles in different places?? Some women get a million crows feet around their eyes, while others have a few vertical lines along their cheeks. Nora Ephron wrote a whole book about hating her wrinkly neck. So far, My neck isn't troubling me. I have many laugh lines around my eyes and On my lids, and even though there are more it seems each day.. At this particular time ,THEY aren't troubling me either. What is really troubling me and what I should consider writing a book about, are the little wrinkles around my mouth. I've already named my prospective wrinkly book. It would be called "Monkey mouth and Me." My theory (perhaps revealed in chapter 4) as to WHY our wrinkles are developing in different areas? SLEEP Postitions! If you, like me, prefer to always sleep a particular way.. Check out the various ways it may be affecting you. For instance... I ALWAYS sleep on my side, My chubby cheeks are smashed against my pillow and they Are embedding these wrinkles around my mouth. (try it and see what i mean).
I also tend to sleep on my right side, so not only are those wrinkles around the mouth deeper, There is also a new wrinkle (from the fat fold of my cheek) near my nose! I have also noticed that my hair is thinner on the right side, Proving my books theory!
For many nights, I've unsuccessfully tried to fall asleep on my back. THIS position is the one beauty queens have perfected, I guarantee you! Nothing being squished for 8 hours straight,It is a great way to stay younger looking. Remember your mothers warnings?? DON'T make that face or you'll stay that way! (The older we get, aren't we finding out our Moms WERE always right with their crazy warnings?? ex. clean underwear, chicken soup, hand washing, crazy Uncle Willie) Anyway...
Speaking of mothers, Mine doesn't have monkey mouth,and she DOES sleep on her back. Proving again, Sleep positions NOT genetics!

Two years ago, my husband saw a Chinese Dr./acupuncturist to quit smoking. Besides sticking needles in your ears, He is also an internist AND He also had many signs around his office for various wrinkle procedures. I can't imagine WHO would go to this guy for plastic surgery instead of a specialist? I decided to just ask him a question about one of the advertisements in his waiting room.
Like any good snake oil salesman, he quickly invited me to sit in the exam chair. I Pointed to my monkey mouth. First he asked me- "DO you smoke?"(no) Then He seriously asked in his broken english- "Do you do a lot of blowing on something?"
My husband literally fell off his chair trying to hold back the laughter. I then felt a bit embarrassed but who knows?.. Maybe, I look like a natural trumpet player or something? I can't even remember what he suggested, the truth is, even if I could afford a procedure.. I don't think I would be able to go through with it. I remember making an idle comment once that I should have surgery for my wrinkly laugh lines. My eldest son said, Mom.. Each of those lines represents how much you've smiled in your life, why would you want them to go unnoticed? I think he may be right.We have to attempt to become comfortable with the changes that occur in our bodies and faces. Maybe even so far as to be proud of them. Those changes are all a part of our histories, a part of who we are.Don't you think It's our inner beauty that truly matters most? In that way, We can control How eternally beautiful we are. It's up to each of us. So when you see someone with monkey-mouth, Don't make chimp sounds behind their back,instead..remember my theory and think how lucky they are to have had many peaceful nights of deep sleep.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

GOLD cards & Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings says-
Free association is described as a "psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content." Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

That's an admirable goal, but for the purposes of this excercise, we're just hoping to have a little fun with the technique. Each week I'll post ten words to which you can respond to with the first thing that comes to mind.

  1. Crankiness ::
  2. is so Hard to tolerate, just put on your big girl panties and get a @#&* GrIP!
  3. Backpack ::
  4. My Sons backpack upsets me every school year! It weighs more than he does and I worry so that he will have back problems one day.
  5. Clone ::
  6. If I had a clone, she would be the one driving all over town doing mindless errands
  7. High ground ::
  8. Where I want to be The NEXT time my cesspool backsup
  9. Dreams ::
  10. In my head are like full length action movies, if I would just wake and write them down, I would be Lulu Spielberg
  11. Lovingly ::
  12. I so enjoy lovingly stroking my husbands hair till he falls off to sleep.
  13. Mistake ::
  14. Why is it some spinless people would rather blame someone else before admitting they made a mistake?
  15. Carson ::
  16. One of my favorite tonight show moments was when Jimmy Stewart sat next to Jonny Carson and read a heartfelt lovely poem about his dog who had just died. SO sweet and sad. I think cArson teared up too.
  17. Errand ::
  18. I HAVE my big girl panties on BUT errands seem to BE my life and they make me cranky
  19. Dozen ::
  20. Why is it that Every time I buy a dozen eggs, I only end up with 11? Even though I always check them in the store,There always seems to be one that is stuck to the carton.

Visit Unconscious Mutterings. for more free associations

A while back Two special bloggers presented me GOlD CArDS!
Genuine Jen from

And Diane from forgetfulone

These two bloggers have been wonderful cyber friends and both write very warm,informative blogs! Thanks so much for thinking of me girls! I also hope we will be blogging friends forever!
hope everyone will check them out.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Massage my ass please

As I mentioned in my Friday fill in, I was looking very forward to redeeming my massage gift certificate tonight! It was a very thoughtful mothers day gift from my husband and youngest son. I had so enjoyed my last massage at my usual spa/nail salon.
Well, the last masseuse went back to korea so Tonight I was to receive my hour long massage from Teresa. I find it very amusing, that each Korean technician adopts an american name which has No correlation to their given names.
The massage room was the same, the same dim lighting, the same aromatic candles, the same heated table with soft comfortable blankets. I noticed the music was different. The last Korean girl, "Gina" played soft asian sounding music with sound effects of water trickling and windchimes blowing. Tonight, it was more along the lines of the soundtrack to deliverance. too much banjo strummin and a bit too up tempo. I tried to zone out the tunes and the image of that kid in that disturbing movie and tried to relax and focus on the warm creams, hot towels and the deep tissue massaging. I was really in the zone till Teresa lowered the blankets and began rubbing my ass.

She must have felt the tension in my buttocks, because in broken english she asked me a question, that I didn't quite catch but caught the gist of, she asked- Mass aj glooose?? Well, I must say I was not really sure of my answer! I am not an ass massage virgin mind you, my husbands full body massages are amazing and include much ass massaging. However, in all my platonic massage experiences- I have had the most discreet sessions. They've never even viewed my butt never mind kneading it like a giant ball of playdough. So, I lifted my stomach from the bed, turned my head toward her and in my best classy long island accent I asked "WHAWT???" I finally understood she was asking- Massage Glutes?? Before I could reply she tried explaining that "women especially need their Asses ( well she said Glutes) massaged." Apparently men may have tension headaches but we carry all our stress in our asses. I must change the subject a minute for my story to progress...
Age is an amazing thing! On the one hand you have MoRe wrinkles, MoRe sagging and mORe gray hair on the other hand is the absolute best part of aging- LESS inhibitions! Ten years ago when I walked my (much better looking) Ass into a fancy salon for my very first massage, tonight's Ass masssage situation would have made me VErY uncomfortable, embarrassed and it would have probably turned me off to the whole massage scene! BUT, being nearly FORTY nine yrs. old instead of thirty nine uptight years old, I replied to Teresa- "Sure, it feels great!" And it did feel great, but I found my mind drifting to WHAT Teresa may suggest when I rolled over onto my back?? Do we women ALSO carry too much stress in our Boobs?? Tension returned to my Ass as I pondered my defense! Tension also returned as I remembered Once when I was getting a manicure... Teresa Asked if my breasts were 'REAL'? I had thought it was such an odd question and I had the other korean girls laughing when I asked them if that was what she had just asked! She had then strangely admired and complimented my generous (stress?)-FULL bosom!
Now, here she was a bit uncomfortably close for.. well, um comfort.
The Discreet rollover.
The shoulder massaging.
The head massaging.
The face massaging.
and wait... What is this??? She is massaging INSIDE my ears! Weird Chick? YES, but thankfully, she stayed away from the girls, and my left jab! ( my idea for the most effective defense!)

Now PLEASE, Please tell me.... Have you ever had a massage AND if so... Did it include your ass?
I am just so curious if I just had a really thorough massage tonight or Will my Ass be featured on Utube Or Teresas bedroom wall tomorrow?
(didn't this post just SCREAM for a barry white tune? hope you're listening!)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Do I have to?

sunday scribblings prompts us to ask- Do I have to?

Do I have to wish your wishes on my birthday cake?
Do I have to pray each day that you stay okay?
Do I have to encourage, nurture and guide?
Do I have to hope for your happiness in every way?

Do I have to hold you always close to my heart?
Do I have to cajole you to smile when you're feeling blue?
Do I have to savor your inner desires & inner self?
Do I have to dream to escape worrying about you?

Do I have to ache when you're feeling saddness or pain?
Do I have to forgive if you've moved me to seethe?
Do I have to love you as I do- with all of my heart?
Yes I have to my 3 sons, alike needing to breathe.

friday fill ins

1. If I could travel back in time, I'd go to -OH so many lucrative opportunites come to mind, but One thing I would Have to do first is go to The Dakota on Dec. 8, 1980 and Warn Poor John Lennon

2. Give me - Chocolate Ice cream or give me Vanilla, when It comes to ice cream, I'm not too choosy!.

3. I am listening to Judge Judy ream someone .

4. Somewhere, someone is thinking sweet thoughts.

5. I'll always be SHORT and I'll always be MOM

6. My idea of a good time includes crack and an orgy ONLY KIDDING!! my real answer-music & dancing.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to eating the delicious ravioli dinner I've got simmering then soaking in the hot tub with my favorite wine and man , tomorrow my plans include working most of the day then FInALLY using my mothers day gift certificate for a full hour body massage,followed by an easy take out dinner and MORe hot tubbing and Sunday, I want to Sleep late, EAt whatever the hell I please ( hershey bars included) sunbathe, read and RElax!

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