Saturday, May 30, 2009

covert dissolution

like a ghost you slip by- fly out rush rush
your thoughts covert- your feelings hush hush
never exposing what's locked in your guarded heart
incommunicative habit - I fear we're drifting apart

habitual apathy grows in place of mush-mush
As Frustrations you experience wane and crush crush
Be confident that it's secure to always trust me-Please stay smart
acknowledging my heartfelt concern?- such a courageous start!

sunday scribblings

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

sorrowful evening


a dark and dreary rainy night
slick roads and insufficient light
a tenderfoot inattentively looks for a smoke
a thunderous embrace with a giant oak
a solemn officer passes the front porch swing
a lump in his throat over tragic news he must bring
an unsuspecting mother timidly answers her door
incomprehensible heartache drapes her forever more

No matter what the three word wed. words would have been, I think
my mind would have gone here. This week, a dear friend of my
dear friend, received Just this kind of devastating news.
As a mother my heart is just breaking for this poor
Mom and her family. Losing a child is truly a parents
absolute worst nightmare. I just can't stop thinking of this
tragedy and the poor young life lost.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss Lucy in the kitchen

The prompt this week for Carry on Tuesday is the opening of a poem by Siegfried Sassoon entitled Everyone Sang-
"Everyone suddenly burst out singing;
And I was filled with such delight"

The heads or Tails prompt is anything that begins with the letter 'A'.

combined... these two prompts help me give you a synopsis of a happy little part of my week.... Applesauce
As I was baking pork chops for dinner one night
I realized I had run out of Applesauce
I was so bothered by this because like
Peter Brady I LOVE Pork chops AND Applesauce
I usually buy the sweetened type by Motts
Well, discovering I had run out made me crave it worse!
I spied a bowl full of Apples on my counter and thought...
hmmm, how difficult and time consuming would this be??
I turned to my trusty google search for an easy recipe
30 minutes later... I had THE yummiest Applesauce I had ever tasted!
I presented it proudly to my family and declared... I Can't believe that
I've been a Mom for 25 years and have NEVER made Applesauce!!
My family tasted it and agreed it was mmm mmmm good! I imagined that....
Everyone suddenly burst out singing; mmm mmm good
mmm mmm good that's what moms Applesauce is mmm mmm good!
And I was filled with such delight" Truly, like a scene you may have seen from
the good old brady kids! Ah, but in reality, my family just continued eating
a bit more resemblance to cattle than Greg, peter and bobby.
here is that easy recipe....

8 med. apples
1/4 c. sugar
1-2 shakes cinnamon
1 1/4 c. water
Peel and core apples, cut into quarters. Place all ingredients in large saucepan.(applesauce pan!) Cover and cook over medium heat, simmering, until done, about 30 minutes. Mash any remaining lumps with a fork for uniform texture. Makes about 1 quart.
( i used a potato smasher!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I may be small.....


^These are the 3 word wednesday words. I have optimized my limited computer/free time by combining them with
The heads or tails prompt! This week the HoT prompt is Brave... Our friend Skittles requests that it must be a true story..
Well, it's funny because I was JUST telling this true story to a few friends JUST last week!
I remember SO distinctly, the day I discovered my bravery . It was so efficient of my fellow 8 year old friend Linda to quickly point it out to me. You see, I was just being me. Being raised as a 'free range' child, I was Accustomed to Optimizing each situation I was in. Linda and I were in our local pizza parlor looking forward to a nice slice and a sweet coke. Before we knew what was happening, One adult after another came up to the counter and they began pushing ahead and placing their orders. Everyone seemed to ignore the two little girls who had gotten to that counter first. Thinking back now, it must have been quite a treacherous lunch crowd to be so rude and self-absorbed! But their wicked behavior didn't deter me! I bravely pushed ahead and loudly spoke up to the counter clerk... HEY MISTA!! WE WERE HERE FIRST!! ( 'excuse me' would have been more polite..but HEY i was only 8!)
Well again... I didn't realize it 'till later when Linda brought my unusual conduct to my attention, which then made me think back and I did remember that the crowd had gotten quiet and BACKED away! We got our pizza lickety- split and I even received a big smile from the disheveled, sweaty pizza cook over by those Large ovens!

When we got to our table, I folded my slice in half and began enjoying that delicious saucy, cheesy taste that is still one of my favorite foods! Linda, on the other hand, just stared at me until I said "whah a mattuh" ( my mouth was full, again at 8 my manners were shaky) Linda's eyes were wide with astonishment... 'I Can't believe you did that Lulu!' I replied.. 'did what?? '
She then went on to tell me how she could NEVER have spoken up and pushed ahead of those adults like that! She looked at me like I was the first kid to land on the moon! I can so vividly remember my initial feeling... It was embarrassment... I thought, maybe their is something wrong with me, if she can't be like this.. But then i remember CLearly thinking... BRAVERY! ThAT is what i showed in Tony's pizza parlor! Recognizing it felt so fulfilling and filled me with pride! To this day I have NEVER allowed someone to unfairly cut in line in front of me! I will be the first one to ask someone to go ahead of me, if they have less items in the grocery store... but DON'T you dare just Do it! (especially when I'm hungry!!)
I may be small... but WATCH OUT!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Carry On Tuesday!

I am so happy to participate in the first week Of Carry on tuesday! My sweet, dear friend Keith from Keiths ramblings created this brilliant prompt site for us Bloggers, and I am so Happy he did!
Hope u will pop in and visit, or better yet... join in!
Todays prompt is the opening line of 'A Walk After Dark' by W. H. Auden
Sorry Keith.. this is all I could come up with, but I just HAD to contribute on your first week!!

A cloudless night like this

can set the spirit soaring

Inspiring a sleepy, mischievous wife

To rid herself of her husbands snoring

She tiptoes towards his favorite chair

where he is.. snorting? whistling? blowing a horN?!

She stealthily rolls him to their outside deck

And leaves him out there till the early morn!

Monday, May 18, 2009

home sweet home

We know that April Showers bring May flowers... but do u know what May showers bring? (look at the photo closely to find the answer)

give up? here's the closeup...


My yard became loaded with mushrooms this month! At first we thought they were so cool! They actually looked like lawn ornaments, so we left them alone. Now they've started loooking like Rotten mushrooms so my husband is yanking them out! (No wonder the bunnies love my yard!)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jeepers Creepers

jeepers creepers
I am haunted by your peepers
left inside your decapitated head
discarded like trash in a sparse flower bed
Little baby bunny your young life sure ended crummy
you went from One day..hippety hoppin' through the 'hood
to the next day... Cosmo thinking...'mmm finger lickin good.'
I apologize for the actions of my beastly schnoodle
although it must have been a cat that took your kaboodle
Gruesome nightly nightmares of you have me excessively affected
When I close my tired eyes I see your brown eyes in a head...

Not sure if this poem tells the story clearly.
but one day.. I saw my dog Cosmo so distracted by something in our yard
he wouldn't come to me but kept trying to lick or eat something..
I know! It is so disturbing..
I was shocked and quite horrified to discover a tiny baby bunny head.
Since there wasn't any blood on cosmo or Anywhere.. I had to assume
he was not the murderer. I had an unusually difficult time with this entire
Sorry to pass this haunting image on to you but I am hoping that 'letting it go'
by writing about it, may finally help me let these nightmares disappear.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thanks Queen sized funny bone!

I've been honored with an award from my buddy Tammy over
at Queen-sized funny bone! (and BOY does she have the biggest, best funny bone!!)
The aims of this award:
* As a dedication for those who love blogging and love to encourage friendships through blogging.
* To seek the reasons why we all love blogging.
* Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
* Don't forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
* Answer the awards question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
* Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
* Don't forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I love blogging.
1. it began as a great outlet for me to attempt creative writing. Something I've always enjoyed doing.
2. also, when I first got a computer... i would sit there and look at the screen and say...Okay.. I've checked emails and played solitaire... WhAT else is there to do with this thing?? When my friend Ann suggested blogging... I jumped on it!
3. The very best thing that I love about blogging and Had no idea was part of the bargain of blogging?... The genuinely caring, kind, wonderful friends that I now have the pleasure of knowing, loving and staying in touch with.
Friends like Tammy Funny bone! Thanks so much for thinking of me and touching my heart and making me smile!

I'm passing this on to 4 friends.
first to my Friend Ann at Purlingswine, who got me started and manages to crack me up every time I see her.
and to another treasured Tammy..The daily warrior who will always have a special place in my heart.
I also want to award it to my newest very special blogging friend, Barbara atSkittles Place...(or as i have affectionally dubbed her... HOT buttah! ) Even though Tammy has already chosen Sherrie at
happy tiler ... I also have to choose Sherrie because if it wasn't for blogging I wouldn't have met this soul sister who I love with all my heart!
You ladies have all inspired me with your love and friendship!
The least I can do is award you this little blogging award that's loaded with BIG sincerity! xox

Friday, May 15, 2009

'P' soup

How many words starting with 'P' can you squeeze into a paragraph...or two.

Picky Penelope Potter preferred to Picnic in the particularly parched but pleasant perimeter of the park.
She packed her perfectly prim and proper pannier with her personal pet provision picks.
Pumpkin Pie, Pistachio pudding, Pickled Pizza, Plum Pancakes, Pineapple potatoes and the Popular Pork popsicles! Just as Penelope previously predicted, her platonic pal Peter the play-write phoned and planned on popping by. Penelope was so pleased that she also packed a pleasant piece of praline prune pecan pie... Peter's personal passion! A Precocious passerby named paul pretended not to Peek or prick his ears up but he privately Perked up when he peered at the picnic prizes penelope had un-Packed.
He proceeded with a profound plan to pilfer the picnic pannier! Pretending to be the parks patrolman, He performed a brilliant phony prank persuading Penelope to flee due to the pestilent pernicious Penguins that were proceeding down Pennsylvania place Piloting towards the Park!! In a Panic, Penelope only picked up her pretty Pink pumps and purple purse and paced purposefully away .. Like a perfectly pure pilgrim she proceeded to PLead with people picnicking to PLEASE precede before Pernicious Penguins pillage the park!!! People perceived her as pretty peculiar!
Paul pilfered, pigged out, then promptly projectile puked! Perfect punishment!

scribble soup

Saturday, May 09, 2009


First I want to wish every Mom a very special Mothers Day! Hope it's a day where you finally put your feet up and take a break from doing... EVERYTHING!!! I think NO ONE but a Mom really knows about what we manage to perform every single day, every single year... The energizer bunny has NoTHInG on us Moms! I will accept this special day and readily take any of the special stuff my family wants to bestow on me! I KnOW I deserve at least ONE freaking day a year to be WOrsHiped! Lay it on me babies!

As for the Sunday Scribblings prompt... a different kind of Healing came to mind... and being it's Mothers Day EVE and I am already in my 'treat me like a F**#ing goddess ' mode.. I will boldly go with it.. HEEling my crazy Pets!
I don't know when it happened but my dogs have gone bonkers. The incessant barking is driving me absolutely CRAZY! (Would like to have thrown another explicative in front of crazy, but I am already showing way too much of my current grumpy mood.) According to my favorite little adorable TV dog trainer.. Caesar Milan,The way to correct the barking is to first give these crazy dogs a job. They NEED to be walked every day. I feel awful to admit that I am such a lazy dog owner. Instead of walking them, I open the back-door for them! My dogs run around a lot in our fenced in back yard. (My youngest son is on doody duty.) BEING an ever so busy working Mom... this has been an easy solution in making us all happy. (well, maybe not 'doody' boy)

So, it is time to take on YET another task to perform. Walking these two Nuts. As soon as we take the leashes out, Cosmo just starts yapping. I make him sit and stay and won't walk him till he quiets down. Molly Just pulls us with all the strength from her incredibly strong Fat Ass.
She also has been known to poop while she is walking without missing a step... just poops along in the street as we go! (totally cracks us up!)
miss molly

"HEEL!" "SIT!" "QUIET! " (My neighbors are just loving us) I am still not sure HOW or WHEN all this heeling will eventually sever their vocal cords (Caesar hasn't elaborated much about that) No sooner do we get back in the house and they hear ONE tiny sound outside... The chorus begins! Molly with her deep baritone Woofs and Cosmo with his High-pitched weeny soprano Yap Yap Yaps, they just go right through me!!

I think it is going to take a lot more heeling lessons before we see miraculous results. But like they say.. every cloud has it's silver lining. Besides how happy this must be making Molly and Cosmo feel, this has also been a great way to coax my youngest son to take walks with me around the neighborhood, allowing for some nice talks and as always, something to crack up over. (btw.. Street doody cleanup became ANOTHER MOM job, as Doody boy doesn't like to touch doody with a baggie and we can't bring his GIant pooper scooper along for the walk)
(There better be a lot of ass kissing tomorrow!)
*** mothers day update... My youngest son just had THE best idea... Multiple kids? Multiple Mothers days each year! I still have TWO more to celebrate!! :)

mr. cosmo

Friday, May 08, 2009

worlds are colliding

Do u remember the Seinfeld episode where George is VeRY upset that his fiance Susan is becoming part of his 'friends world'. He felt mixing Relationship George with friend George would be catastrophic! His Worlds Colliding! I think there was a lex luther reference there too? (bone.. help me out!!) Well... I reluctantly joined up for facebook. I don't know why, 'cause I kept resisting and insisting it was part of my kids worlds and i Just didn't belong there. I declined so many invitations to befriend my...friends. Well, there was one special friend I just couldn't say no to... so I am in this whole new world... let's call it 'Over There'. I began by only letting the blogging friends from 'over here' know about 'over there'. But, Like many new undertakings.. you get a little over zealous.. (speech bubble over my head here) 'Gee.. who else do I know that has facebook???' So I invite my cousin from "real life' to 'over there', and one of my husbands co-workers, Then... there was an old friend who I had declined a facebook invitation from several months back... so I invited her 'over there'. Then my childhood friend Linda who I've written several posts about..... (Still waiting to hear from her)..but I bet soon She will be 'over there' .... Then it dawns on me.... without even getting my kids worlds involved... My OWN worlds are colliding and I am already panicking over this most likely catastrophic collision!! I don't want many people in 'real life' world to find me 'over here'! Because, if they are 'over there', eventually I just know that will lead back to 'over here'. I've already felt like I've told way too many real lifers about 'over here' and it's been hindering me from writing ALL that is in my heart and on my mind...WHAT have I gotten myself into?? What did George Do? Do I need to fly backwards around the earth a few rotations like superman? Or just admit once again in the immortal words of Ralph Kramdon... I've got a BIG MOUTH!!

Thursday, May 07, 2009


I LOVE the show the biggest loser! I think that it is inspiring people all around the globe to get up and get healthy! I get so caught up in the personalities and feelings of the contestants. In case you don't watch it.. this season it was couples losing weight together. Fathers and sons, cousins, moms and daughters.. At one point each couple had to choose who would stay on the biggest loser ranch and continue their progress and Who would have to go home and try to make it on their own. Of course when it came to a parent choosing... it's a no brainer, right? WHO would choose to stay and get healthy taking advantage of the greatest opportunity of their lives over their child having that dream come true... I will tell u who... HELEN! Just saying her name makes smoke come out of my nostrils! A 48 year old mom who lost over 100 lbs and is now in the finale. She is Very proud of her accomplishments as she should be. I just can't believe she can go home and look her unhealthy, over weight daughter in the eyes. It was so obvious to me that poor Shannon didn't have the courage to speak up and put her own needs before her moms. She relented and chose to go home. When Helen went home a skinny, healthier her.. there was Shannon still obese and looking unhappy. Even at the last challenge, don't you think that it was unusual that Shannon wasn't there... routing for her Mom? It could be an indicator that she is harboring some serious, yet valid resentments. (Can u believe how upset a tv show has me?) I kept waiting for Helen to say something to Shannon! NO! It was ALL about HER and it totally sickens me! I can't wait to see the finale on tuesday night... Helen..You are already THE biggest loser in my book, so I pray Someone else wins the 1/4 mill!
Here are helen & shannon before and
helen after

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Stimulating" Summertime memory!

Over at Heads or Tails the theme is any past theme.. I chose to RE-share a summertime memory from last year. In case you missed it the first time! (also..I am not feeling well.. so this was much easier than straining my foggy stuffed up head!)

As my green thumbed husband drove to work each and every day
He lustily admired Pagodas in a nursery on the way

So at the start of our vacation as a gift of my love and affection
I bought him a Pagoda in celebration of his flower gardens erection

Choosing a favorite Pagoda amongst so many was Harder than we thought it would be
Until with a stroke of luck the nice owner named Dick, offered us a premature summer sale on three

My husband erected his pagoda ramrod straight between his flowers and the earth
Very Happy with it's details, height, beauty and girth

As we sat each day enjoying the gardens new view with great admiration
A shaft of sunlight illuminated my eyes to a new observation

I scratched at my cocked head with curiosity till my finger joint went numb
What does this pagoda remind me of? NO answers seemed to come

Deep in my brains bone and in my hearts center core
I swear I've seen this Pagodas shape somewhere before

It's driving me nuts, what it is, I can not think!
But I must end my poem for my Pen is out of ink

heads or tails

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fun for me!

I know many bloggers have a playlist on their blogs. I have mine through
I LOVE choosing fitting music for some posts & I'm frustrated when they Don't have a song I NEED for my blog. So I am wondering if maybe you know if there is a way to pull from our own I-tunes library and somehow Add our own tunes to the playlist. Any help would be welcomed! Thanks!
(enjoy a little moloko tune with me!)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Confessions of a dangerous mind

(or confessions of a shopaholic?)

The Sunday Scribblings prompt is confession while the
scribblers soup prompt asks us to Write a piece using only quotes from movie titles, book titles, song verses or titles.
I just had to try and combine the two! Warning.. It is Bananas! Nuts! (see if u remember where each of the quotes comes from!)

I made a midnight confession each night while you were sleeping
I would vigilantly be your watchman sending your winged angels and demons weeping

so turn your lights down low, as I say a little prayer for you
and think "oh my man I love him so, he'll never know"
(I am cuckoo)

I pledge NO touch of evil, eraserhead or night of the living dead
would dare disturbia the slumber song lulling your dreamy eyes and wispy head

Suddenly, Dreams from my father allow me to remember a thousand splendid suns I spent locked inside a temple of doom
Bad Memories waft me into a nightmare before Christmas past event and my Crazy mind swoons

I dreamed a dream where in a sea of love I was hopelessly devoted to you
but you cried One day more Of your shopping addiction and we are finally through

From Dusk till dawn I flail violently at my own demons,
but I can't get no... Sa Tis Fac Tion
I awake in a sea of blood and discover I've committed a sequential
fatal attraction