Friday, May 25, 2012


I just can't get enough of this perdue chicken in a bag... affectionately  known by me as "the big chicken"
as it was cooking today... I kept talking about it to Mr. petals...." i can't wait for the big chicken"
"omg... smell that delicious big chicken"  " i can not WAIT to EAT the big chicken"  "what are YOU eating for dinner?  the big chicken is all  mine!"    Then.... while we were eating it....  S I L E N C E!  when no one is talking at my table, you can bet we are LOVING our food like CRAZY!!!

It all started a few months ago when we went to a friends for dinner and she served an oven stuffer roaster and hers was moist delicious and cooked perfectly!  I told her HOW much I love chicken, but every time I attempt one of these BIG boys, despite meat thermometer and carefully calculating its timing, as I carve it, I notice it's under cooked, have to put it back in the oven, wash the plate, knife and WAIT! The whole pink juice, raw chicken thing just makes me sick and turned off! Then, i usually put it back for TOO long and  I dry it out and the side dishes are ready and the chicken is gross and there is A LOT of conversation at the table that night.  So she told me her method of roasting it, the next week i tried to do it her way...PINK!
I  then told my meat lady this... ( the lady who puts out meat at the stop and shop)  She is very friendly and we say hello each week. SHE suggested the big chicken. I have to say...It is FOOL proof!  first off ... no washing that raw chicken which always reminds me of a baby and kind of freaks me out.  This sucker comes in a cooking bag, seasoned and ready to roast!  Another great thing?  the amount of juice in this bag is GREAT start for chicken soup! I always time it for 100 minutes and it's perfect! I use the leftovers and carcass and Voila... soup for dinner the next day! BUT- Even better....When I don't make soup...
Well... Did u ever notice, In many movies and tv shows, whenever they open the fridge to look for a snack, there is a delicious BIG yummy looking drum stick in there??  SO often, I've said to my husband  through the years... Mmm that looks so good,wish I could get up and find a snack like that in our fridge!  YUP.... on my way there right now!