Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Damn Halloween

Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays. Back in the day when hulk (with the bad cold) was about 5 and the sweet befuddled clown was under 2. I Loved making home made costumes. Quite a stretch for me, since I don't sew on a machine. A lot of things got stapled and taped together. I loved trick or treating with the kids, carving pumpkins, baking orange treats.
I loved being able to make costumes representing what the boys really loved. Like when they were into batman, but both preferred being Robin.
No need to fight guys, You can both be Robin. I loved hunting for the clothing or items I could miraculously turn into a super hero or villain. Like the year my oldest wanted to be Captain Hook, I found a perfect red dress on sale at Lerners. It had buttons up the front. I changed the buttons to large gold ones. I hand sewed white ruffles around the edges. I wish I could find a picture to show you, I remember being so proud of that costume. Something happened to me as the years went by. Slowly, year after year, I started dreading then hating Halloween. Maybe it began when my oldest wanted to go out alone. Maybe, it was the fear of my kids getting hurt, or running into trouble makers.
Maybe it's because in my neighborhood the kids began asking for More candy and not even saying " trick or treat" or "thank you". Maybe, it's because I am just an old grump.
What ever it is, I have been trying with the help of a pal, to get back in the spirit.
My friend Jenny LOVES this holiday. (spinningspiderjenny.blogspot.com) Just hearing her enthusiasm has made me try to be a little more zealous. I am actually going to dress up this year to hand the candy out to the little bastards. I am going to be Mickey Freaking Mouse. I actually helped my youngest Carve the pumpkin this year, instead of just throwing it on the porch. Unfortunately, He doesn't have the fun early childhood memories of halloween that my older kids have. After all, he is 8 years younger than my oldest. So when he was about 4, that was when my halloween resentment began. The poor deprived kid. As you can see from the following photo of him, my creativity went kaput. Being a ninja, meant wrapping a long sleeve, black t-shirt around his head and calling it a day.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that both of the boys dressed up like Robin one year! That is adorable!
My little cutie-pie neighbors came over dressed as princesses, while their little brother sat in his stroller with a lollipop and a huge grin. Too cute!