Thursday, June 28, 2007

Leo the Lioness

"What's your sign?" Doesn't that line bring the 70's rushing back to you? It is so corny and has been goofed on by some of the best of them. Remember Steve Martin doing the wild and crazy guy? I'm pretty sure he asked that question. I remember being very interested in astronomy as a teen. It was fun & I researched everyone I knew. I don't remember a lot of it but I remember it was interestingly right on the money for many people. Take me for example-( clearing my throat)- here is what the books say about us leos...
*Positive Traits
• Generous and warmhearted (true)
• Creative and enthusiastic (true)
• Broad-minded and expansive (true again)
• Faithful and loving ( true, true)
Negative Traits
• Pompous and patronizing ( Who me? How dare you, I am just perfect)
• Bossy and interfering ( this author sucks, I must inform him- Leos have NO negative traits)
• Dogmatic and intolerant ( I am getting a different books opinion on this!)
Leo Likes: speculative ventures, lavish living, rich food, children, drama, pageantry and grandeur ( Oh yes, darrrliinnng!)
Leo Dislikes:doing anything safely, day-to-day living, small-minded people, penny-pinching and mean spiritedness ( stay away from me you cheap, horrible people)

One day back in the crazy 70's, I walked into a lavish hair salon, looking for work. These two free spirited sisters gave me a rare job application. No social security number needed, No questions like " do you have job experience?" They wanted to know my birth place/day/ time/ year. They needed to find out if I would be in harmony with their surroundings. They were going to chart me. It was the only time I didn't get a job because my sun was in Pisces. Oh well, I had a feeling that their idea of harmony was conflicting with earths.
This was a fun Prompt from Sunday Scribblings, want to read more on this topic? click Here


Anonymous said...

Lucy, I'm laughing because I had an interview like yours where all that the guy wanted to know was where and when I was born. I passed his horoscope test and was offered a job in his bookstore. However, my husband had just gotten a job in another city so we were moving and I never got the chance to work there. Wonder how it would of turned out.

daisies said...

how fun ~ i'm definitely doing this prompt this weekend :)

that's amazing about the interview, that has never happened to me ... lol

myrtle beached whale said...

great take on a really fun prompt. I would really like your take on my one act play. Do you think it will win a Tony?

Anonymous said...

Great way to take the prompt.

Giggles said...

Lucy I love Leos, and have one living in my home! They are the best....but baby you forgot the lioness hair thing they have!! I have a rising Leo sign, hence my big hair obsession!
This post is cute and so you rock with all that new side bar info!!! So glad you got it how you want it!

The picture is adorable...I have many similar ones with lots of stuffed animals and a couple of dogs in them too!

Gill said...

Good grief - I can't believe that interview you had! My favourite aunt was a Leo and she was a darling - so you're in good company!

rel said...

I always thought that "sign" thing was a fun distraction if not taken too seriously. I can't imagine that job interview, how droll. ;-)

Unknown said...

Great story at the end. Very good post!