Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The honour of your presence is requested at Lucy's fantasy dinner party!

I have imagined many fantasy dinner parties sunday scribblers! Usually these fantasies don't have SEVEN guests or revolve much around the dinner, so I am choosing to tell you about One dinner party that YOU are going to wish had an extra table setting for you.
My dinner party would be very casual. We would probably gather on pillows on the floor around a large glass coffee table with various candles and colorful dinnerware. I will be serving...(well.. wait... this is a fantasy right?? I will have my cabana boy.. Hugh Jackman serving dinner) He doesn't count as one of my seven guests because he is the help ( and part of another fantasy!)
The first to arrive will be Bjork. She will bring her uniqueness and probably some Icelandic dessert that will look like a beautiful swan but taste a bit unusual. Next to arrive will be Cyndi (Lauper)... She will make a noisy entrance as she shows her true colors... her Fun personality along with some homemade brownies. Billie (holiday) will be right behind her.. Bringing me a bouquet of gardenias as her haunting sultry voice thanks me for getting her a night away from her lover man.
We will all shine on when John Lennon walks through the door, he brings with him an aura of peace and puts us all in a more relaxed mood. He also brings my favorite red wine and I imagine I will sit him right to my right.
Freddy( mercury) has given Judy (garland) a ride, and they walk in together with energy and spirit AND a trail of groupie fat bottomed girls? ( hugh escorts the girls to the pool to chill)
We all begin noshing on grilled veggies and artichokes oreganata, chick pea salad, shrimp and lobster cocktail, delicious wines... Their voices begin to break out with song . I am swooning and goose bumped from the harmony of all my favorite talented singers. WaIT.. I stop swaying to their voices and sipping my wine to ask Hugh... Gee... why hasn't Jerry arrived yet? I hope he is okay... No sooner than me asking hugh (who btw, is wearing only a bow-tie on his sexy neck and an apron around his chiseled waist)
The door bell rings and IN walks Jerry Seinfeld... (yes I know he doesn't sing but I adore him)....
and he says.. Did u ever notice... how You can measure distance by time. "How far away is it?" "Oh about 20 minutes." But it doesn't work the other way. "When do you get off work?" "Around 3 miles." I'm Sorry I'm late... but your invitation with your address flew out my car window on the l.i.e.(long island expressway)! hey.. I brought you some NON fat frozen yogurt and Soup!

There u have it!
this was a fun one girls! Congrats to Laini!


Cherie said...

What a group and the delectable Hugh doing the honours ... sounds sensational ;)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

If you invite me to the next one I will bring you a really nice hostess gift.

George S Batty said...

great comment by "Seinfeld" or you. love the comparison between time and distance. I've been singing about it all day long

Forgetfulone said...

Very clever! I'd love to be at that party!

Bone said...

Your Seinfeld joke is killing me. LOL