Wednesday, March 31, 2010

knock three times

If you've read my blog for a while, you're probably aware that I was having these STRANGE dreams. I called them my 'baby dreams'. I am always forgetting about taking care of a baby child or even a baby dog. I received SO many thoughtful, detailed comments trying to help me decipher these crazy dreams... well, last nights dream has these BEAT! Literally! I am almost embarrassed to share my bizarre, horrible dream! Does it indicate that deep down , I am a dark psycho killer??
or should I call myself a cockapoo killler??? I don't think even Dr. Phil could help me Decipher this one! My sweet beautiful cockapoo Molly (who I adore! I swear to you, I adore her!!) was in a Huge pot of soup and I was... well ...trying to kill her in there! ALL of a sudden it dawned on me, that this may be TOO painful of a way to die (boiling??!!) SO I take my favorite soup ladle and start Beating her on the top of the head with it!
OMG!! I am hysterical laughing even thinking about it again! It's so funny, but It's also SO WACKY. I was so upset by it, that I awoke( before she was totally dead,) in a frightened state!!
I stumbled out of bed and told my dream quickly to mr. petals. His eyes bugged out and he laughed and said.. YOU are CRAZY! My kids are still laughing and every time Molly gets under my feet today they yell... hey Mom... Hit her with your ladle! Which made me realize, that may be the association between her and the pot of soup... she is ALWAYS right under my feet when I try to cook, waiting for the clumsy chef to drop a carrot shaving or a piece of chicken, but seriously what is up with trying to knock her repeatedly over the head with a ladle??


Queen-Size funny bone said...

death by cook

Queen-Size funny bone said...

death by cook

Giggles said...

I'm totally is poor Molly if you have your way!!!

haha maybe it's a meno dream...holy wackiness lady!!I am teased constantly by all the weird things I do in this'd have a hard time living that one down where I live!!! Fodder for fun...I am still shaking my got me trumped....ask Pepper about some of my weird happenings!!

Hugs Anyway....cwazy lady
Giggles rofl xxxooo

Bone said...

Oh, Lucy. This both cracked me up and had me feeling so bad for you.

I think my most frequent recurring dream is that I'm back in college and I keep skipping a couple of my classes so that I finally just withdraw so I don't fail.