Friday, April 16, 2010

4 years?? AND counting!

It occurred to me that April 20th will be my FOUR year blogging anniversary! I guess it makes sense then, that I am doing this less and less frequently, right? Although, so many of my favorite blogs haven't lost their enthusiasm. It's not even that I've lost it as much as I feel I don't have much to write about. But then I got to thinking that I have SO much going on and I used to find it fulfilling to just write about what's going on! so here I go.. A condensed post (Although I've never been so good at shortening things) As to what's been going on around here that keeps me so busy and makes me find NO time to blog...
1. ALL the college work! That went on For so long... helping my youngest son with research and applications. The paper work seemed endless.. and Eureeka! He has chosen his university. We've been busy now with tour dates/ then a preview weekend/ and soon he will have a 3 day orientation.
Not to mention all the shopping for dorm items that will be coming up as well. So we've got this huge thing going on..

2. Teaching this same son to drive! holy smokes! I don't have to tell the parents out there how traumatic and torturous and nerve wracking this can be! As I wrote in last post.. he passed! NOW my worries really begin! (this seems a good spot to insert a photo of us!Since I haven't posted pics in forever!)

3. Zumba. I have decided I really want to stop wishing for things I desire.. and instead GO FOR THEM! I was certified to teach zumba (which is a FUN dance/exersice program, incorporating 70% international music) back in September but never put it into action. Well.. recently when a friend of mind asked me if I am living my life as fully as I would like to be.... I realized... I WANT and NEED to do this! So I've been spending A LOT of my free time Practicing and Choreographing Dance routines (instead of blogging). I also signed up for the second step zumba work shop which will teach more about flamingo and belly dance and the business end of things.. I attend this all day work shop this sunday! looking so forward to it! I've set myself a goal as to WHEN I will be ready to look for work doing this.. September. When My youngest begins his journey into college life...On my nights or mornings off, I will be shaking my bootie, having a ball and I hope giving others a fun work out too! I realize I've given myself a LONG time to achieve this goal..but hey! I'm getting old! I give myself extra credit for even attempting this!
(turn up your volume baby! My first 3 songs are ZuMbA songs that I lOVe!)

4. Attending my eldest son's performance at the Whitney Museum in Manhattan! This was SUCH an exciting, tremendous evening! I can't believe i haven't blogged about it. Ari Marcopoulos, a photographer/film artist originally from Amsterdam, who has worked with Andy Warhol, asked my sons band, yellow tears, to perform at his art exhibit at the Whitney! Their band is in to power electronics and it was really was performance art! I was so excited to be there and I actually, FINALLY, really "GOT" what their sound was all about. So many of my sons friends came out to support him and they all said to me...'you know this is HUGE, right??" they were so adorable.. I DO know that this was a huge opportunity and experience! (here is a photo of the band with Ari (my son on right) and Of course ME with Ari too! haha
I can't place these pics correctly!!)

5. LIFE... Isn't it so hectic? Between working 4 long days a week, trying to keep a clean house, laundry up to date, food shopping as well as shopping for my business. Scheduling and keeping various appointments, The days just fly and time does too! I haven't even mentioned the birthdays, holidays,get togethers, family obligations! So there you have it! YOU have it? WhO? I don't think I have many readers left! I noticed that after my last post.. But,I am so grateful for my few blog friends who faithfully still check if I'm alive and if i've updated! Thank you! I am taking my friend Sherries advice... I am blogging For ME. If no one is out there, it's okay. I'm satisfied that after nearly 4 years, I'm continuing this enjoyable hobby!


2cats said...

I remember the exhaustive search for colleges and the weekend visits. It is very time consuming.
I will visit no matter how often you post.

Gill said...

4 years, wow! Sounds like you're have a VERY busy time at the moment, but busy's good right?!

I still read all your blog posts, I'm just really lazy about commenting!


Giggles said...

Congratulations Lucy! Life just gets in the way of blogging at times!! Zumba is physically so much healthier than blogging anyway! I am so proud of you for following through on the possibility of teaching it! You are an inspiration to middle aged women! You go girl, wish I had your tenacity! I too have blogged so much less...but it happens... The daily minutia can be boring to others.... I love how you have condensed the months, well written! You didn't even mention mental pause in the mix lol! Anyway happy blogversary!

Love write and we will read!!! luv ya!

Penny said...

Wow four years is fantastic! You are so right though, why not just write about what's been going on? I'm the same as you, feeling like I don't have anything to write about and just not blogging. I think I should go and make a post :)

Forgetfulone said...

Four years goes by fast! In some ways. You have been busy! I hope your Zumba workshop went well today. Oh, just have to tell you about those pix on this post. In one of them, it looks like the guy is flipping us off! Maybe it's just my dirty mind! LOL

Congrats on four wonderful blogging years, and here's to four more!

Lucy said...

thanks Everyone! and Diane... You didn't see wrong.. Ari not only flipped the bird but YELLED what the finger implied! haha IT Helped him get a great photo, though! haha
He was crazy in the best possible way!

Bone said...

Happy bloggiversary, Miss Lucy! Coming here almost always puts a smile on my face.

I think my Dad continued to give me unsolicited friendly driving tips anytime he was riding with me up until my late twenties. Maybe even longer.

Unknown said...

It's all good here-you GO girl!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Congratulations Lucy! It just seems to fly by doesn't it? :)

Misty DawnS said...

FOUR years?!?! You ROCK! That's AWESOME!

Marshmallow Recipes said...

Greeat reading your post