Friday, October 29, 2010

It's been so long since I last posted, I almost feel uncomfortable choosing something to write about, but I just came from my sweet buddy Giggles blog and her words as usual, have inspired me to just TRY to get back here and write. period.
This uncomfortable feeling reminded me of how uncomfortable we feel when we lose touch with people.. Have you ever felt this?... It's been so long... the obligation feels like it's in your hands.... but you've been out of touch for a year or more... how do you make that phone call? Awkward but necessary to continue this relationship with dear friends that you have less in common with now but they're friends that you've had for over 30 years. Hmmm (I'll have to procrastinate a bit longer with this problem)

As I predicted nearly two months ago in my last post... I've been Busy! My library Zumba jobs don't begin until Nov 9th BUT... about one month ago, I was hired by a local community center to teach Zumba every thurs. eve! I've also been teaching every other sunday at the same center, helping out a friend with her class until her injury heals. I am LOVING teaching! My first class... I was So scared... I felt so nervous and was sure I would never remember all the steps to 15 songs... BUT!!! guess what?? it went better than I had ever expected!! WHY do we always doubt ourselves?? ALL those needless, worrisome, sleepless nights!! The program director, who hired me called me and left me the absolute BEST message! She said... "Lucy... these members are VERy vocal and I usually hear complaints... But EVERYONE is coming to me to tell me HOW much they LOVE your class and they LOVE YOU!!!" (What always went hand and hand with my self-doubting?? NEVER admitting or sharing praise like this! Well... here it is!! I am putting it out there and am NOT going to be embarrassed about sharing a compliment that I am doing a super job!) (okay.. i admit it... I almost deleted that compliment)
What is surprising me a lot about this new endeavor?? I never expected to love choreographing my own routines so much. Like an artist who paints a beautiful picture and enjoys seeing the reaction of admirers... When I look out at the students who are not only mirroring All the steps and moves that I put together to go with the music, but also ENJOYING doing them and doing them so well.... WOW! I am feeling so proud of myself! I had so many wonderful people encouraging me to get going with this dream I had.. but I keep thinking of my friend Ana.. who said... 'Lucy.. JUST START! it will all fall into place." What a good lesson that is and it can pertain to so many things that we are always either worried about or putting off or OVER thinking! Just start!! or as Nike so brilliantly coined... JuSt DO it!
(hmmm guess I better call my dear old friends tomorrow morning :)
wow.. Look at that ... I actually wrote something! Whew! the blog ice is broken!


Queen-Size funny bone said...

Good for you, besides I bet you could sell the Brooklyn bridge with that personality. People are attracted to positive people.

Giggles said...

You rock....I always knew you'd be good at anything you put your hand to!! Say it loud and proud Ms Petals you have worked hard towards this goal.So glad you broke the blog ice.

Just remember your friend could call you too! Life gets busy, ask yourself if you really need more people taking up your time right now! Don't beat yourself up, we need boundaries at this age, because time is just too precious. Pick up the phone when you have a block of time to talk. I know thats rare for you especially with the new hobby/job!

Owe you an email....soon I hope.

Hugs Sherrie

Forgetfulone said...

Good for you! Getting out of the slump. And I tagged you, so that will make an easy post to do! Come see me!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Love that you're busy, but miss you! :)