Saturday, February 19, 2011


So my mom calls me crying yesterday. She has been 'fired' from her VOLUNTEER job!
My mom, who will be 82 this year, has dedicated 10 years of her life to helping at this hospital, 8 hours each week. EVERY time I speak to her she tells me that she LIVES for this job! Through these 10 years, She has been nominated for volunteer of the year, She has sent me copies of letters from people praising her kindness and help. She was even praised in the local paper after helping a patients daughter, who just happened to be a reporter. Mom sits in the surgery waiting area and is there to answer the phone and communicate with family members while their loved ones are having surgery. She is also allowed to call the recovery room and inquire about the patients condition if the family member requests that. Their reason for 'asking her to leave' is that the nurse (bitch?) in the recovery room claims my mom called one day 8 times. Mom denies it was that often. The same nurse also claims that she over heard my mom telling a family member that they couldn't have any more cookies. ( insert my 'what the F*** expression here)
I know they say there are always 3 sides to every story, yours, their's and the truth. All I know is WHATEVER the real story is... this is Bullshit! Are they aware that this woman has lost 3 husbands, buried all her siblings, lives alone, thrives on getting out to be kind and helpful to strangers, is extremely compassionate and completely Harmless?? I am so heart broken for her. I offered to call the director of volunteers to just convey my moms feelings better and question the problem. Mom agreed and actually was relieved to have someone step in. Well, I left a cell message yesterday,but have not heard back yet.
In all fairness, to try to tell THEIR side of the story fairly... they DID offer to send her to another facility to help out. Although that sounds nice, I didn't care for them wording it to her that it's 'Like a promotion". She is not 12. Please don't patronize my mother. My mother is so comfortable in her current position and location. She knows all the doctors and they all joke with her and hug her and this adds to making her days there delightful. Sending an elderly woman to a new location and calling it a promotion is adding insult to injury, in my opinion.
If this director doesn't call me back by tuesday (giving her the 3 day weekend). I am considering trying to contact the head of the hospital. I already searched the website and I don't see an email address for him, but I am hoping their main Number can connect me. Not sure if I can help my mom, but this fire in my belly is propelling me to give it my best try.
What would you do? Any suggestions or comments would be so appreciated!


Giggles said...
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Giggles said...

This is a real tough one. I'd call to inquire why she was let go. There could be a very reasonable explanation that has been misconstrued. Then I'd inform someone in authority how important this position is for your mothers well being.. Work with the authorities to find resolve. You never know you could have a nurse with her own agenda, one that just doesn't want someone watching over her...a Nurse Jackie type ( drug addiction)! Management may not even be aware what happened to your mom...Be open minded to what you may hear.

Love you Lucy
Hugs Giggles

Lucy said...

thanks so much giggles!( I think You're the only one who stuck with my infrequent blogging! )
I know you're right.. I thought of that too... I am ready to hear ANYTHING!
Love u! xox

Bone said...

That is so heartbreaking, Lucy.

I guess I'm too late to offer any advice, but I hope things have worked out for your mother.

Forgetfulone said...

Sorry I'm so late reading this. Glad you're sticking up for your mom. She sounds so sweet. Please keep us posted on what is happening.

Forgetfulone said...

I left a comment but it's not showing up. I'm still here with you! Just late. Your mom sounds so sweet. Glad you're sticking up for her. Please keep us posted.

Lucy said...

thanks so much Bone and Diana! YOU are both here still!!! Like giggles!! so nice I haven't lost my favorite buddies! thank you!
I have my comments moderated on older posts Di, because of how much spam I was getting, that's why it didn't show up right away. this post must be two weeks old.
Quick update... the director called my Mom back instead of me telling her .."tell your daughter not to worry, it will all work out" she tried to place her in a position that would make her happier, but after trying it, she was MORE upset. it was awful, she just sat in a chair for 4 hours. So they are still working on trying to find a better spot for her. She is feeling very rejected and upset. I am giving them another week to try to set this all straight and give her adequate time to hopefully be happy in the new job.
I will post an update soon!
hugs! xox