Sunday, December 04, 2011

the JOY in gift giving ;)

Having small children can really limit a couples intimacy time. When our boys were young, active and ALWAYS within earshot... mr. petals and I found a crafty way to grab some... eh hem... Alone time!
We happened upon it accidently... We were locked up in our bedroom frantically rushing, wrapping the kids Christmas gifts one sunday afternoon. Within a few minutes the boys were knocking and asked... what are u doing in there? Mr. Petals replied... 'We are wrapping presents and If you stay in the den and play nice together while we are in here, we will give you ONE early Christmas gift when we're done! Excitedly they complied and excitedly we stole some extra time to unwrap each other, rustling a little foiled reindeer paper here and there, in case one of those little monkeys decided to listen by the door! So began our little genius charade to rendezvous!
After the new year, we decided to collect tiny, inexpensive treasures and keep them in a shopping bag in our bedroom closet. Fun erasers, plastic soldiers, pogs, fancy pencils, yoyo's, pokeman cards... ALREADY wrapped, READY to go! Sexy mr. petals (also, always ready to go) adopted a new 'line' when he wrapped his loving arms around me... "want to go wrap some presents??" It was Amazing how quiet and well behaved our boys would stay when they thought we were 'wrapping gifts' for them! Quite an innocent fib and small price to help keep our marriages love light burning!

The boys are grown now. No more excuses needed for alone time for us, We are empty nesters! But during Christmas time I often get nostalgic so with a wink and a smile I cuddle up to mr. petals and ask...
"Want to wrap some presents??"


Giggles said...

This is a story to be preserved for sure!! So Santa still came even though you were naughty!!! lol Wonderful love story! Great way to steal some mistletoe time!! So glad for these last couple of posts!!!

Love Giggles xxoo

The Poet said...

Smiling...what a great way to spice things up/keep the romance alive & everybody's happy!
Lovely memories to cherish.
Good for you!
Thanks for sharing.

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Our Candlelight Of Love

keiths ramblings said...

A lovely story of married bliss!If the boys read your blog your little secret is out!

Old Egg said...

What a fantastic and inventive solution in solving that perennial problem. Why didn't we think of that 40 or more years ago!

Bone said...

That's such a great story!

Although I remember being at my cousins' one December and hearing what sounded like my uncle putting together a bike. Surely that wasn't...