Friday, May 22, 2015

writing class

 J  judicious persistent Jaunt
O  optimistic endless quest
U  unraveling self-awareness acceptance forgiveness
R  reflective responsible resolved
N  nurturing self-preservation passion potential purpose
E  energized engaged enlightened

Y  you. Your lifelong voyage to self-discovery

I haven't had much time to write these days, so I was excited when I saw my library had a writing class for 3 wed. eves in April.
I signed right up! I'm Just sharing one of my homework assignments.
We were to write an acrostic poem for journey. I've been really trying to work on many of the attributes I wrote about. From what I gather from so many of the amazing women I see in my salon, there are SO many of us always working on this. How difficult is it to forgive yourself?  What about self-preservation? It's not until we grow older and wiser that we see how important it is to sometimes have to distance ourselves from friends even relatives to preserve our own sanity, our own pride. 
I hear so many heart wrenching stories of unforgiving stubborn behavior in many relationships. parents not speaking to their own children. Siblings squabbling over nonsense. How many times should we subject ourselves to heart ache and unjustified criticism and abuse? Much of it really is downright abusive. I was so happy when recently one of my sweet sensitive friends valued herself enough to say, "That's enough".  She walked away from a relationship that had caused her nothing but heart ache. She is a hero to me. I am still having such a hard time with self preservation. hmm..
Forgiveness too, but my journey is just that.. and if it truly Is a life long journey, I sure hope I have much more time to get to.. Enlightenment. :)


Forgetfulone said...

I have no doubt you will. Glad to see you blogging! Sounds like you're loving your writing class.

Bone said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Lucy. I often find it rather easy to forgive others, yet so difficult to forgive myself.

Thanks for writing (and posting) this, my friend.

Lucy said...

thank you Diana! I was loving the class but it was only 3 classes. it's over. It did help inspire me to try to blog again. Hope you're doing well. thank u for still checking in on me! xoxo

Lucy said...

hi bone! thank you too for checking in on me! you are so right... I forgive others very easily but continue to beat myself up over even the smallest things! it takes time... but being aware is the first step buddy. so happy to hear your nice comment . I am going to try to write more regularly! xoxo

Giggles said...

Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, doesn't mean you have to continue having those people in your life. The energy vampire is toxic and often petty! The older you get the wiser we get! That woman is my hero too, because that is often the toughest choice you make. It's all about emotional preservation! Toxic people, " Ain't nobody got no time for that" lol ALWAYS good to see you here! How did I miss this?

Hugs Giggles

Lucy said...

always SO good to read your wise comments!! thank you Giggles!! energy vampires are EVERYwhere... should we wear the garlic around our necks? hugs!