Monday, July 10, 2006


Saturday Night we went to a friends party. I'm not a big drinker so I only had two drinks. They were delicious. An apple martini first then a sex on the beach. I felt fine. I didn't even feel buzzed. I walked into the outdoor bathroom and didn't realize there was a step down. BANG! I went down hard. I was more embarrassed than hurt. Of course my husband assumed I was Lit, since usually I am after ONE drink. Thank goodness, I didn't break anything, but I did bruise my ankle and knee. The next morning, I was sick as a dog. Nausea then vomiting. I can't believe 2 drinks did me in like this! Maybe it was the different liquors in the mixed drinks. Vodka usually doesn't make me sick. My head ached all day, my stomach was frail all day. Not to mention, by the after noon, by right leg was aching my ankle was worse. Sunday which is usually my favorite day of the week, was just awful and wasted. Of course now, I've sworn I will NEVER drink again. Hugging my toilet bowl all morning is just not my cup of tea. We have all been there - On our knees- laying on the bowl, not caring who's ass has been there- Finding religion- Any higher power that will make us feel normal again. But, alas, Our memories are short even when it comes to discomfort, or we all would have had just one kid.


ann said...

little Lu!! I hope you are feeling better by now - poor thing!

Anonymous said...

I thought of you last night when we were at a wedding and stuck with one type of drink! That made it a lot easier to get up this morning! Hope your ankle and knee are better by now.