Friday, July 21, 2006

My blog teacher

Today I am going to dedicate this post to my friend Ann. If it wasn't for her I would have never started blogging. She was the first person to tell me what the hell a blog even was. She was and still is the only person I know with a blog. She Is- as I always tell her " the hippest chick I know". Now that she has taught me how to link, I would love to link my buddies to her blog. I am taking quite a risk of losing the few readers I have. She is usually a daily blogger ( unlike me). She receives many comments ( unlike me) She is a talented knitter ( unlike me). She is Witty and funny. ( I bet you thought I was going to write unlike me here.) When you check out what Ann has to say, you will notice she has many links to many great blogs. Sometimes she uses words like larder, but don't let that throw you- She is worth reading. So thanks Ann- I am really liking this blogging thing. And I really like you. ( not like you,like you,-just like you ) xo


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Jane said...

I too had no idea how to blog or really get in to it, but I am so hooked now it could surpass my love of chocolate :))