Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm in a place called Vertigo

I have a feeling I wasn't hung over after all last week. After two more mornings of literally spppiinnnggg around my house and nausea that was unbearable, I went to the Dr. It Appears I have VERTIGO , Which is most likely caused by a viral inner ear infection. I am praying that this is a quick visit from the evil vertigo. He is ruining my life. He actually gets into my head while I am still sleeping. I can feel the room spinning through my dreaming. Then trying to sit up and walk is the equivalent of what it would feel like to stand and walk while on a roller coaster. Friday morning I had to sit for 90 min. ( in one spot) till I felt well enough to take a shower. Saturdays sit in was for 2 and a half hours. I had to cancel all of my hair appointments. Today, I am still not 100 % and I have been up for 3 hours. The dr. gave me medication, Antivert. It is suppose to prevent and treat the nausea and dizziness. The side effect that I am getting from it is tiredness. I slept all day on saturday. When evil visits you, you can't help but long for normalcy. I will never again take for granted the normal, blah days that are routine, busy, tiring. I am longing for them. I also can't stop thinking of all the really sick people out there, that have symptoms like this and worse that they have to live with daily. I am especially thinking of a dear friend who is going through Chemo. My heart aches for him.

If any body has any advice about this deviant, please let me know. If this Evil Mr. Vertigo doesn't leave my body soon, I will be blogging from the looney house. Either that, or I will arrange an exorcism? Any one game?


Anonymous said...

Anna Said,

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Try to relax and remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

Nancy Wetmore-Mathews said...

My husband had the same problem a few weeks back. Same meds and same side effects. The dr mentioned that it may just be dehydration from the horrible heat. So he's been ODing on water everyday and he hasn't had any dizziness in about 2 weeks.

It might help, it certainly can't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I have had vertigo twice in my life. Once about 20 years ago, it was caused by stress that time. Then about 2 years ago I got it, It took about 2 weeks for the worst to pass, but about 6 months for it not to bother me at all.
Hope you are feeling better.

Lucy said...

Wow i didnt realize you could get vertigo from stress! Im glad you're better wendy, thanks for writing and entering the contest! Your story was sweet, i tried to find your email address but couldnt. thanks!