Monday, September 18, 2006

happy birthday?

Saturday night, We went out to dinner to
Ruvo's .
We were celebrating a very special friends 50th birthday.
The food was so fabulous.The company was so fun,The wine was delicious.
50 is such a milestone birthday. Birthdays in general, to me, should always be special.
( especially these major ones!) My husband teases me that I am a nut when it comes to birthdays.
I really try very hard not to forget to send cards and call the people who are important to me. After all, major holidays are for everyone, but one just one precious day a year is yours all to your self. My son Frank, said something so sweet to me a few years ago when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said " Mom, I should be getting you a gift for my birthday, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be here". That was one of those melting mom moments.
It surprises me when some of my friends say they don't want their birthdays acknowledged. One friend didn't even tell her kids she was having a 40th. It was too depressing or something. How do you guys feel about birthdays? Do you love receiving cards and birthday wishes? Or, do you wish birthdays would just go away?


Karen said...

I love birthdays!! I love baking cakes for my kids (and their friends) and picking out or making presents. As for myself, I don't have a problem with getting older. I will be 47 in November and I don't care who knows it (just don't ask me my weight).

Anonymous said...

My birthday is not a big deal for me. Age is just another number. I do like to make sure my kids and husband have a special meal and a homemade cake on their birthdays, however.
I think that a comment like Frank's, though, would be an excellent gift!

Anonymous said...

My Dad told me, "You're only as old as you feel." That said, getting older has never bothered me much (well, when I turned 30 it kind of hit me on the head I was leaving my 20's behind...that's already a long time ago...) and I LOVE birthdays.
One of my favorite dinners is eating a yellow cake with real buttercream frosting, embellished with roses and leaves, etc. We generally don't cook a meal on our family birthdays, and just eat cake and icecream - two servings each or more!

The whole family likes presents on our respective birthdays (tho' Chris pretends he doesn't, but doesn't fool me) They don't have to be excessive or anything - just a token of love.

I feel bad for folks who don't like such celebrations - but I guess, "to each his/her own." Give me a birthday party anyday!!