Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This little pinky went to market

I was e-mailing a friend, who wanted to know How I smashed my pinkie finger. A light bulb went off- hey maybe I will write about this on the blog. I've been feeling blogless these days. I feel like if I don't have a damn good story, who will be interested? Or as my son Nick likes to tell me- Who Cares Mom? Why do you think anyone wants to read about your life? He really is sweet but he is also painstakingly honest. So anyway, about the stupid pinky. Which, by the way I remember reading somewhere that eventually it will grow smaller and smaller and we won't have one as we evolve, because we no longer use it???? What's up with that theory, Don't they type? I've been trying to type without the pinkie, trust me, you need that little guy. So anyway, in case you don't know me- I do a lot of things fast- talk, drive, walk and CLEAN. ( to name a few). While Cleaning on Saturday morning, I was rushing as usual to finish before work, I was wiping my table like the karate kid doing " sand the deck" on speed. That little pinky guy wasn't holding the paper towel with his four pals, he was jutting out there like a happy penis. Ram! right into the wood chair that was tucked under the table. YEOWWWW- My nail lifted partly off! (I know!- don't you have chills right now-??) It hurt worse than child birth. Yet, I had to work, despite the pain the blood the tears. ( im a cry baby, too) It wasn't easy, but professional that I am -I managed. The best part of the pinkie story is it reminded me of how my husband makes fun of fast lulu. My favorite time was when we were shopping in Costco, and he must have told me to "slow up" ten times. ( anywhere we go, I am fast walking 20 steps ahead of him, till i realize and TRY to slow up, it's like torture for me) So, all of a sudden he grabs my shopping cart and starts running down the aisles, throwing things in the cart and doing a very hysterical imitation of me shopping. I guess you had to be there, I still laugh so hard when I think of it.
So there Nick! I told my story anyway, na na na na na


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Lucy - you're a hoot.
"...jutting out there like a happy penis"- what a priceless description!! Nothing could say it better! Oosh, is the nail turning black, tho'?

Keep those stories coming - we care!

Kayt said...

You managed to make me both laugh and whince - now that's a talent! :D

and thanks for stopping by my blog :)