Thursday, October 26, 2006

Champagne Anniversary!

This year is my Champagne Anniversary!
Never heard of that? Neither had I. Three of my friends who are sisters ( and fantastic women ) told me about this. A champagne anniversary is when the date of your anniversary matches the years married ( the 26th of Oct. and I am married 26 years) These girls were so funny, As they were explaining to me what this is, they became so excited when they learned that mine was this year! I have asked SO many people if they knew of this tradition and NO ONE has. I think, maybe, you girls made this up to have an excuse to celebrate in a bigger way. Maybe, seduce the husbands into better presents? GOOD IDEA LADIES! It is a lot of fun ( just like you). My husband and I don't really care for Champagne and being on weight watchers ( I lost another pound this week)! I think we will be celebrating with some lite ice cream! Ooooooh la la !

The first photo is early on in our dating. I am guessing it's from May of 1976. The next one- you've got it! October 26th 1980.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the champagne anniversary either. Too bad- I missed it by about 10 years!

So how is it possible that you two youngsters are married that long?!

Anonymous said...

What fantastic photos of the two of you lovebirds. Wishing you wonderful, albeit belated, anniversary wishes.