Friday, October 20, 2006

Petal update

Since I am not a daily blogger, I thought I should update some topics I've touched on. This week, things are calmer than last. I am so relieved that I got to visit my injured son. He is doing okay. In spite of the pain, he is trying to continue his life without much down time. He lives with such nice friends, who help him get dressed, tighten his brace and help him cook. The night he called me from the E.R. my youngest son was having his birthday celebration. He had 15 kids here. Inside, outside, skateboarding , video games and the dreaded Man hunt. I was busy jumping from window to window, to downstairs in the rec. room, making sure things stayed calm. Of course, when the call came in from My hurt son, I was away from spy duty. Wouldn't you know it, a father comes to pick up his daughter a few minutes after my emotional distraction. I run downstairs to the main party area, NO daughter! I go to the back yard where kids are on the trampoline, No daughter. I yell for my son, who says she took a walk! Holy Shit! I mean she is only 14 years old. Aren't I responsible for her? Why the hell would she walk away? I have to return to the door to tell this very protective father, that his kid is not here! You can't even imagine the look on his face.( i keep thinking I am going to hear from his attorney!) It ended up that she decided to walk home,which is not far, but still this is 10 p.m. and she didn't tell anyone where she was going! My husband and I start arguing, (because he just hates it when i am beating myself up!) He is like, "they are 14- You can't possibly just sit and watch them all night. She shouldn't have done that!" Thank god nothing had happened to her, because come on guys- No matter what she did, I still argue- "She is my responsibility, when she is at my home!" On top of this stress, I am still upset and wanting to drive 3 hours to be with Mr. bike accident. Again, the husband disagrees and tells me to "calm down" and "think things through". I always say my kids would still be in diapers if they didn't have a dad.( Needless to say- that will be the last party my son has until high school graduation.)

Another update- if anyone read about my mom ( a few posts ago). Well, she is recovering from knee replacement surgery. She is doing super. Of course, they are giving her the v.i.p. treatment, due to her dedication in volunteering at that hospital. I pray the rehab isn't too painful.

As for the weight watching progress. The first week I lost 3.4 lbs! It was so exciting, and It was difficult. So difficult that the 2nd week, I just couldn't be as strict and I gained a couple of ounces. Hell, With all that was going on, what with missing kids, injured kids, and birthday cake, I guess that wasn't too bad. This week I am kind of sort of back on track again, but still craving massive amounts of sweets. I baked the w.w. recipe for cupcakes. It was actually delicious. But who can stop at 1 or 2 cupcakes. Also, they reminded me of yankee doodles sans the cream, so i have discovered shoving the whipped cream nozzle in them and giving a good squirt is doodley delicious! To make them all you do is combine a chocolate cake mix with 15 oz. of canned pumpkin and a 1/4 or so can of water. Bake for the time the box says for cupcakes. (anti- pumpkin people-) It doesn't taste like pumpkin at all. Don't forget the ready whip! ( they are 2 points without the cream!)
So that is the latest in my world, hope you share your thoughts with me.


Karen said...

Glad to hear things are getting back to normal for you, and that everyone is recovering nicely. Thanks for the cupcake recipe, I'll have to give it a whorl.

Anonymous said...

Don't beat yourself up, girlfriend. 14 is old enough to know that you don't take off without telling anyone. Peter knows what he's talking about!