Monday, October 02, 2006


Okay here we go- I have wanted to participate in
Sunday scribblings for a long time. I'm worried that I won't know how to link correctly. This very clever blog, gives you a weekly suggestion of a topic you can blog about. This week it's skin.
Many things come to mind but I'm choosing to talk about feet. Yes, feet. (As frightened as I am to have you realize - I AM A NUT.)
So many people are walking around on hard, calloused feet. I envy them their freedom to go barefoot. To use this skin like a pair of comfortable, broken in shoes. But it's still part of your body. I am obsessed with caring for my feet. I Never walk barefoot outdoors. It looks so easy and comfortable. i've tried it. I am instantly discomforted. I need to run for the foot cream. Yes, not hand cream- I have found the Best foot cream after trying many.( Gold Bond Foot cream) After standing up all day at work, I can't tell you how dry my feet are!
( i can't stand that feeling) I think standing makes them dryer than normal. First, when work is done- I can't wait to wash my hands. but next, the feet.
( still not sure i am a looney?) My favorite treat is when my husband rubs them for me. usually I am lucky enough to have this amazing, sensual foot massage a few times a week!( ahhhh haaa! that's why we've been married so long!) His routine is to start with Johnson's baby oil gel ( i like the lavender scent). He massages that in first, then comes the gold bond foot cream. He knows my favorite pressure points. He has many stress relieving manipulations. My feet seem to control my well being. Just like a glass of fine wine can mellow & relax, calm & sedate you. A foot massage does that and more! It is also an intimate bonding, a time for closeness. Akin to holding hands or cuddling. The loving act of massaging my stressed little toes is definitely comparable to foreplay.
(okay, this is sharing way too much on the ole' blog! ) As weird as I am about keeping the feet sweet, I was very perturbed when a client noticed my "un" calloused heals and commented- Oh my god- how come your feet are so smooth. I was in sandals and I thought " Jeez,why are you looking at me so closely lady??" My feelings surprised me, I am usually not so easily ruffled. maybe all these loving foot massages are making my feet taboo! They're for his eyes only. NAH! I was just in a bitchy mood!


Anonymous said...

First of all what are you doing up at 1 o'clock in the morning.(hope you didn't eat ice cream at this time)Oh my God this sounds so senual. I bet your clients feet were all hard and crusty. She was just jealous

Suzie Q

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing your favorite foot cream brand - not to mention the lavender gel. As a Birkenstock shoe wearer even in the winter, my heels get cracked and gross. And I like that whole foot massage thing your Peter does. I'll have to show Chris your post....

Anonymous said...

Hey, you commented that my feet looked good last week... now I am really impressed coming from a foot person thats a hell of a compliment. But... (Jeez,why are you looking at me so closely lady??" )LOL

Bill said...

In order to properly judge the cream you mentioned, I think you really should post a photo of the appendages in question. Not that I have a foot fetish of any description, but I feel it would provide clear evidence of the quality of the cream, as well as your husband's prowess as a foot massager.