Monday, November 13, 2006

Blinkless Buffoons & Bjork

We had a great day yesterday. We went upstate to visit our middle son at college. It was so great seeing him, but also great to get to know some of his friends. We took him and four of his friends to the only restaurant we know of in his town. Good old Applebees. His friends were so friendly and so entertaining. They were so happy with their food and started giving us the low down on how little they had eaten that day. Two girls had had nothing so far that day, my son had a handful of nuts. Another boy had a mini bag of Doritos. And my favorite was my sons roommate who had 7 m&ms and 1 bagel. Apparently the "good" dining hall is closed on weekends. I was so happy to talk with these fun young adults, and know this is who he chooses to mostly hang out with. I am relieved to see they were caring, intelligent, and very social people. They also gave me the low down on how cautious and sensible my son is when it comes to college partying. Yes, I am sometimes gullible but this was honest and down to earth sharing. I believe them and really think he is lucky to have such a nice group of buddies. He is loving his life there and I hope his whole life brings him this kind of contentment.

The only part of the day that wasn't great was dealing with all the inconsiderate drivers! Yeah, here I go, I have to complain about something.
Has anyone else been aware of the increasing number of drivers who refuse to ever use their directionals? It seems to me, it is a conscious act of selfishness. Using a blinker after all is mostly for the benefit of others. It is also a way of keeping yourself safe, warning people of your intentions. The inconsiderate driver is too much of a moron to understand the correlation. They just want to make their move, no matter who is shocked or inconvenienced by it. I would like to make up a million bumper stickers and distribute them to anyone who feels the same. Just something memorable like DON'T BE A STINKER- USE YOUR BLINKER! These same blinkless buffoons are also the ones who like to change from lane to lane, constantly. They are the ones that don't allow you to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Any small space, they will drift into it. Please tell me it is not just me. Please tell me you notice this driving frenzy! I am reminded of a bit by George Carlin who said. Did you ever notice that anyone driving slower than you are is an Asshole and anyone driving faster is a Maniac! It is true. Think of it the next time some "stupid asshole" is in front of you and going much slower than you would like to be going. And as those cars speed by you while you're going 70-you say or think "fucking Maniac!"
The only thing that made the highway bearable- the great music we were singing along with. Car acoustics somehow allow us to become the artist! Yesterday I was Bjork. More bizarre than that- my husband was Christina Aguliera.


Karen said...

I was almost run off the road today by a man in a business pickup truck on his cell phone. He didn't even look to see if anyone was in the lane next to him (that would be me) before he came on over. I blew my horn and he still kept coming, it's a good thing no one was in the lane next to me so my son and I could see the rest of our day(s). My daughter (who is learning to drive) has noticed how many inconsiderate people there are on the road too.

Lucy said...

karen - Don't even get me started about the morons on the cell phones! Thank god you and your son are okay.

Anonymous said...

..and did you notice that the more expensive the car, the more likely the driver is to be a jerky driver?

Anonymous said...

As a musician and instructor, Chris drives ALOT - much more than the average person, considering he does an oil change every 3-4 weeks. He actually categorizes drivers by state. Of course, there are exceptions. FYI, he thinks NY drivers are some of the best! Except, of course, for the blinkless bastards which can be found in every state.....

Glad you had such a great visit with your son and his friends. It's so wonderful when our kids' "choices" make us proud. xoxox p.s. I actually have no idea how Bjork or Christina A. sound. Really!