Sunday, November 26, 2006


It was many years ago that i would discover my only nemesis lived foot steps away. That sunny peaceful day, our quiet neighborhood was invaded, for many hours,with her dogs incessant barking. ( I guess all evil doers have an equally diabolical side kick). Having a child suffering with a migraine, I decided to venture over to this new neighbors home, and politely request if she could Please bring her dog inside. I am serious. Even though you may be surmising that i planned on being rude, no- Sweet and apologetic was my intent. The Outside door was open, the screen door was unlocked. Music was blaring, In the distance I heard a baby wailing. I knocked. I knocked again. I rang the bell. I started yelling the proverbial "Hello'" "Any one there" Okay, This I thought is bizarre and possibly bad news. What if this new neighbor was injured, hence the dog and baby unattended? I would never dare enter on my own. I decided it was best to call the police. I explained the situation clearly, I apologized that I may be wrong about the neighbor needing assistance. The outcome- The evil nemesis was in her basement ( i would like to say- Plotting neighborhood destruction) But she was giving and getting manicures with a friend. How irresponsible i must ask you?? Who would listen to music so loud as not to hear their child? Well, I guess she disagreed with me. When the police left this N.N.N. ( new neighbor nemesis) Marched into my yard SCREAMING obscenities at me. Something like " Who the fuck do you think you are" "why the fuck would you call the police". I gave her a horrified expression- Put my hands up and said " Lady, you should be thanking me, I thought you were in trouble." I walked in my house and didn't have words with her again for about a year.

One year later she apologized and said she was in a stressed way. (Some bullshit like that) I accepted her apology. About a year after that, she proceeded to block my gate with her garbage pails. We used to have access to a side street, Now we don't. I let it pass, I don't need to go out that way.
Their garbage blows onto my lawn now. They are Always outside having a cig. and talking LOUDLY on the phone. So anytime my pets go out..... Yep, they are excited by the smokers and bark. Too much! I am having to let them in early not to disturb my other neighbors.
It seems like every day there is one thing or another that I witness, hear or am just pissed off by. She likes to back out of her driveway like a psycho, burning rubber!( She is going to run over one of her kids.) Her kids like to taunt my pets, they like to throw their balls and toys in my yard. Their fence is rotting and falling apart and they don't replace it.Their dogs are allowed to roam freely with no leash! The larger one is often in my front yard. I can go on and on. I think it would be easier to have Lex Luther as a neighbor.

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Anonymous said...

You really do have the neighbor from Hell. What a shame. I'm very grateful for my nice neighbors.
You know what they say, good fences make good neighbors!

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck, Lucy...I'm so sorry for you having such folks as neighbors. It's bad enough that there are people out there like that, let alone living next to you.
Ignore them the best you can....

P.S. Thanks for hearing me out yesterday (via writing!). I think the problem is solved and I can now live with the solution to the problem.