Monday, July 31, 2006

Prize patrol

Okay, I know I have some buddies who tune in on occasion to see if there is anything interesting going on in Lulus world. (so far, I bet you've been disappointed) Well it's YOUR turn to entertain me. I am going to see if this will motivate some of my quiet readers to do a little writing. Let's have a contest! I need AT LEAST 4 participants guys! There will even be a Prize awarded! ( to be announced later, after I think of a good one!) Just tell me Your funniest Childhood memory! That's it ! Make it as detailed as you can. Reach back to those fun, carefree days of your youth. What is that one story that you always reminisce about? I bet these stories will make us all smile. I promise to be an impartial judge. So - get thinking and writing.... and let's see .. we need an entry expiration date.... Lets say August 17th.
Good Luck!

Friday, July 21, 2006

My blog teacher

Today I am going to dedicate this post to my friend Ann. If it wasn't for her I would have never started blogging. She was the first person to tell me what the hell a blog even was. She was and still is the only person I know with a blog. She Is- as I always tell her " the hippest chick I know". Now that she has taught me how to link, I would love to link my buddies to her blog. I am taking quite a risk of losing the few readers I have. She is usually a daily blogger ( unlike me). She receives many comments ( unlike me) She is a talented knitter ( unlike me). She is Witty and funny. ( I bet you thought I was going to write unlike me here.) When you check out what Ann has to say, you will notice she has many links to many great blogs. Sometimes she uses words like larder, but don't let that throw you- She is worth reading. So thanks Ann- I am really liking this blogging thing. And I really like you. ( not like you,like you,-just like you ) xo

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I'm in a place called Vertigo

I have a feeling I wasn't hung over after all last week. After two more mornings of literally spppiinnnggg around my house and nausea that was unbearable, I went to the Dr. It Appears I have VERTIGO , Which is most likely caused by a viral inner ear infection. I am praying that this is a quick visit from the evil vertigo. He is ruining my life. He actually gets into my head while I am still sleeping. I can feel the room spinning through my dreaming. Then trying to sit up and walk is the equivalent of what it would feel like to stand and walk while on a roller coaster. Friday morning I had to sit for 90 min. ( in one spot) till I felt well enough to take a shower. Saturdays sit in was for 2 and a half hours. I had to cancel all of my hair appointments. Today, I am still not 100 % and I have been up for 3 hours. The dr. gave me medication, Antivert. It is suppose to prevent and treat the nausea and dizziness. The side effect that I am getting from it is tiredness. I slept all day on saturday. When evil visits you, you can't help but long for normalcy. I will never again take for granted the normal, blah days that are routine, busy, tiring. I am longing for them. I also can't stop thinking of all the really sick people out there, that have symptoms like this and worse that they have to live with daily. I am especially thinking of a dear friend who is going through Chemo. My heart aches for him.

If any body has any advice about this deviant, please let me know. If this Evil Mr. Vertigo doesn't leave my body soon, I will be blogging from the looney house. Either that, or I will arrange an exorcism? Any one game?

Monday, July 10, 2006


Saturday Night we went to a friends party. I'm not a big drinker so I only had two drinks. They were delicious. An apple martini first then a sex on the beach. I felt fine. I didn't even feel buzzed. I walked into the outdoor bathroom and didn't realize there was a step down. BANG! I went down hard. I was more embarrassed than hurt. Of course my husband assumed I was Lit, since usually I am after ONE drink. Thank goodness, I didn't break anything, but I did bruise my ankle and knee. The next morning, I was sick as a dog. Nausea then vomiting. I can't believe 2 drinks did me in like this! Maybe it was the different liquors in the mixed drinks. Vodka usually doesn't make me sick. My head ached all day, my stomach was frail all day. Not to mention, by the after noon, by right leg was aching my ankle was worse. Sunday which is usually my favorite day of the week, was just awful and wasted. Of course now, I've sworn I will NEVER drink again. Hugging my toilet bowl all morning is just not my cup of tea. We have all been there - On our knees- laying on the bowl, not caring who's ass has been there- Finding religion- Any higher power that will make us feel normal again. But, alas, Our memories are short even when it comes to discomfort, or we all would have had just one kid.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Home sweet home

It seems like only yesterday. Yet, yesterday, we went to see him in his new home. Yes, my oldest son no longer lives with us. It is still a bit hard to believe. He is officially on his own, he has a new peg to hang his hat. He is responsible for himself in every sense. I thought I would have been upset when this day came. I mean just look at that little adorable face. Yet, I am very ready as I know he is. I think I did a great job raising him. He is a mature, responsible man. He is a thinker. He is an artist. He is kind. He is intelligent. He has strong morals. He is honest. He has compassion. He is a good communicator. He is helpful. He is a good friend. He has always been a first-class son. If those qualities don't make him ready to take on life- nothing will. He seems happy in this square, white house that he is sharing with a few friends. They live like a family, sharing good times and grocery items. He is excited about this new chapter in his life. I'm excited and happy for him. I hope this is the beginning of ALL the good things he wants in his life. I hope he is always safe and happy. I hope he never forgets that our home will always be here for him. The home he grew up in. If he ever needs it. Home base.