Friday, April 27, 2007

Florida trip

The Word Wings makes me think of flying away to a secluded island a sexy retreat, a luxurious far away adult playland.... OR in my real world wings can take you to a long overdue visit with your Mom.
It felt really good to get away, especially from work and of course the usual routines of daily living. I did however, really, really miss my kids my husband my pets and my home. What is it about our own beds? Our own shower? The comfort of our own cooking and curling up on the sofa? This trip in particular made me really long for and treasure my everyday comforts.
While visiting my Mom was a reason for the trip, I also wanted to attend my first cousins daughters wedding. It was an amazing wedding. She was married at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. You have to check out this venue, it was exquisite and breathtaking. The artwork was incredible with such artists as Rueben's and Guercino displayed on huge tapestry like canvas'. During the 2 hour cocktail hour, we were allowed to view these masterpieces. It was wonderful.
It was also wonderful and very emotional to reunite with many relatives that I haven't seen in such a long time. Including
One of my cousins, who lives only 30 minutes from me, yet I haven't seen him in over 25 years! It just seems terrible. Life gets so busy that we lose touch with family. No one is at fault, No one knows how this happens. When he was married I was a little girl. Now our ages are somehow the same! 14 yrs. old and 22 yrs. old are miles apart in every aspect. But 48 and 56 are identical, no?
My mom seems to have changed a lot since I last saw her. My emotions were bubbling over between seeing her in an older more fragile state and the reuniting with so many, Including my brother who I hadn't seen in 11 years! I was unable to control my tears, my regrets and my mixed emotions. Relationships are made up of so many layers. We have guilt over what we wish could have been. We have disappointment. We have longings for a more functional family history. Over all, I am happy I took this trip. The reflections that have been brought to the surface are disturbing but necessary. I know I will work out all the feelings, If not I can place them on Wings and fly them away from me. Burying my head in the sand has never been my style. So for now, whether I am on my favorite secluded corner of the couch or in my luxurious hot shower or sexy king sized bed, I will let the emotions and feeling fly around in me. I am stronger than people expect. I know I can get these feelings under control.

On a Much lighter note. I am having a fun contest! I was hoping to top the amount of entries from last year. I SO hope you will enter and give me a few laughs! Good Luck... There is a prize and everything!


Giggles said...

Wings were a wonderful introduction to your trip. Just ignore my email. I should have checked your blog first. I did check before bed, wondering how you were! Now I see the intricate complexities of relatives on your mind. You and your mom look beautiful. Your outfits are so pretty! That kind of picture you will treasure forever! There really is no place like home. I’m a homebody so it’s particularly true for me. So glad that you got to connect with your family, I hope a few more blog posts will be born from your visit.
I’m happy you’re back!

Hugs Sherrie

Misplaced said...

Your post gave me goose bumps...and I'm a pretty hard assed guy (ok I'm not really) Thanks

Happy Anniversary!

Liza on Maui said...

it's nice that you got to go visit your mom and relatives. Yes, it's nice to bring out the "emotions" on teh surface and then if needed, let that "wings" fly them out again...

I looked ta the werdding site and yes it's awesome!

Regina said...

Family is so complicated these days... our busy lives make it so hard sometimes. I am glad you were able to do some reconnecting and see your mom again!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful picture of two beautiful women. Your unfolding of the layers you experienced on your trip touched me to the core. Honest, sensitive, lovely writing.

And on a lighter note, you looked damn hot in that dress, Ms. Lucy!!!!

gautami tripathy said...

Whenever I get a chance I reconnect with my dear brothers. Despite our differences we like to be each other.

Thanks for this post. Great picture too.

Anonymous said...

What a great post!
I know exactly what you mean about relatives. I come from a huge Italian family and it seems like the only time we get together is weddings and funerals. And the years fly by and there are so many new babies I haven't even met.
I'm glad you went on this trip and happy for you to return to the comforts of home and your own family!

Jane said...

Good morning Lucy! You look great in the picture with your mom!! I do know what you mean about missing your creature comforts when you're on the road. It's nice to travel but it's even better to get home sometimes.

Just yesterday I found myself thinking about my relationships with my siblings. I have 2 older brothers. We get along pretty well but I never get a chance to see them. Life has a way of keeping us too busy. I was remembering all of the times we had spent as children and realized how fast the years go.

Lucy said...

thanks so much everyone, your comments mean a lot :)