Monday, April 30, 2007

Giggles Wins! With her-HairDo Do-Do Story

Just entered a contest over at This Eclectic Life Shelly is looking for funny blog stories!
If you want to read many funny stories check out all the entries. This is a great way to find lots of laughs on one blog. It's not too late to enter your own funny stories. ( her prizes are pretty nice too!)
Speaking of contests....geeeesssss Mine was certainly a bust! Only FIVE entries! But I must say I enjoyed reading them and I thank everyone who entered! I hope you all agree ....The funniest hair story goes to Giggles, for her story of her brother with Dog DO-DO in his hair! OLd POOP HEAD! haha

giggles said....
As you know my mom was a hairdresser for 43 years, she had a shop in the basement of our home! There aren’t too many hair dressing stories there. In the seventies everyone looked like the stepford wives with the same brillo pad wash and wear perms. But there was this time where my brother got into a fight while mom was working. During the fight D’arcy was pushed onto a juniper bush where all the dogs in the neighborhood pooped. At eight years old he went running into my moms shop with a head of hair full of doggie do-do crying that he had poop in his hair. Mom’s customers were aghast, they started gagging and so did she. I think mom got what she could out by hand then put him in the sink…..but ewwwww it was disgusting!!!!
We laughed for years about old poop head! I managed to remind him of it at his wedding and it garnered another laugh. Especially because he is such a clean freak now, known to have five or more showers a day! He laughed pretty hard too!
Hugs Sherrie
Hope that wasn't too graphic!

NOPE Sherrie, Not too graphic just hysterical.
Thanks for entering that great memory! I will be sending Sherrie some great hair products ( maybe she will share them with Poop head). Thanks to the other four great stories, I loved them all guys! Hope you enjoyed Sherries too. For a second shot at prizes... Check out the above contest link.


Anonymous said...

Very cute story. Icky to happen, but funny to remember.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, Lucy, you picked the best story! Unforgettable, even if you don't know the parties involved!

Giggles said...

I'm thrilled to be a winner! My mother would be so pleased that something good came out of that sticky situation! Glad you enjoyed it Lucy!

Hugs Sherrie