Sunday, February 10, 2008

We've changed

I had many ideas for the inspiring prompt changed. I initially wrote about the changes I've noticed in our society.
Often, I am sadly struck by how many inconsiderate strangers I encounter. Today, I scoffed that idea for a change much more intimate and much closer to my heart. I often like to infuse humor in my posts, but with this post there is no humor, just straightforward, naked emotion.(although you may find my amateur attempt at poetry humorous)

Two souls brought together through a shared blood line
The gift of big sister has made my world shine
No matter the situation, sometimes grave most times great
My Life has been enhanced with my sister soul-mate
Obstacles occur, she's transported many miles away
Nothing discourages our love, visits just become long stays

Raising Children, managing homes, our Lives get crazy
daily stresses, no time, our communication becomes lazy
Less and less honesty, no articulation exchanged
Day by Day the loving bond between sisters is changed
my Abruptness and temperamental impatience
hits the chill of her impassive wall of indifference

Like a sidewalk that cracks we are sadly split apart
I feel like I'm existing with only half my heart
attempting to make peace, takes time, feels uncomfortably strange
I wish to turn our clocks back a few years and just prevent this ugly change
I've learned never again to let my feelings fester or my tribulations wait
When we treasure someone we need to honestly, lovingly and timely relate


Andy Sewina said...

Great poem! written to a definate rhyming scheme.

JP (mom) said...

Wonderful, honest poem ... you can tell when writing comes from the depths of the soul. These are hard changes you wrote about. Sending you love and peace, xx, JP/deb

Rambler said...

its something so precious one shares with his/her siblings, which lone offspring's like me never get to experience

anthonynorth said...

Your words are so true - but so often hard to live up to.

Giggles said...

Beautiful and heartfelt. Thanks for exposing your soul! Very intimate and loving post!

Love and Hugs Sherrie

latree said...

beautiful rhymes, but so sad...
I hope you and your sister are OK

rel said...

Sometimes things change when we aren't looking. Getting back to square one can be a lot of work.

myrtle beached whale said...

wow, so honest. I am sure it was very hard to write. you are an amazing writer and don't even know it.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I do not have a sister. However I have three brothers. We all are busy with our lives but somehow the bondkeeps us together. Any one of us have problems, other three rally around. I do not mean impose upon. We respect each others spaces. Each one of us knows the other would stand by us, no matter what.

You poem struck home.

endless possibilities

Anonymous said...

tender, emotional and straight from the heart. It can't have been an easy piece to write but I for one am glad you did.

aMus said...

this was an honest piece...i have two sisters and sometimes i feel in this hustle -bustle of life, there is so much catching up to do...

i hope things get better for you...

Anonymous said...

Miss Lucy you are a talent - honest, tender, and making so much sense! Well done you sweet gal ;)

UL said...

Lucy this made me sad...I hope you get to make up with your other half..i am very close to my sis and I know how you must feel.