Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life is like an onion:

You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. (Carl Sandburg)

When my eldest son was about 15 months old, I took him over to a local church to check out a gymboree program that was going to be starting up. I thought it would not only be a fun thing for us to do together, but would also be a good way for me to make new friends in this new town. The Church smelled like mildew ( something I am allergic to) and I wasn't crazy about the people running the program or the cleanliness of the area. So, I hoisted up my little one onto my hip and was preparing to leave when I heard a "PsssssT" I turned around to see a cute, friendly Mom also with her son on her hip. She whispered.. "This place sucks! Follow me, I heard of another one about 10 minutes from here" and she described where it was located. I buckled up my baby in his car seat and proceeded to follow this total stranger to the better place. Well, sure enough, she was right.. it was better, So Lyn and I both signed our babies up to attend the same class each week. Fast Friendships formed for our boys and for us. After the gymboree years our boys attended preschool together. Unfortunately, They were zoned for different elementary schools so as is sometimes typical with kids, the play-dates seemed to slowly diminish as they made more and more friends in their own schools. Lyn and I talked on the phone occasionally, but now, what with her having 3 more kids and 2 more for me. Life just got so busy and stressful and sad as it is..friendships, although always in your heart, sometimes grow more distant than you would have liked them to be. Through the years we would run into each other and we always felt the same warmth as if it had been only yesterday that we had talked.

At my sons high school graduation, we had arrived a little late. My husband and I, Our two younger kids and My in-laws were scanning the Huge humid gym to see if there were any seats left for us. All of a sudden I hear.... ' Luuuuuu" UP HERE !! I saved you seats! ' There she was again.. leading me to ...the better place. I awkwardly climbed those ridiculous bleachers in my sundress that I now wished were the shorts I almost chose. I sat down next to Lyn and began to well up with tears! I hugged her and realizing the poignancy said.."oh my god! we were together at gymboree Lyn! and here we are together again as they GRADUATE!!". There couldn't have been anyone I would have rather had at my side at that moment.

Here we now are seven years later. Lyn has been through quite a lot in recent years, worries that i feel are not my right to disclose. Dealing with worries that would have most Moms falling apart, Lyn remained a rock for all who surrounded her. I've always been the friend who wore her heart on her sleeve and Lyn has always been the one to say, with her bright warm smile.. "every thing's fine!!" (when i knew her worries were much more serious).
i just found out the tragic news that Lyn's husband passed away. My heart breaks for her and for her children. Just when you think you can't handle one more problem, Life throws one out of left field that you just aren't prepared to catch. I called her immediately after hearing
but now I need to be by her side, to hug her, to be her rock and hopefully help her..over time...get to a better place.


skywind said...

The life is very complex to us, is very actually simple to the children. This is lives.
Healthy Life & Marvelous world

Giggles said...

Oh Lucy what poignant story!! I have many friends the same...you lose contact but they often pop into your thoughts, they're always in your heart, then one day they appear out of no where! Sounds like she was one of your angel people, and now you can be hers!! Blessings to you all!

Love Sherrie

paisley said...

sounds like life has given you the opportunity to return the favor of her strength over the years.. there are some friends that will forever remain in out hearts,, and you seem to have found one in lynn..

Queen-Size funny bone said...

you'll find a way to comfort her.

2cats said...

A friend for life is the one you see rarely, but when you do you start talking as if it were just moments since you saw each other.
You are this type of friend and you will have just the right words to give your friend to give her comfort.

Bone said...

What a wonderful story. I love friends like that, where you can not see each other for a year or two and just pick up as if it had only been a day.

Forgetfulone said...

She is lucky to have such a caring woman for a friend, and you are lucky to have a friend for life.

sundaycynce said...

Lucy, What a great story. You used the word poignant about the graduation. I think poignant describes the whole situation. I agree with what Giggles said, and thought she said it well. Your friend does need you now and I am sure you can help her reach that "better place"---that's what friends are for.