Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Totally uninteresting, but hey... I wrote something!

So we switched our phone company BACK to cable. We had verizon for forever. Then, Cable made us a godfather type of offer for a year. But When the year was up we went running Back to verizon because there were a few problems with the cable phone service that were driving (mostly me) us crazy! With verizon the problems were fixed but then we received the first verizon bill, and we saw that their price was waY higher than it had been the year before! Simultaneous to this discovery, cable sends another irresistible offer in the mail. Bottom line, we are saving about $40.oo a month by switching back to Cable PLUS they are giving us a $200.00 gift card for coming back to them which is making us feel like these few little problems aren't worth paying 40.00 extra per month. How quickly we forget... Today the problems started again... and I am wondering if a measly $10.00 a week, a mere $1.43 per day is really too much for lack of aggravation??
** Cable phone Problem #1-
ECHoing !! I am hearing ME! MY squeaky annoying voice echoing loudly! I find it impossible to concentrate on the caller when I am trying SO hard not to sound SO awful!!
**Cable phone problem #2-
Often when a caller is leaving a message on my machine they hear a clicking noise which makes them THINK someone has picked up while they are leaving a message... so I get them saying "luanne? Luanne"? Hello?? Hello?? Did u pick up?" and that is NOT good for business or for relationships of any kind!!
**Cable phone problem #3-
With Verizon I could look through my caller Id's.. find the number I need to call back and just hit send... with Cable... this phone feature doesn't work!! I have to write down every number when people leave messages and dial them the old fashioned way!! It may not sound like it's so much trouble, but because of business.. I sometimes return as many as 10 calls... trust me, the other way is a real time saver. We are locked into cable for a year.. a loonnngg Echoey, clicky, hand cramped year. (I've decided to put up a sign in my salon explaining the clicking so I don't take a chance of losing clients who may think I pick up a phone call but don't speak as I quietly giggle with my 12 year old friends)
So there you have it... Blogging has been reduced to this.. venting over telephone services.
Will I ever get a bit of creative inspiration ever again??


Giggles said...

Just curious have you discussed these issues with your cable company and what do they say? I still think you made the right choice!! Mean you can still call me right? lol

Love you and your life stories!!

Hugs Giggles

2cats said...

I don't know if the echo is so much a cable issue than a phone issue. I get the echo every time I call this one friend. Neither one of us has cable.

Bone said...

The question is, if I call and say "Hey Lucy. It's me." Will you know it's Bone? :)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I just switched ours again also. got keep getting those better deals. they all have one problem or other.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I just switched ours again also. got keep getting those better deals. they all have one problem or other.