Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Did you ever?

this post tied nicely into the 3 word wednesday words

Well... If you've been reading me from the beginning, you will know about my issues with my legal name .
It seems I keep getting myself in trouble by calling myself different names in different settings.
I never thought this at all whacky, but my kids sure do. I sent my boys to pick up the baked clams from our favorite Italian place on Christmas eve..Every time I order out from this restaurant and they ask for a name.. I say the form of my name that is my latest preference - Lucy. (and every time.. the boy on the phone begins singing lucy in the sky with diamonds! :)
So, when i placed the order for the clams and they asked, i automatically said.. Lucy. (i just love that song and being sung to! ) I gave NO last name. No phone number. Rushing around on Christmas Eve.. I remembered to give my kids the money before they left, but I forgot to inform them that the order is under the name LUcY.
They get there and give my first name, the name they know me as, the name most people call me.. Luanne. The waiter says.. "we have NO orders under that name".. so then my boys give our LAST name.."we have No orders under that name" Then they gave my husbands first name.. No Luck! Our phone number?? NO luck...The place was a zoo so the clerks started helping other customers, leaving my kids ambushed and wondering "what the heck is going on" (and may I mention, leaving my clams to become hideously dried out!) Then one counter person.. called out "LUCY"! "is there anyone waiting for a full tray of baked clams named LUCY?" My brilliant kids (who I would have thought more brilliant if they would have just called me as soon as they were puzzled ) realized.. OH Lucy!?! THIS must be our nut job mom!!
Of course when they came home... they not only had to go on and on and on about HOW frustrating this was and HOW I should have remembered to tell them my name, they also had to meddle in my business by giving me their opinion that I am so crazy with this Lucy stuff and that I should just stick to Luanne and stop confusing everyone! Glad they never read my blog.. 'cause I am finally admitting.... since their trip for the clams... I HAVE begun to think I am wacky after I got into trouble yet AGAIN at Zumba class with my name game. My friend gave me a zumba gift card under the name Luanne. However, I usually sign in as Lucy at Zumba when I pay, but because the g.c. says luanne, I signed in as Luanne. Later, a new teacher introduced herself to me and asked my name. I said Lucy. Later she asked if I had forgotten to pay her, because she had NO lucy's on her list! I am starting to feel like a criminal and may begin to add aka to all my signatures.
Thanks for reading!
and happy new year to all my 3 ww buddies,
Lucy Aka Luanne
aka Lulu
aka Lucille
aka Wackadoodle


Thom Gabrukiewicz said...

Fun stuff. But I have to ask, why Lucy? Just because?

Tumblewords: said...

I laugh 'cause I live the same way. Because we live in the minute or... Funny post! Happy New Year to you and yours, Lucinda!

Lucy said...

good question Thom.. I just feel like this name fits me much better. I've never been comfortable with lucille and I liked Luanne when my sister first invented it.. but now.. I am in a lucy state of mind.
but gee Tumblewords... Lucinda! Something new to ponder! :))

Anonymous said...

OH Its soooo good to see that I'm not alone in my alias' Thanks for making me smile.

CJT aka Nic

3WW for Dec 30th, 2009

Dee Martin said...

I like Lucy but I think I may steal wackadoodle - that suits me better :) thanks for stopping by and the sweet comment. Have a lovely new year (after reading your post on the delicious prompt I'm thinking about stalking you and showing up with my fork and plate in hand!!

Lucy said...

glad this made u smile nic and Dee.. go ahead and steal wackadoodle! and you can show up anytime for dinner.. no plate and fork necessary.. we've got plenty of them too! :))

Jeeves said...

Hahaha. Enjoyed this stuff a lot. Happy New Year

Larry said...

I must say that was funny and I see nothing wrong with wackydoodle.

Three Word Wednesday

Happy new Year and many many more

Penny said...

Lol, I think it's fun to have lots of different names. Penny's not my real name but I love it :D Happy New Year Lucy!! I hope to catch up with you more often in 2010!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I love this post. I have three names and my husband has three names, too. We go by more combos than I care to list-- never with the intention of confusing, but it does happen. I was just talking about this multiple name situation with some friends at a party. Funny you should write about it here.

Bone said...

At least no one is calling you Koko the Monkey :)

Forgetfulone said...

Well, Mrs. Petals, you better get your name game straight! Someone else will be eating your clams and taking your zumba lessons otherwise! tee hee!