Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week we took a ride and checked out a few schools that my youngest son was accepted to.
Even though he still needs to hear if he got into FIVE additional schools that he applied to... He has Said YES! YES to this one that he fell in love with last week!
He gave me very good reasons why the other 5 weren't as good for him. He didn't need to give me reasons why he was a perfect fit with the school he loved.. I saw it for myself! As a matter of fact.. I kept saying to my husband "I want to come here too!!" It was wonderful! I really can see him thriving in this nurturing campus. The only thing that has me worried and apprehensive?! It is FIVE hours away from home and the major airport is two hours from the college! I just need to know that If he ever needed me to get to him in a hurry... I could say YES.. I will be RIght there!
I knew the day was approaching quickly, when my baby would leave for college, but somehow... seeing him there, walking around, absorbing all they had to offer... OH MY GOODNESS!! I am feeling so overly emotional and it has really really begun to sink in... He is going away! He is growing up! He is on his way and it is all good! But boy oh boy am I going to miss my youngest boy!

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Old Egg said...
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Old Egg said...

By his choosing and your approving he has confirmed he is well on his way to maturity. Well done you.

Don't worry he will always be your youngest boy!

Archna Sharma said...

Sweet reflect. I simply worry when I hear my oldest, an eight year old boy, making references to his life outside of our home.

Sounds like you have done well in helping your son alone. I'm sure he will never forget that.


Bone said...

Aww, what a sweet post, Lucy.

As the years go by, I understand better why my Mom stood in the driveway crying when I moved away from home.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh he's going to miss you too...

Barb said...

Oh my heart breaks for you because I can remember each one of my kids growing up.. then out.