Friday, June 01, 2012

Inside the fortress of CRAZY!

Every week your trash is picked up but do u ever really pay much attention? I always remember our collectors at Christmas time,  If I am outside while they're out front, I wave. That's about it. Although, when my kids were small and we were always outside, I do remember offering a drink occasionally on a hot summers day, and of course there was that classic time at christmas when i ran down the street screaming for the 3 garbage men ...well that's a story that deserves it's own post at another time... anyway..

Mr. Petals?... he doesn't miss a beat  "We must have a new garbage man working on the truck". According to my crazy husband, this new guys 'signature' is turning ONE pail upside down, which is turning Mr. Petals inside out! A few weeks ago he comes inside all gruff ( i think he even grunted). "AGAIN! Why they have to turn the pail upside down, I have NO Idea! makes it more difficult for me now! " Then a few days later he says to me (as if it's the first I am hearing it..)  "This must be this new guys signature...One up and one upside down, it's so stupid!"  I resisted saying 'You told me this already'... (ie..see 'marriage is a marathon'  post below.)
A few days ago when we're driving down our street... he points out SEVERAL homes in our neighborhood... YUP... One down and the others UP!  AGAIN.... he tells me "look..LOOK at this... this is this BASTARDS signature!"   I HAD to finally say... "honey you've told me this already,I know, I know.. it's his SIGNATURE garbage pail maneuver, he's trying to leave his mark all over our town.

YESTERDAY was my breaking point, but thankfully I broke into a fit of laughter instead of  screaming at him... when he came in all irritated and said "this F***ing garbage man... this must be his signature move... one up one down..  what the hell? "  I was washing dishes at the time and literally FELL over into my kitchen sink hysterically laughing!!  At that point ... he realized he had said this to me BEFORE!  i pointed out...MaNY times before and he went into a fit of laughter!  I said... is this how our old age is going to be??  
I guess as my memory gets worse, I won't even notice his repetitiveness. (unless he is standing on his head)


Giggles said...

My girlfriend says when you forget everyday is like a new day too!
I suspect something more is bugging him. Possibly his bum shoulder? Everything seems harder when things hurt!! Because truly it's not about the garbage can...who the hell would want to be a garbage man anyway...yuck. Good money but crappy work!! lol Tell him not to sweat the small stuff or people might mistake him for a grumpy old man....I know he is WAY TOO nice for that!! lol

Big hugs Giggles

Jae Rose said...

tsk..i think that Christmas story would be funny too..Jae

Judy Roney said...

OH my, thanks for the laugh this morning. I so know your story and love your slant on it. I also have a husband who becomes obsessed with an idea or thought that no one else would probably notice. I will read this to my husband! LOL

Archna Sharma said...

Much credit to the compromise in marriage. Without it, I couldn't imagine the fortress standing still.

Very funny and clever. Thanks for sharing.

ps~the 'young love' and 'mr. and mrs.' photos are delightful. :)

Lucy said...

thanks for your comments!
giggles... you're right... if not for the pain... he wouldn't be so grumpy about this
Judy..glad I'm not alone ! haha
Archna.. I almost forgot those photos were there, happy you liked them!
and JAerose... thanks for the push... the other garbage man story is written and I will post it soon

George S Batty said...

funny...I believe it's a man thing

Zanzinece said...

Trash pickup is a delicate subject, indeed! To a man, the signature one bucket down must mean “I have been here,” a testosterone/territory kind of thing which becomes a “not in MY neighborhood!” kind of thing! Great fun, this post : D

Lucy said...

too funny Zanzinece! ( is this you keith??)