Friday, May 05, 2006

it's not that easy being green

My middle son, who is away at college has the worst spring allergies I have ever witnessed. The sneezing The wheezing The asthma attacks. Eyes that are SO itchy he always ends up on cortisone eye-drops, and last year a cortisone shot. This year, I was hoping he would do better upstate at school, I hoped Maybe there were less oak trees than in our backyard. No such luck. He is doing terribly. It breaks my heart to know he is suffering so much. The amount of green pollen that blankets us this time of year is awful. Yesterday, I couldn't walk outdoors without it gagging me, making me run to get water. My car is green, my house is green, my dogs are even green.
Having your kids away from you when they aren't feeling well is the worst heartache. After I spoke to him Saturday Eve. I was ready to get in my (green) car and drive the 4 hours to just be there. Of course husbands think more with their heads than their hearts, and mine convinced me there would be nothing I could do for him, unless I could give him a cortisone shot myself. So, I resisted the heart tugging impulse and didn't go. It's so difficult that his allergy attacks happen at the end of each school year, when he needs to be sharp for studying, finals and the research papers that are all due. Wish the professors could give him an allergy curve when they grade. One more week of worry and he will be home. Thank goodness.
I decided not to use my boys real names on this blog. So being I've heard about a hundred times " oh! my 3 sons!!" I've decided to name them Robby, Chip and Ernie. Although my youngest just requested he be Robby, I am leaving him ernie so that I don't get confused. Remember this one piece of advice - The next time you meet someone who has 3 sons, refrain from using that "clever" line on them... they've definitely heard it already!

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