Sunday, May 14, 2006

Take the time to feel the marbles

I have a beautiful lavender bowl ( a gift from one of my favorite clients), that I recently filled with decorative marbles I bought at Michael's. This morning while doing laundry I found one of these marbles in my sons jeans pocket. It struck me as simply adorable.
Something most adults wouldn't usually do- find a new shiny object so smooth and interesting you just feel like touching it all day.
Even though " ernie" ( remember I am using the "my 3 sons" shows names!) is getting older, I so treasure the childish things he is doing less and less of. I am also treasuring the innocent child like things he sometimes still says. The other day while decorating his grandfathers 75th birthday cake, he so sweetly said to me " mom, I don't mean to be offensive, but grandpa may only have like 25 years left" How adorable is that? I hated to explain to him that grandpa would be very lucky and happy to live to 100. Lately, I feel like I've been more observant and appreciative of all the precious daily moments of ernie than I was with my other two sons.(chip and robbie) A big reason is I am less frazzled than when I was raising 3 young kids. Besides that, I think it's the monumental approach of high school for Ernie this fall. The realization that childhood happens in a heartbeat. The actuality that my older boys are adults already. (maybe, Perimenopause?) Whatever it is...I wish I would have written down all those millions of adorable, precious
expressions that have melted me for nearly 22 years.

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