Monday, May 22, 2006

Tell me- What kind of driver are you?

Last week I had to drive upstate to get my two sons from college. In the past my husband has always done this with me. This year,a new job and new hours prevented him from being able to go. I shouldn't say he has done it with me. HE has just done it. I just sit there and say "oh god, I could never do this". I don't fear driving around my own area, or anywhere on Long Island. It's that unfamiliar driving that has me a total wreck. Remember that "flea circus" post a few weeks back? Well, I Still think I had hives and I think it was from being so nervous about this road trip! Another problem with being a nervous nellie- Stress=Sickness. Two days after "the big trip" I get tonsillitis. Is it really worth it all?
Do I really need to try to "act like a grown woman" and get over my fear? Or is it realistic to say- Hey, Everyone has limitations. There is a TON of shit I am damn good at! (gee- I should be writing a "ton of shit I'm good at" list)
So I made the journey- In the down pouring /poor visibility/ hydroplaning /driving/ F_ _ _ _ _ g Rain! I don't think my boys realize how difficult it was for me. Especially my oldest ( robbie). He is the most relaxed, laid back driver. On the way home ( i am a passenger now, but still nervous) - I am watching him and he is oblivious to people passing him with annoyance because he is going too slow in the left lane. Oblivious to people who don't use blinkers, cut him off, speed by at 100. I said- "Honey I think that guys pissed because your going slow" "Hey, that's his problem" was his only response!! spoken with that slow, sitting on the porch, kind of tone! He certainly doesn't take after his father! Or we could call him road rage robbie ! My husband drives with such urgency and intensity- he could be a new thrill ride at great adventure. I think he is a good driver, he hasn't had an accident in 30 years. But you hold on and wish you had that security bar fall into your lap. He's flashing lights, flashing his finger, rounding curves at 85, smokin', eating, cursing, telling me funny stories, singing with the music. Its a one man show, it really is. Even though he gets me home safely each time, I sit there with my heart in my throat and say" Holy Shit- I could never do this! " Maybe that's why my fear is so strong. I think it has to be done the Mario Andretti way. Maybe, if i use my son as my role model - if I get lost, I get lost . If I'm late, I'm late. If I'm scared- Get over it. - Maybe, or maybe, I should just give them air fare.


Anonymous said...

I just went throught the same thing, so I can relate! But with the added delight of bumper to bumper traffic leaving DC in rush hour. When I finally arrive at Cristy's room, her loft is still there because the kid who was supposed to take it, didn't. Then I go to pick up what they call in the South, barbeque, for dinner and Cristy calls my cell phone to say that she and the RA are taking shelter in the basement because of funnel cloud sightings in the area. I get back to her room without being blown back to Kansas and we get the loft disassembled. Thank God her buddy, Julia, has a pick up truck so the girls take the damned loft to be stored at Cristy's boyfriend's house. But George is in Richmond, so her plan is to break into the house by climbing up to the second story window. I tell her to make sure that she calls me from the police station, because they only give you one phone call. I go to my hotel room and think about how to find a lawyer at that time of night. She does call me, but not from the lock-up and says that they found Justin, one of the roommates. I say thank you God for Justin.
The next morning we finish packing up and take off for home. It's wonderful to sit and talk with her and get caught up with her life. We don't care about the traffic or the pouring rain. It's just a nice long time to re-connect and see the many ways my "little girl" has become an adult. Except for the part when she tells me she's thinking about travelling around Europe for a year before starting grad school and I nearly drive off a bridge, it's all good. And worth the aggravation!

Anonymous said...

Anna said,

Louann you have to write a book. You are very entertaining in a good way.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know, there is always another seat available for your hubby at hofstra's road rage clinic!

Lucy said...

Haha sign him up for me (big head, is this you?)