Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's the Most wonderful time of the year!

Is there any one else out there, as lackadaisical as I am this year, when it comes to the holiday decorations? Maybe, it's due to the fact that last weekend was in the 60's. Maybe, It's because Thanksgiving always sneaks up on me and I always think it should be moved to another week( Maybe the 2nd thursday of November would work well. Do you think those damn pilgrims care anymore?) Then we would have 6 weeks to get ready for the merriement. I am cooking for 16 on Christmas eve and my own family on Christmas Day. I still need to shop for gifts, Plan a menu, Shop for and cook the food. Wash the china and good silverware, Find and launder tableclothes. Shop for and write out cards. Wrap the damn gifts once they're here. But! first! those decorations must be put up, down and all over the house. Wait, even before that- What's really holding me up (and getting me down)- First! First!- My house needs to get dusted. It used to get dusted weekly, Lately, however, something is happening to me. I can't stand to dust. I have a million nicknacks which i still do love, but these little treasures make dusting endless. So, before i set out santa and his stupid reindeer and the dancing bears, and the smiling snowmen, A tree with 900 ornaments, 400 mini trees and all the other crap, I need to clean. Why is it that when i finally DO get in the spirit of things, I never think i have enough of these similar doodads. We all must do this, we go in the stores and it's ooooh look Santa on a swing, a reindeer with a dogsweater, a tweetybird in a tree, A snowman with a stick up his ass. An angel in a different pose than the 22 i already have. Then when it comes to unpacking all this shit and then dusting it and putting it back in the boxes in a few short weeks, it's tedious and exhausting. Geez, I can't believe what a scrooge i sound like. I usually am not like this. I love Christmas. I really do. It's actually my FAVORITE holiday! ( I am just finding this a difficult year to get in the swing of things.)
A few days ago I had to go for minor surgery. Everything is okay, I still have to wait for the lab results, but the doc. thinks things are fine. I just feel like between the pre surgical jitters and the post surgical recoup period, I am just not accomplishing anything! I have never been one to just sit and do nothing. Well this "rest and relax" few days is making me more nutty than i already am! If I had the cards bought, I could have at least been writing. If my decorations were down from the garage loft, I could maybe do the less physical stuff. ( i will have to bug my husband to do that this week). But first -WHO out there, can I bribe to come over and bring their endust?
Hey, Maybe, if i just procrastinate for another couple of weeks- I could just pretend there's a soft layer of snow under all the holiday cheer. Yeah! that should work. Incredible, Blogging has solved my problem! Hope it gives you a good idea too!


Anonymous said...

Geesh - everything you describe needing to be done would make me want to go back under the covers and hide! Something tells me, tho', that you LOVE every little bit of it...even the dusting once you're knee-deep into doing it. Me? I hate housework. When it's time to clean the bathrooms or dust, I turn up Bob Dylan nice and loud. (Substitute Bjork for yourself). In a few seconds, thankfully, the chores don't seem quite as bad. I have a feeling I don't have quite as many angels or snowmen with sticks-up-their-asses as you to join the chorus (or to have to dust)!

Anonymous said...

Youknow I love you, but NO ONE has enough money to pay me to dust. That is the worst chore. I do highly recommend Swiffer dusters, however!

Hope you're feeling better.:)

Karen said...

Ditto on the hate for dusting. My husband wrote HELP in the dust on the TV last week (and then I had to clean that off to be able to see the whole screen clearly). Besides, stirring up all that dust just makes me sneeze (so much for that expensive furnance filter I keep buying). Our tree still isn't up nor any other decoration (I did switch the calender to December, does that count?).

Anonymous said...

You crack me up! I loved reading the story I caould just picture you telling it. Love the idaea of leaving the dust to act as snow!
I miss you and hope you are feeling well


Jane said...

Even though you have a ton of things to do in preparation, it sounds like you have a wonderful tradition each year. Dusting is such a drag, but think about how beautiful the house will look :))