Monday, July 02, 2007

signing autographs after the post

Besides loving the wonderful writings of my fellow bloggers, I've also been intrigued by how sophisticated their web pages are .In their sidebars ( using a technical blog term here ) they have pictures and links and interesting tidbits. As many of my blogging friends know I am totally clueless when it comes to htmls, templates and the other terms you have all so patiently tried to teach me. My original blogging instructor and inspiration to attempt blogging (THE purling swine) sent me a web monkey. Yikes, I forgot where I put him. After much questioning and email advice from others I was able to visit and accomplish blogroll ( <- look left <-) that was a proud day, but I quickly forgot how I had done it. The other day it took me an hour to figure out how to add a few more blog links to that list. Well NOW.... I am sooo proud and happy to announce I explored my own template! (gee....I may be sharing too much here, eh?)
Well in my long confusing template I spied words informing me "you can put text in your sidebar here!! " It was exciting yet scary as I was afraid I would screw up and erase important blog stuff that I wouldn't ever find again, but guess what? I DID IT!
For all you expert bloggers out there, I know this probably sounds pretty pathetic. For all my friends who don't blog, I know you will think I am a computer genius! I can't promise you that I will have much sophisticated stuff in my sidebar. Right now I have the lyrics to one of my favorite songs by Regina Spektor.( soon I hope to master having the actual song play for you!!) If you want to hear a sample of it after you read it, you can click here. I also put up a couple of nice quotes. Which speaking of quotes there is one at the very bottom of the page (eh-hum eh-hum) Text in that area is known in the template or computer genius world as a "footer". Impressive, no?


Deirdre said...

WooHoo for you!!!! I still can't figure out some of this blog stuff. There's been a lot of swearing in this little room.

Anonymous said...

I knew nothing when I started messing around with html for the blog, and now know very little more. I think that you're doing a great job here.

[Also, for what it's worth, in Typepad it's much easier to make things look more professional than it was for me in Blogger. Cheating perhaps, but oohhh-la-la the results are wonderful.]

daisies said...

you did an amazing job :) i remember when i first started trying stuff, there was a lot of hair pulling let me tell you :)