Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike and Juliet Show

Tomorrow ( 9/18), I'm going into the city with a sweet friend to see the Mike and Juliet show. I like these hosts and try to catch them at 9 am on fox. My friend E. gets tickets to the show often and I find it so exciting to just catch a glimpse of her in the audience but better yet watch her ask or answer a question, or state a comment. I am hoping to be 1/2 as brave as she is and actually get a chance to maybe 15 SECONDS of fame. Maybe if she speaks, I can just put my face near hers! Just enough that it is worth programing our DVR box. Kelsey Grammer is going to be a guest. I've always enjoyed his shows from Cheers to Frasier and now he has a new show- "Back to you" starting on the 19th.
So put on your glasses buddies and try to find me in the quick panoramic pass of the camera through the audience! I will be wearing my much needed distance glasses! (Don't let them throw you.) Not sure what color I will be in, depends on the temperature at 6:30 am. If tomorrow is anything like my house right now, I will be the one in a snow suit. :)


Jane said...

Have fun Lucy!!!

Lucy said...

thanks Jane! I did! :)
The part with Kelsey Grammer was taped
and I'm not sure when they are airing it.