Sunday, September 23, 2007


Life has been pretty busy in a crazzzy way lately. I feel like I haven't written a Real- Life post in a long time. Real Life? What is real life anyway. Real life consists mostly of worries and work, no? Somedays though- when I am soaking in my "Now foam free" hot tub, being romanced by my husband, feeling totally relaxed and numb, The boys all happy and busy... I tell Peter- " I feel like I'm living Someone else's Life!" We did have many days like that this past summer and that phrase became the catch phrase of the season. Usually followed by me breaking into the song "living la Vita loca". Unfortunately, Many days aren't so peaceful. I'm reminded of the poignant lyrics of Regina Specktor... " Somedays Aren't yours at all. They come and go As if they're someone else's days". Does Anyone else ever feel like that? I was pretty bummed out last week due to an infected finger. Little things can trip you up and take your day away. What really pissed me off was my Doctor. I called on Friday to get an appt. Her receptionist said she was totally booked and couldn't see me. I asked if her associate was there. No. I said " Well, I KNow this is infected, could she call in an anti-biotic?" OH, She would never do that without seeing you!" Yes, but She CAN'T see me... So what am I suppose to do??" Go to the emergency room I said " THE EMERGENCY ROOM? Why would I want to do that and sit for hours?" Well, go to one of the walk in clinics "Why would I go there, when I have Insurance?" some of them take insurance She also informed me that her office was closed on Saturday.
IS IT ME??? OR IS THIS REALLY BAD MEDICAL CARE?? The next day I had to cancel my full day of clients. My finger was not only swollen, red and killing me, but the paranoid side of me was convinced I had cellulitis. I had this once before in my mouth! When I apologized to the Dr. for coming in for a swollen face, He had said to me... Good thing you did, Tomorrow you would have been dead! Apparently, with cellulitis the infection pockets itself and travels through your bloodstream. In the case of me biting the inside of my cheek, it would have traveled quickly to my brain. He had to give me an injection of antibiotics as well as massive doses orally. Something like that stays in the back of your head when faced with another infection.

So Saturday I decide to go to a walk-in clinic. One of my sweet clients works there, and gave me a 20% discount. The Dr. lanced my finger and gave me antibiotics. A few days later it was still painful, I called MY doc. again. AGAIN I got the run around, being told to see a surgeon or go back to the clinic! It is now getting better but seems to have taken a long time.
All I did was trim a hanging cuticle, and nip myself a tiny bit. I must have gotten a cut hair in the cut while working.
I've been soaking it all week and it finally isn't hurting to type! Now another day this week will be taken away from me, while I try to find a new doctor. I am going to ask bizarre questions like- DO you lance infections yourself? Or would you send me to a surgeon? Do you have weekend hours/ an associate/ a moron for a receptionist? Do you only write referrals and take blood pressure? OR- are You a REAL, hands on, caring doctor?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure. Tea tree oil can do wonders -- and they put it in natural toothpastes, so it's safe for the mouth. Tea tree fights a lot of infections.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
I was so glad to read at the end of your post that you will be seeking another doctor, instead of the pissy one you've been dealing with. How utterly shameful of your doctor and those who work for her. I think a snailmail letter explaining your decision to leave her and her pissy (sorry, the word just seems to fit!) practice is in order.

Tammy Brierly said...

Lucy is perfect! I can relate to your medical issues and have found that if you use a large medical group your odds improve. Who knows what you're getting either way...grrr!

Sending healing vibes to your finger. HUGS

P.S. Glad the hot tub is working. ;)