Monday, December 03, 2007

Our Promise of Love

We said I do I do I do
We promised 'I'll always love you'
young pillow talk idealistic dreaming
romance rapture euphoric gaze gleaming
guarded inner identities revealed
vows before friends and god sealed
heart and soul-mates, our spirits unite
then life's bumpy road challenges plight
like a random coin chance had tossed
force some to abandon vows seek divorce
still others sustain, dance the to and fro
give and take hold on tight don't let go
ups downs sickness frustration
sadness stress financial devastation
raising kids extremely crazy
work ceaseless, love-life lazy
perseverance through thick and thin
Love comes Full circle, rapture again
faith devotion patience strength-galore
love and passion grow ever more
ripening promises made years before
Sharing life as lovers and best friends
Empowered commitment brings amends
'Till death do we part' our traditional adage
believe. treasure. promise enduring marriage
Each bearing witness to each others significant life
Divine is the intimacy of a husband and wife

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~Michelle~ said...

This is beautiful!

Jodi Peary said...

powerful,inspiring and incredibly hopeful...keep writing,you make the world a better place.
jodi barone

Faith said...

A touching view on true love. The kind that endures. I wish more people got to experience it:o)

daisies said...

oh honey, this is sooo beautiful :) warms my heart ... xox

Robin said...

That's wonderful Lucy. This sums up my life right now:

raising kids extremely crazy
work ceaseless, love-life lazy

I'm (we're) still working on getting to the next lines.

Anonymous said...

Love is a road and a journey and I felt the ryhthm in every line. Great poem, I thought.

Keith's Ramblings said...

A lovely piece. You descibe what I wish I'd experienced.

Jo said...

A lovely, heartfelt piece!

awareness said...

lucy....this is beautiful. I think you are channeling the poetry goddess! :)

I love the full cycle feeling of love...this should be on a card to give to a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

a promise....and holding on for the ride.

love it.

Preethi said...

this is beautiful... divine indeed is the bonding.. and love does come a full circle.
Wonderful work.
My Promise

Tumblewords: said...

Promises to keep...miles to go before I sleep. Good post.

paisley said...

this was so beautiful.. and i know only a handful that can claim this kind of love,, commitment,, or fulfillment of promise....

Anonymous said...

I agree. We are in tandem with this week's prompt it seems... very beautiful. Thank you, Lucy.

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile to know that you have this kind of relationship. You are half of that very special dance - I'm glad you found someone to compliment that specialness.

Rob Kistner said...

What a warm and honest bit of writing. Well crafted!

Lea said...

Just lovely...

Giggles said...

Just perfect Lucy...very beautiful heartfelt piece!

Hugs Sherrie

Anonymous said...

What beautiful writing. What a beautiful couple...then and now!!