Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Zombies and Gypsies

Please press play!

Many mornings I drive my eldest son to work. He actually does the driving. I am a tense, defensive driver. He on the other hand drives like he is 80. Obeys speed limit laws, never accelerates to 'make the green' light. Is never harried by anything. (I don't know who he takes after, certainly Not his dad!) So the passenger seat is very relaxing on the way to his school. Right now, In my cars c.d. changer I have 2 Regina Spektor cds, One Bjork, One Alicia Keys, One Roisin Murphy. Spot # 6 used to have Fergie... BUT on our way to school my son, who LOVES music but HATES the above mentioned cds... Compromises, ( another 80 yr. old wonderful quality!) He brings His fleetwood mac c.d., Something we both enjoy. My favorite track is Gypsy. He good naturedly tolerates me singing at the top of my lungs MY rendition of Stevie at her best. Like the Lightening she sings about I often times sing it...' Twice! ' So this has been our routine since F. moved back home this past August. The 20 minute drive to the school he works in not only has us enjoying Fleetwood Mac, we also enjoy really nice conversations. ( well, of course Not while Gypsy is playing). Today I hit button #6 ( and cleared my throat).... But wait ... This isn't Gypsy! OH MY..... Another Artist F. and I both Love.... The Cranberries happily surprised me! My favorite Cranberry tune? ZOMBIE! My son didn't laugh as I tried to mimic her unusual style of singing. He just smiled and said 'Mom, you should sing, You could put your poetry to music... I can teach you to play the guitar too.' Does this make you melt also? Or, Is it just 'cause I'm his Mom? He is so cute. I stopped singing and thanked him but told him I didn't think the guitar would be good for my arthritis! ( Of course now I had to put Zombie back on from the beginning).
When we first began sharing my car and I thought about these cold early mornings, having to get dressed and take a ride, I never imagined it would become one of the highlights of my day. Till the end of my life.... Anytime I hear Gypsy or Zombie I know I will remember these mornings and treasure their memories.

only press play if you love zombies


Faith said...

Isn't it funny how the the most simple moments are the best:o)

JP (mom) said...

What a beautiful vignette of shared mother & son moments. This brought a smile to my face. xx, JP/deb

Gill said...

That is so, so special! It sounds like you have a wonderful relationship, treasure it!

Giggles said...

Lucy this is such an intimate post. I have been told my whole life I can sing...was in many choirs, but my daughter hates my singing voice. From a little girl she'd say " Stop singing mommy" and I did.

Just today I was saying "come on sing along" to the carols playing in the car....she bought this oldies carols cd from costco...bleh....I artists...bin dare dun dat with the old ones!! Except, Bings White Christmas and Nat Coles Chestnuts roasting. Anyway she kind of looked at me as though It might be best if she didn't sing. I told her when she has kids they will probably love her voice even if she doesn't hit the notes. I loved my moms and she was tone deaf!

So nice your boys support you. Bryan has been trying to teach me guitar, I play piano...I always wanted to learn guitar. Your son is your champion! I must admit the kids support everything I do as well! Good on big F!! Love this story Lucy!

Love and hugs
Ps our similarities always surprise me....

Anonymous said...

Lucy, YOU SHOULD PUT YOUR POETRY TO MUSIC. F, consider yourself kissed and hugged. And by the way, why isn't Dylan in one of those spots? Hmmmm???