Saturday, September 20, 2008

You are cordially invited!

Miss Lucy from Lulu's Petals
Requests the honor of your creative comments
so that we may write an imaginative, fun, community poem together.

Miss Petals will start below with the first two lines
(Mind you, She has NO idea what this type of poem is called)
(Dr. Seuss Style?)
she would like every two lines to rhyme.
The first person to comment will continue
the poem by adding two more lines with a new rhyme,
And so on and so on.
Your comments will then be
combined in a future post to display our
global collaborated achievement!
(Much like the fun we had here and our final draft here)

Please RSVP by Monday September 22,2008

OUR cooperative Poem
As we all know, An impending historic U.S. election draws near
For Many American's, their essential decision is still unclear.....

Okay! You're next... Add two lines and each person thereafter can continue from the one above!
Hope you'll respond to my invitation!


paisley said...

no matter how you cut, it precedent is about to be set

is the best (wo)man for the job even running? that's still anybodies bet....

oh this is fun... cant wait to see how it works out!!!!!!

myrtle beached whale said...
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myrtle beached whale said...

The government's broken and does not hear our voices
The two party system leaves us with two bad choices

Queen-Size funny bone said...

We the people the constitution does say

Although our needs and our wants don't come much into play

Anonymous said...

Around the world it's making the news

Everyone anxious to see who'll you choose

Anonymous said...

will it be the first black man
or a veep who's the first woman?


this is called a round robin story/poem/etc

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Can't you just wait
To watch the debate

Anonymous said...

as Canada anxiously watches from the north
to see who the American's will pour forth

(I figured it out lulu! :D)

Rambler said...

The biggest economy, the biggest power house,
All hinged upon who conquers, the pretty white house.

Anonymous said...

Does it all really matter?

They're both full of nonsense and bather.

Patois42 said...

But whomever wins is sure to regret
The prize of a gigantic national debt.

Anonymous said...

However, if you believe in the teachings of the Dahli Lama (sp?) Then the choice is clear, Barack Obama

Queen of the Castle said...

oh dear - wish I could edit - that should be "blather"... sorry!

Kiah-Monique said...

So make sure you pay attention,
and vote in the next election!

Can't help but type again,
we really need a very good president.

This is fun!

Michael DeAntonio said...

but if the ease of the rich you wish to sustain
vote for the slut and the corpse of MickCain

JP/deb said...

Let us hope the '08 election isn't rigged;
if so, truth and justice will be reneged;

thanks, Lucy - great idea!! xx, JP/deb

Tumblewords: said...

if the oldest man and trophy veep win

it's because he does the most ugly spin

Robin said...

Heaping on everyone plenty of blame
Putting the democratic system to shame

(Hey, I did it!)

Tammy Brierly said...

Let me think and I'll be back. COMPANY...YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Giggles said...

A big change is important, very much due
before another unscrupulous war does ensue!

Tammy Brierly said...

Let us stop splitting hairs across party lines.

We must unite together through these tough times.

(Sorry my brain is fried. lol)

Lucy said...

Wow! what a great team effort!
Keep 'em coming,
Tomorrow I will post the very long, diverse Poem! Thanks everyone!

myrtle beached whale said...

As a veteran it will hurt me to elect
A man, Hussein, who gives my flag no respect

Anonymous said...

Ah Lucy I'm sorry I missed your invitation but it sounded really fun and I'm going to give the end result a proper read in a sec. I will also send you and email in response to your comment on my blog :)